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The present invention provides a low cost and high assembly accuracy 12-sided speaker box and
a 12-sided speaker using the speaker box. SOLUTION: A speaker box 10 of a twelve-sided
speaker SP2 is constituted by twelve pentagonal panels 20, and a concave portion 26 is provided
in a joint portion 28 with the other pentagonal panel in the pentagonal panel 20. The elastic
body 24 is mounted, and each pentagonal panel 20 is connected and configured by the
connecting member 30 which can connect three panels simultaneously. [Selected figure] Figure 4
Speaker box for dodecahedron speaker and dodecahedron speaker
The present invention relates to a dodecahedron speaker and a speaker box for a dodecahedron
Conventionally, a dodecahedron speaker having twelve speaker units 3 as shown in FIG. 7 is
known (see, for example, Patent Document 1).
Such a twelve-sided speaker 1 is obtained as an extremely wide directivity characteristic by
twelve speaker units 3 evenly arranged toward the periphery, and is used as a high-quality audio
JP 2005-51694 A
However, when a complex shape such as a regular dodecahedron shape is integrally formed by
die casting using a material such as aluminum, the manufacturing cost increases.
That is, a mold of at least the size of the speaker box is necessary, and in order to form the hole
for mounting the speaker unit into a dodecahedron, it is necessary to use a slide mold.
On the other hand, although it is conceivable to prepare 12 pentagonal panels constituting the
surface of the speaker box and weld them all, it is conceivable to relatively increase the location
(distance) required for welding, which causes distortion due to heat. The amount of generation
In addition, the cost required for welding is large, and the process becomes complicated.
The present invention has been made to solve these problems, and provides a low-cost, lowdistortion, twelve-sided speaker box and a twelve-sided speaker using the speaker box.
The present invention is a regular dodecahedron shape in which the outlines of 12 pentagonal
panels are joined as ridges, and a plurality of pentagonal panels having speaker unit installation
holes provided substantially at the center of the pentagonal panels are joined. In a dodecahedron
speaker having a speaker box having the above structure and a speaker unit installed in the
speaker unit installation hole, an elastic body is provided at a joint portion with the other
pentagonal panel in the pentagonal panel, and further each pentagonal panel The abovementioned subject is solved by setting it as the composition which connected three panels by the
connection member which can be connected simultaneously.
Moreover, a recessed part may be provided in the said junction part, and the said elastic body
may be provided in this recessed part.
Further, the elastic body may be an O-ring.
Further, the present invention is a regular dodecahedron shape in which the outlines of 12
pentagonal panels are joined as a ridge line, and a plurality of pentagonal panels having speaker
unit installation holes provided at substantially the center of the pentagonal panels are coupled.
Of the pentagonal panel is provided with an elastic body at the junction with another pentagonal
panel, and further, each pentagonal panel is connected by a connecting member capable of
simultaneously connecting three panels. By solving the above problem, the above problem is
Moreover, a recessed part may be provided in the said junction part, and the said elastic body
may be provided in this recessed part.
Further, the elastic body may be an O-ring.
The apexes are twenty convex portions present on the surface of a regular dodecahedron.
Moreover, a ridgeline is the straight line which comprised the pentagonal external shape in a
regular dodecahedron, and connected the vertices.
According to the present invention, since the entire speaker box can be formed with a small mold
that can form one pentagonal panel, the cost can be significantly reduced.
In addition, since the panels can be assembled without direct welding, it is possible to
manufacture a high precision speaker box and further a dodecahedron speaker.
Further, by providing the elastic body on the joint surface of each pentagonal panel, it is possible
to expect improvement in sealing performance of the speaker box and improvement in antiresonance performance.
Examples of embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail using the attached
As shown in FIGS. 1 and 2, the dodecahedron speaker SP2 is configured to include a speaker box
10 and twelve speaker units 4.
The speaker box 10 has a regular dodecahedron shape, and is constituted by twelve pentagonal
panels 20.
At substantially the center of each pentagonal panel 20, a speaker unit installation hole 12 for
installing the speaker unit 4 is provided.
Also, although a plurality of speaker unit fixing holes 14 for fixing the installed speaker units 4
are provided around the speaker unit installation holes 12, this is not essential, for example, it is
fixed by bonding. You may
The pentagonal panel 20 is formed by die-casting using a metal such as aluminum.
As shown in FIGS. 3 and 4, the pentagonal panel 20 has a panel surface 20A which is an outer
surface of the speaker box 10 at the time of assembly and a panel back surface 20B which is an
inner surface. However, the area is larger than the panel back surface 20B.
This is because the panel bonding surface 28 is provided at an angle of about 54 ° with respect
to the panel surface 20A so that no gap is generated in the panel bonding surface 28 with
another panel when assembling the speaker box. It is from.
Moreover, the recessed part 26 is provided in the panel junction part 28 substantially-central
part of all the pentagonal panels 20 over a panel circumference.
Further, an O-ring (elastic body) is attached to the recess 26.
However, the recess 26 may not necessarily be provided around the entire circumference, and
the elastic body does not necessarily have to be an O-ring if it is a member having a lower elastic
coefficient than a member constituting the pentagonal panel .
In addition, thin elastic bodies may be held without providing the recess 26.
In addition, the speaker box 10 may be configured to be improved in strength by using an elastic
body having adhesiveness (adhesiveness).
As shown in FIG. 4, the degree of depression of the concave portion 26 of the pentagonal panel
20 is smaller than the thickness of the elastic body 24, and therefore, in the natural state where
the elastic body 24 is simply mounted, The part bulges from the panel joint 28.
The pentagonal panels 20 are assembled such that all panel joint surfaces 28 contact the joint
surfaces 28 of the other pentagonal panels.
At this time, a connecting member 30 having a substantially triangular pyramid shape is attached
from the panel back surface 20B side to a point where the three pentagonal panels are in contact,
that is, the apex 16 of the speaker box 10. It is fixed (see FIG. 6).
Of course, it may be attached to the front side, not from the back side, and may be attached to
both sides.
Furthermore, any member that can fix three panels at the same time may be used, and the
triangular pyramid shape is not an essential condition.
As a result, each of the 20 apexes 16 of the speaker box 10 is fixed by the connecting member
Various fixing methods of the three pentagonal panels 20 by the connecting member 30 are
considered, and for example, they may be fixed by bolts or the like (not shown), or may be fixed
by an adhesive.
The connecting member 30 is most preferably also used at all 20 apexes 16 present in the
speaker box 10 in terms of strength, but depending on the output of the speaker unit 4, the
material of the pentagonal panel 20, etc. It is also possible to omit some of them.
The panel joint portion 28 of the pentagonal panel 20 thus connected is in the state as shown in
That is, the elastic bodies 24 which were bulging out are crushed and brought into close contact
with each other by the reaction force.
This improves the sealing performance (air tightness) of the entire speaker box 10, and further,
even when the speaker unit 4 vibrates to make a sound, the elastic body 24 moves to suppress
the vibration (resonance) of the panel. Therefore, the anti-resonance performance is also
The twelve pentagonal panels 20 described above do not necessarily have the same shape.
That is, when a mounting portion such as a speaker stand is required, only the panel of that
portion may be designed to be thick, for example.
By preparing the speaker box as 12 pentagonal panels in this manner, it is possible to
manufacture the spoker box 10 with a small mold.
This means that the stroke amount of the mold at the time of molding is small, which can also
contribute to the compactness of the entire molding apparatus.
Further, since the speaker box 10 is finished without directly welding the panels, it is not easily
affected by the distortion due to the heat of welding, and the assembly accuracy can be
Although the material of the speaker box has been described on the premise that it is aluminum,
the present invention is not limited to this. For example, iron materials, metals such as
magnesium and stainless steel, resins, and wood are also used. It is also possible.
The iron material contributes in particular to the improvement of the fastness, the magnesium in
particular contributes to the fastness and weight reduction, the stainless steel contributes to the
corrosion resistance, and the resin particularly contributes to the weight reduction and cost
reduction. According to wood, there are features and advantages that contribute to weight
reduction and design improvement.
In consideration of the manufacturing cost, die cast molding of aluminum or the like, sand cast
molding, press molding, or injection molding of resin, blow molding, injection molding or the like
is preferable.
Further, in the above description, it has been described on the premise that the speaker units are
installed on all the 12 faces of the dodecahedron, but this is not necessarily the case.
For example, in the case of installing on the floor with the surface of 1 as the bottom surface, or
in the case of installing in the vicinity of a wall, a closing plate or the like may be installed on a
part of the surface instead of the speaker unit.
It can be used not only for dodecahedron speakers but also for other polyhedron speakers
An overall view of a dodecahedron speaker An overall view of a single view of a speaker box
alone, wherein (A) is a front view, (B) is an enlarged perspective view of a portion IV in arrow
view in FIG. 12 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line V-V, showing the joining state of two
pentagonal panels. FIG. 3 showing the positional relationship between the pentagonal panels of
FIG. 3 and a connecting member.
Explanation of sign
SP 2 ... 12-sided speaker 4 ... speaker unit 10 ... speaker box 12 ... speaker unit installation hole
14 ... speaker unit fixing hole 16 ... apex 20 ... pentagonal panel 24 ... elastic body 26 ... recessed
portion 28 ... panel joint portion 30 ... connecting member
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