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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an enlarged sectional view of an essential part
of a diaphragm according to the present invention. 1 is an inorganic solid, 2 is a paint, 3 and 4 is
a diaphragm.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the construction
of a diaphragm for a speaker. The speaker diaphragm is required to have a large rigidity so that
an unnecessary vibration mode does not occur in the diaphragm, and to have an appropriate
internal loss so as to absorb the unnecessary vibration. Heretofore, natural pulp-based
diaphragms have been used as the diaphragms for speakers at low cost, and the above
requirements (which are relatively met, so they are often used, valve types, valve beating
methods, stock sizes at beating) Depending on the type and testing of the agent, the strength of
the press at molding and the molding method = h's "",: 2 has met the required performance of the
speaker diaphragm. Although L or L is a natural fiber diaphragm, it has a drawback that it has a
small Young's modulus and a small rigid column, and there is a limit to internal loss. Therefore,
the surface of the natural fiber diaphragm (coated with synthetic resin, mixed with synthetic
resin, mixed with mica fine powder, chicun white, asbestos, etc., Young's modulus, rigidity, inside
L1 Performance improvement such as increase of loss can be considered. For example, when
thickness of natural fiber diaphragm is 1-i and thickness of coating material is 1%, volatilization
of solvent (not even partial, Due to drying unevenness, solvent shrinkage and the like due to
uneven drying and uneven formation of the base fiber diaphragm, etc., the coated diaphragm is
deformed and it is difficult to maintain the desired shape L1. Ill being molded as it is has the
disadvantage that the coating agent adheres to the mold and can not be released. In order to
prevent deformation, one correction (this should have a thickness of 2 for example of the natural
fibrous diaphragm). When the thickness of the diaphragm is increased, the Young's modulus is F,
and the rigidity is decreased. The present invention is a structure of a diaphragm for bes-3
beaker designed to eliminate the disadvantages of 1-1, and a relatively thin diaphragm 3 as
shown in FIG. For example, the size of a synthetic resin such as a vinyl acetate resin or an acrylic
resin in which an inorganic inner body (1) such as mica powder, asbestos, clay, or kaolin is mixed
with the back surface of a fibrous fine plate of Layer 2 of spray type or solvent type
with spray or coat and laminated to a thickness of about 1 to 10 places, and in an uncured state
as required (this is coated with an adhesive and a relatively thick diaphragm For example, a
fibrous diaphragm of 1 to 17 positions is attached and pressed by a heating mold at 60 ° to 80
° C. for molding. The diaphragm thus formed is, for example, about 21 thick, has a large
Young's modulus, a high rigidity and a high internal loss at a desired thickness, and the two
fibrous diaphragms They are in close contact with each other, and there is no fear of deformation
even if left unchecked.
As described above, the F-face of a relatively thin diaphragm is sprayed with an inorganic
material mixed with an inorganic solid, or coated with a relatively thick diaphragm, and a
relatively thick diaphragm is attached [, pre-4 In the clever method of pressure bonding, it is
possible to prevent deformation of the diaphragm without increasing the thickness of the
diaphragm and to improve the Young's modulus and rigidity of the diaphragm. It is possible to
expand the area of the moon yon and to absorb the abnormal vibration near the upper limit
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