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Description 1, title of the invention
Diaphragm for audio equipment and method of manufacturing the same
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a composite
material of an organic substance such as vinyl chloride, petroleum pitch, lignin and the like and a
solid powder, and relates to a diaphragm for acoustic equipment having low density and high
elasticity. Generally for audio equipment! & I's moving plate, thin plate used as a speaker
diaphragm in the tongue is efficient, light weight and high rigidity, and the ratio of Young's
modulus X and density ρ to be produced faithfully over wide frequency band now It is required
that x7ρ be large. Conventionally, wood pulp, synthetic resin, aluminum, titanium and the like
have been used from the point of view, but it has been difficult to say that all of them have
sufficient properties. In addition, there is a composite material of synthetic resin and metal
powder or carbon fiber as EndPage: 19 using materials of synthetic resin type, but due to the
lubricity of the surface possessed by metal powder and carbon fiber itself, synthetic resin In the
case of the diaphragm, it is difficult to obtain a large rigidity as a surface. On the other hand,
there are boron, beryllium, carbon and the like as materials having large E //, but these materials
have very poor processability, and when used as a diaphragm for acoustic equipment, there is a
drawback that the cost becomes extremely expensive. In view of the foregoing, the object of the
present invention is to provide a diaphragm for an audio device made of a composite material of
an organic substance and a solid powder, which has a large rigidity at the amount of @, and a
ratio of Young's modulus to density. E / 〃 〃; loud ■ 11 & 1 is to provide the required
characteristics of the diaphragm for the device. That is, the present invention is composed of a
composite material of an organic substance such as vinyl chloride, petroleum pitch, lignin and a
solid powder, and the above-mentioned huntable diaphragm is obtained by oxidizing the organic
substance of the composite material. is there. In the present invention, examples of the organic
substance include thermosetting resin, thermoplastic resin, synthetic resin thereof, petroleum
pitch, coal tar pitch, nato 2 benzophenazine, ligno yi, and solid powder is ceramic powder, It is
mainly composed of inorganic powder such as glass powder, carbon powder (carbon black,
graphite powder) and the like, and it does not occur at a temperature of 500 ° C. or less.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings, taking vinyl
chloride (PvC) as an organic substance and graphite powder (scale-like graphite) as a solid
powder as an example. Kneading step (multi-material surface formation) Heating (400 ° C.) in a
fluorooxidizing atmosphere such as pvatg element or argon gas to obtain the pitch-like
substance. As another method of obtaining pitch-like PvC, it is also possible to carry out using
PvCK product soluble agent.
Graphite powder having a particle diameter θ of 1 to 50 μm is added to the PvC pitch, and the
mixture is kneaded with a kneader or a roller while heating to 200 to 300 ° C. In order to
facilitate mixing, a solvent is used to make the pvc pitch into a liquid having a suitable viscosity
at room temperature, and is kneaded without heating. The addition amount of the graphite
powder (solid powder) is in the range of about 10 to 90 wt%, but good results can be obtained
with 30 to rowt%. Although the particle size of the graphite powder (solid powder) varies
depending on the size and shape of the vibration plate, it is desirable that the particle size is
generally less than 0.1 and not more than 0.1 μm as it is smaller. The composite material
obtained by kneading the forming process PvC pitch and the graphite powder then enters the
forming process. In this forming step, the one which has undergone the above-described wire
mixing step is formed into a desired shape of the diaphragm, for example, a dome shape, a cone
shape or the like. Therefore, the thickness of the molding to be formed into a diaphragm to be
formed varies depending on 1, the size and shape of the diaphragm. EndPage: 2 Desired shape to
be worked into the vibrating plate, which has been formed into a large size, is heated to about
200-300 ° C, and pressed and pressed. . The mixture kneaded using a bath agent is pressmolded at room temperature and sufficiently dried to remove the solvent. In the case of a
mixture of powders, the powder is compacted. In this case, if the mold is heated to about 300 °
C. for 2 minutes, the strength of the molded product is increased, and the result of the process is
good VC. The forming rod obtained in the topography step, which is the step prior to the
oxidation step, is heated to 250 to 300 ° C. in aeration (in an oxidizing atmosphere) to at least
perform surface oxidation of the formed product. The temperature in this oxidation step is 500
° C. or less and 100 ° C. or more, and the temperature rising rate Fi is preferably 1 to 20 °
C./hour. The oxidation may be performed at a temperature of about 50 to 80 ° C. in ozone for 4
to 8 hours, and then at the temperature described above. In the oxidation process, the V-shaped
product may be deformed by heating, so either place a wire mesh or a punched metal thin plate
on a jig formed in the shape of a diaphragm, or hold and process it It is also good. If the heating
time is 10 hours or more, good results are obtained.
Diaphragm for audio equipment and method of manufacturing the same
The detailed description of the present invention will be given below, or the detailed description
of the present invention will be given below. 30 to 70 wt% of scaly graphite with a particle
diameter of several μm and pitched vinyl chloride (pvc) 7 to 30 wt% are mixed while heating,
and this is pressed into a dome shape, and thereafter the shaped product is oxidized The heating
is performed at a sufficiently slow temperature rising rate to Such a heat treatment
process VC releases hydrogen chloride from vinyl chloride and causes the matrix to become
infusible (oxidized), and the diaphragm thus made has a density of 1.3 to 20 J / mouth 3, It has
the characteristics of Young ¥ 30004 / Soul 2 or more. The present invention shoulders a
relatively high specific modulus, shoulders a larger internal loss compared to metals such as mu
L 1 Ti, is excellent in heat resistance, and is extremely low in manufacturing cost due to low
temperature treatment in an oxidizing atmosphere. Have the effect.
4 is a process diagram showing the manufacturing method of the present invention, a simplified
explanatory view of the drawings. EndPage: 3
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