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Урок – практикум в 7 классе

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Урок – практикум в 7 классе
ты думаешь
о будущем?»
I believe
I don’t believe
1. People will drive flying cars in the future.
2. Computers will do all household chores.
3. Pupils won’t go to school.
4. Scientists will find the cure for some of
today’s serious illnesses.
5. Computers will be able to read your mind.
6. A comet will hit our planet.
If white chalk
chalks on a black
blackboard, will
black chalk chalk on
a white blackboard?
Present Simple
V, Vs
• For timetables or programmes
to be going to
• To express intention and plans
• When we can see that
something is going to happen
Present Continuous
am, is, are + Ving
• For fixed arrangements
in the near future
Future Simple
will + V
• To express a prediction or a
future action or event which may
or may not happen
• The next computer course starts on
September 17.
• I am flying to Greece at 10.30 a.m
on Monday morning.
• Don’t worry! I won’t tell anyone
what you said.
• Look! He’s too tired to continue. He
is going to lose.
• My sister is 18 tomorrow.
Thank you for the lesson!
Good luck!
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