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Amy Rominiecki, School Library Media Specialist

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The School Librarian’s Role in Educator Evaluation and
the Common Core: New Levers for Academic Growth
Tim Matheney
Office of Evaluation for the New Jersey Department of Education
Amy Rominiecki
Michelle Marhefka
School Library Media Specialist
Immediate Past President, NJASL
School Library Media Specialist
Treasurer, NJASL
Seneca High School
Tabernacle, NJ
Clearview Middle School
Mullica Hill, NJ
Our Presentation and handouts are
online at:
Amy’s School’s SLMS Evaluation
п‚—Lenape Regional High School
District (Burlington County, NJ)
“Homegrown” method of evaluating
staff- including school librarians
п‚— Using 2-year-old checklist for observations
(in your handout)
п‚— 4 librarians revising the checklist to become a
rubric, modeled after the classroom teacher’s
observation rubric
Student Growth Objectives (SGOs)
п‚— We will write two (2) SGOs per librarian, per
п‚— Not per class, per librarian
п‚— 5 librarians from my District working on these
during in-service days
What goes into an SGO?
(Thank you Arlen Kimmelman)
Last page of handout
What goes into an SGO?
 Get 21st – Century Approach to School Librarian
Evaluation by American Association of School Librarians
 Look at Nina Kemps’ notes about developing SGOs
using SLMS roles/responsibilities (last page of handout)
NJASL’s Exemplar SGOs
п‚— A committee of NJASL volunteers has written
“exemplar” SGOs with guidance from the NJ
Department of Education
п‚— We have revised them and are waiting to hear back from
the DOE before we release them to our membership as
exemplars- 3 were approved yesterday!
 We are collecting SGOs to post on the NJASL website–
hoping to have a database of SGOs to help each other
SGOs = Collaboration Opportunity
п‚— Use your knowledge of SGOs to offer help and
guidance to classroom teachers
п‚— Can I help you write your SGO?
п‚— How can I support your SGO?
 Gather together teachers’ SGOs and use those to send
out information and messages about how you can help
On Site, On Demand LibraryLinkNJ Workshop
п‚— Nina Kemps and I will come to your district or association
meeting (12 or more participants)
п‚— 100% of the cost of the workshop is subsidized by
п‚— New Evaluations in NJ: Students, Teachers and School Library Media
п‚— After this workshop, participants will be able to:
п‚— Formulate appropriate and effective Student Growth Objectives
п‚— Build a range of strategies and techniques to communicate how a School
Library Media Specialist should be evaluated
п‚— Explain the New Jersey classroom teacher evaluation process
п‚— Take an active role in preparing students for the PARCC assessment
п‚— For more information and requirements:
Michelle’s School’s SLMS
Evaluation Process
п‚—Clearview Middle School
п‚— NJASL website:
п‚— Current information on School Librarian Evaluation
п‚— Database of SGOs- need your submissions
п‚— Department of Education website:
п‚— Information how to formulate SGOs
п‚— Forms/Guides
п‚— NJEA
п‚— Information on formulating SGOs
Contact Us
п‚— Amy Rominiecki- School Library Media Specialist,
Seneca High School, Tabernacle, NJ
[email protected]
п‚— Michelle Marhefka- School Library Media Specialist,
Clearview Middle School, Mullica Hill, NJ
[email protected]
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