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FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES Found Through 'HEPTech' Key words SourceTitleDescriptionDeadlineLinkAmountDuration
Danish MinistryDFF-Individual postdoctoral Grants"Postdoctoral
> Applicant: Researchers who in an independent manner carry out specific research projects at RI in Denmark or abroad.
Researchers who have obtained PhD or equivalent.""FNU: 30/04/2014
09/05/2014"DFF Calls Autumn 2013-Spring 2013Not specifiedUp to 2 years- maximum 3 years
European Commission - Horizon 2020
INNOSUP-1-2015"> SMEs need help to generate, take up and better capitalise on all forms of knowledge, creativity, craftsmanship and innovation. > Each proposal should demonstrate the capacity to:
1. validate ideas for structured innovation projects driven by SMEs from different sectors and countries in collaboration with other innovation actors and facilitate the coordination towards new industrial value chains through this collaboration space.
2. support innovation activities and/or channel a mix of different targeted entrepreneurial and innovation support measures (such as mentoring, coaching, innovation and technical assistance vouchers, etc.) At least 75% of the total proposed budget shall be allocated to support innovation in SMEs directly."First deadline: 30/04/15 Stage 2: 09/09/15 24.9 MEUR EUR 2.5 and 5 million would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriatelyNot specified
INNOSUP 3-2015"> SMEs would be able to better use their intellectual capital if: 1. they had more knowledge, including basics of IPR, and guidance on how to better use professional legal consultants; 2. the professional consultants were better prepared to deal with SME specific challenges 3. cross-border information about IPR issues would be easily available on the internet and 4. National Intellectual Property Offices (NIPOs) would provide better IPR services to SMEs
> The applicant needs to provide a mechanism to link and assist NIPOs to design and provide better services to SMEs, including providing information on the business use of European level rights > Applicants should conceive a mechanism to involve as many National IP offices as possible from the eligible ones and at least 25 of them. "1/21/2015 8.4 MEUR 2015: 0Project should be operational for 4 years
INNOSUP-7-2015"> Professionalisation of open innovation management in SMEs.
> An urgent need exists to study how collaboration and/or open innovation is managed and organised in SMEs. > Scope: This activity will consist of the following elements: 1. Collection and analysis of information and data. 2. EU-wide diffusion of success stories of SMEs using open innovation. 3. Development of practical management tools. 4. Development and testing of open innovation indicators to support management support tools within an SME."1/21/2015 2MEURDuration should be 3 years
INFRASUPP-3-2014"> Strengthening the human capital of Research Infrastructures > Involve a multitude of partners in a consortium that fund and perform their construction and operation
==> governance, financial and legal issues are a complex problem
==> specific skills are required of RI managers, engineers and users
==> skills and expertise specifically needed to construct, operate and use research infrastructures successfully are not widely available > Training of staff managing and operating research infrastructures of European interest
> Exchange of staff and best practice between facilities"9/2/2014 2MEURNot specified"Possible HEPTech involvement:
• Call targets the consortium that ran the RAMIRI project in the past
• RAMIRI proposal: INPUT requested
• HEPTech could become a partner in the proposal by offering to take over the development of the technology transfer activities "
H2020-TWINN-2015"> Call for Twinning > Address networking gaps and deficiencies between the research institutions of low performing Member States and regions and their more research intensive counterparts at EU level > Significantly strengthening a defined field of research in a particular insitution by creating a link between this institution and at least two internationally-leading research intensive counterparts ==> Enhance the S&T capacity of the linked institutions;
==> Help raise staff’s research profile as well as the one of the institutions involved
"12/2/2014"2014: 64.120 MEUR 2015: The commission considers that proposal requesting a contribution from the EU of EUR 1 million, would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately."Not specifiedA successful participation in this call could supplement HEPTech’s Capacity Building programme.
Erasmus +"> Activities supported in a 'strategic partnership' concern a broad range of activities, such as exchanges of best practises, innovative practises in the field of education, training and youth and 'other', i.e 'anyhting' related to education. > Depending on the objective of the project, Strategic Partnerships should involve the most appropriate and diverse range of partners in order to benefit from their different experiences, profiles and specific expertise and to produce relevant and high quality project results."30 April at 12pm for projects starting as of 1 September this year. Deadline Will recur yearly around 30th of April. 150.000 EUR per yearPartnerships last 2 or 3 years
ITEA "> ITEA's mission is to optimise support for companies and R&D actors active in ITEA projects in the area of SISS, thus making best use of funding made available by the ITEA supporting countries. > Project consortia need to have at least two different partners from two different countries, of which one must be a EUREKA Member Country and another one either a EUREKA Member Country or a EUREKA Associated Country. > ITEA projects are industry driven, technically innovative and business oriented."10/31/2014 specfiedITEA projects involve between 40 and 350 person-years and typically last up to three years.
Open Innovation Incoming"> aimed at international researchers who are staying in Sweden for shorter periods and work to increase the use and understanding of open innovation
> using other organistions' knowledge, research and networks to develop innovationsaimed ""Open innvoation means using other organistions' knowledge, research and networks to develop innovations. This call is aimed at international researchers who are staying in Sweden for shorter periods and working to increase the use and understanding of open innovation."2/12/2014 (applications will be assessed monthly) available funds 2 million SEK (call will be open as long as funds last)not specified
COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)
Open Call"> Researchers can participate in COST Actions based on their affiliation to an institution or organisation and on geographic location. This includes: Business Enterprises (ranging from SMEs to multinationals), CERN and ESRF. > COST Actions are especially well suited to pursue new ideas through collaborative efforts and to build communities around science and technology topics > The support will cover the costs of networking activities such as meetings (e.g. travel, subsistence, local organiser support), conferences, workshops, short-term scientific exchanges, training schools, publications and dissemination activities. COST does not fund the research itself."No deadline. Work with collection dates which are regularly updated on the website"The average COST Action budget depends on the number of COST Countries participating in the Action. The funding is provided via yearly grant agreement. From previous experience: 130kEUR "4 years
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