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Клещёва Карина Андреевна
ГБОУ СПО СО «Алапаевский
профессиональнопедагогический колледж»
Специальность «Физическая
культура», II курс
Л.В. Никонова,
Содержание презентации
This is Scotland.
Scotland today.
Scotland’s past.
The Highlands.
Traditional Scotland.
Eating and drinking.
Scotland tomorrow.
Welcome to
This is Scotland
There is nowhere like Scotland.
Scotland is the country north of
England, part of Great Britain
(England, Scotland and Wales) and of
the United Kingdom (England,
Scotland, Wales and Northern
Ireland). It is a country in a country.
Many visitors love this country very much.
Come with us now on a visit
to Scotland.
There are more than five million people
in Scotland.
Scottish people are called Scots,
but not Scotch: Scotch is a drink made
in Scotland.
Scottish people are British, because
Scotland is a part of Britain.
But don’t call them English! The Scots
and the English are different.
Today everyone in Scotland speaks English (some words in Scotland
are different). About 60,000 people speak a beautiful language called
Scotland is not a very hot country so
take some warm clothes with you
when you go. In summer it can be
cold and wet, in winter there can be
For many years, Scotland was a poor country,
but today it is getting richer. There is oil and gas
in the sea between Scotland and Norway.
Visitors bring money to the country too. Scotland
is freer now with its own parliament in
Edinburgh. For many people things are getting
Scotland’s past
There are many important people in the story of Scotland –
here are some of them.
Queen of Scots
Robert Burns,
great Scottish poet.
John Logie Baird,
made the first
Alexander Graham Bell,
made the first telephone.
A visit to Scotland often
begins in Edinburgh,
the capital of Scotland.
Edinburgh is an old city
with many important and
interesting buildings.
One of them is Edinburgh Castle.
It stands high over the city.
Soldiers in kilts take visitors
round and tell them
the castle’s story.
In Edinburgh you can look at
the shops on the Royal Mile
or on Princes Street and
buy the famous Scottish
If you have a Scottish
family name, you can buy
and wear the family tartan.
And if you haven’t got a
Scottish name, you can buy
and wear a tartan too!!!
It’s great, isn’t it?
In August you can visit
the Edinburgh Festival,
the biggest arts festival
in the world with hundreds of
different things to see and do.
And also in August, every
evening for three weeks,
you can see the Edinburgh
Military Tattoo next to
the castle, with soldiers
and musicians from
Scotland and from many
other countries.
Glasgow is the biggest city
in Scotland and the third biggest
in Britain after London and
People from Glasgow say that
Glasgow is the friendliest and
one of the most exciting cities in
Glasgow is a green city.
It has seventy parks.
Glaswegians like to have
a rest in Kelvingrove Park.
University of Glasgow
Glasgow has universities
and museums, it has many
pubs and lost of things to do
at night.
It is the city of Charles Rennie
Mackintosh. Mackintosh was
one of the men who began a
new look in building about a
hundred years ago: art
nouveau. His Glasgow School
of Art is on Renfrew Street.
Glasgow School of Art
Glasgow is a
football city.
You can watch
Glasgow Celtic play
at Parkhead or
Glasgow Rangers
play at the Ibrox
Stadium most
Saturdays between
August and May.
My heart’s in the Highlands, my heart is not here,
My heart’s in the Highlands a-chasing the deer;
A-chasing the wild deer, and following the roe
My heart’s in the Highlands wherever I go.
Robert Burns
The Highlands are
for people who love
to be outside: they
are good for walking,
for climbing, for
fishing and for many
other things.
Tourists like to visit Loch Ness.
Some people believe that
Loch Ness monster lives in this
Loch Ness
When you visit Scotland, you can stay in a
hotel or in a “B & B”. They are usually
very warm and friendly and the food is
usually good. Favourite traditional Scottish
dishes include fish and chips, herring,
roast beef, and roast lamb, haggis,
kippers, oatmeal, and salmon.
…and drinking
Scotland is famous for
Whisky is good, but there
is another drink in
Scotland which is better:
water! The whisky is good
because the water from
the hills is good. After a
long hot day walking, a
drink of Scottish hill water
can be the best drink in
the world!
Scotch whisky
Scotland tomorrow
Scotland is a country of
differences. It is a country
of yesterday and of today.
Visitors often go there to
see the old traditions but
many Scots want things
to change.
The Scots love their
country’s past but
they want Scotland to
be a rich, modern
country too.
Many Scots today are happy to be part of
Great Britain but many want a freer Scotland
too. And some Scots want Scotland to leave
Great Britain.
Today, things are
changing in
Scotland. There
is new life here.
The big cities are
The country is
Scotland is magic.
I’d like to visit this country some day, if I had a chance...
And you?
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