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122.Oscar Wilde

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«Иркутский государственный лингвистический университет»
И.Г. Залешина
Обсуждаем прочитанное
Учебно-методическое пособие
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Печатается по решению редакционно-издательского
государственного лингвистического университета
З23 Залешина, И. Г. Oscar Wilde. “The picture of Dorian Gray”. Обсуждаем
прочитанное : Учебно-методическое пособие для занятий по домашнему чтению
/ И. Г. Залешина. – Иркутск: ИГЛУ, 2013 г. – 23 с.
Данная методическая разработка была создана с целью помощи студентам
и преподавателям, работающим по книге О. Уайльда «Портрет Дориана Грэя»:(
Oscar Wilde “The Picture of Dorian Gray” – Kiev Dnipro Publishers, 1978 – 321p.)
Разработка содержит систему упражнений коммуникативного характера,
рассчитанную на пополнение словарного запаса студентов, а так же ряд заданий,
включающих вопросы, касающиеся основных проблем романа, его
преподавателям и студентам предлагается список примерных итоговых заданий
исследовательского и творческого характера. Виды форм контроля выполнения
данных заданий остаются полностью на усмотрение преподавателей. Задания
последнего раздела полностью соответствуют программным требованиям по
дисциплине «Практикум по культуре речевого общения (второй иностранный
язык)» 4/5 курсы (специальность: Теория и методика преподавания иностранных
языков и культур) и 6/7/8 семестры (направление: Лингвистика и межкультурная
коммуникация). Творческие задания текущего контроля преподавателям
необходимо составлять самостоятельно, учитывая уровень языковой
подготовленности студентов конкретной группы.
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Chapter I
1. with monotonous insistence – настойчивость
2. to make the stillness more oppressive
3. some little distance away
4. to seat at one’s ease, to be/to feel at ease
5. strange conjectures – предположение, догадка
6. a smile of pleasure passed across his face
7. to look at somebody in amazement – изумление, удивление
8. it is silly of you
9. to be ever capable of any emotion put too much of oneself into something shrug one’s shoulders murmur (at, against; smth/smb) expression of perplexity came over his face – недоумение, растерянность,
14.I am all expectation – ожидание
15.I felt that I was growing pale
16.external influence– внешнее влияние… be independent by nature
18.exquisite joys and exquisite sorrows – превосходный, изысканный,
утонченный, острый (об ощущениях)
19.I struggled to the door – протиснулся get rid of something/somebody chatter about
22.we were destined to know each other
23.I like to find out people for myself be perfectly audible to everybody in the room
25.indignation/to be indignant – возмущение
26.I don’t agree with a single word you have said
27.never care for anything but your art
28.paint, draw, sketch be well-informed will bitterly reproach
31.with a self-conscious and satisfied air
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I. Describe and characterize the main personages of the novel
a. Lord Henry Wotton
b. Basil Hallward
c. Dorian Gray (Basil’s attitude towards him)
II. Are you an attentive reader?
a. What social problems are mentioned in this chapter?
b. Some interesting details in describing one’s appearance.
c. Descriptions of nature and interior.
III. Comment on the following
a. “Real beauty ends where an intellectual expression begins” (p.9)
b. “The ugly and the stupid have the best of it in the world” (p.9)
c. “We shall all suffer for what the gods have given us, suffer terribly” (p.9)
d. “… the one charm of marriage is that it makes a life of deception absolutely
necessary for both parties. I never knows where my wife is, and my wife newer
knows what I am doing” (p.10)
e. “With an evening coat and a white tie, as you told me once, anybody, even a
stock-broker, can give a reputation for being civilized” (p.12)
f. “Conscience and cowardice are really the same things. Conscience is the tradename of the firm.” (p.12)
g. “I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good
characters, and my enemies for their good intellects” (p.14)
h. “I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better
than anything else in the world” (p.15)
Chapter II
I. Tasks and questions for discussion.
1. Summary of the chapter.
2. The way Oscar Wilde describes Dorian's appearance. Pay attention to new lexical
units used in the text.
3. Describe your friend or relative using these lexical units.
4. In what way does our appearance mirror our .personality?
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II. Comment on the following.
1.”Beauty is the wonder of wonders. It is only shallow people who do not judge by
appearance.” (p.27)
2.”Youth is the one thing worth having.”
3.”Nothing can cure the soul but the senses just as nothing can cure the senses but the
soul.” (p.26)
4.”All influence is immoral-immoral from the scientific point of view.” (p.22)
5.”The aim of life is self-development.” (p.22)
6.”…to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.”
1. lad = fellow, guy, boy, chap
2. with his back to them
3. to lend smb. sth
4. lifesized portrait of smb.
5. to be in one's black books
6. to keep oneself unspotted from the world
7. to worship smb.
8. to hesitate(for a moment)
9. in one of smb's sulky moods
10. to have someone to chat with
11. to be horribly dull
12. to insist on/upon sth.
13. with a single exception of oneself/ smb./ sth.
14. to pass through a similar experience
15. fascinating
16. benevolence
17. to alter
18. to disclose sth.
19. ignorant
20. the common and the vulgar
21. to be devoted to sth.
22. to pay smb. complements
23. a sin
24. a masterpiece
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Chapters I & II
I. Match the following words and expressions with their synonyms or definitions
to be (horribly) dull
to hesitate
to alter
to disclose
uncover / make known
fellow, chap, guy
knowing little or nothing
show sign of uncertainty
charming / attracting
make or become different /
change in character, appearance
II. Describe a person
1. who is ever capable of any emotions
2. who puts too much of himself/herself into something
3. who is independent by nature
III. When do we say?
1. “a smile of pleasure passed across his face”
2. “an expression of perplexity came over his face”
3. “I felt that I was growing pale”
4. “I struggled to the door”
5. “we were destined to know each other”
Develop the situation / Make up a short
to look at somebody in amazement
it is silly of you
I am all expectation
exquisite joys and exquisite sorrows
with a self-conscious and satisfied air
V. Compose sentences of your own using the following expressions
1. to get rid of something
2. to be chattered / to chatter about / to have someone to chat to about something
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to be well-informed
strange conjectures
to pay somebody compliments
to be pressing
Chapter III
I. Tasks and questions for discussion
1. What new facts about Dorian Gray have you learnt from this chapter? Tell
everything you can about him.
2. Tell about further development of the characters of Basil Hallward and Lord
3. Does the author sympathize with London upper society? Give your arguments.
II. Comment on the following
1. “Examinations are pure humbug from beginning to end. If a man is a gentleman
he knows quite enough and if he is not a gentleman, whatever he knows is bad
for him” (p.36)
2. “I’m told that pork-packing is the most lucrative profession in America after
politics” (p.38)
3. “They say that when Good Americans die they go to Paris. And where do bad
Americans go when they die? They go to America” (p.42)
4. “Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world’s original sin. If the caveman
had known how to laugh, history would have been different” (p.44)
1. to stroll
2. to call on somebody
3. rough-mannered
4. world – свет (общество)
5. ambassador (at Madrid)
6. capricious moment
7. dispatches
8. on succeeding – спустя; по прошествии
9. the country was going to the dogs be out of date
11.a good deal of something
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12.prejudices grumble – ворчать
14.dandy get something out of somebody
17.pure family affection – семейная привязанность
19.humbug – чепуха
20.knit his bushy white eyebrows – нахмурил косматые седые брови know intimately – хорошо знать
22.christening – крещение extraordinary beautiful girl
24.something of the kind
25.within a year
26.a mean dog – скаредный человек
27.used to do something – бывало…
III. Transcribe the following words.
IV. Give the explanation of the following, try to find synonyms of these
1. rough-mannered
2. country was going to the dogs
3. to be out of date
4. a good deal of something
5. a mean dog
6. to be prejudiced against smth/smb
7. capricious climate
8. extraordinarily difficult
9. dispatches from the war zone
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Chapter IV
(two lessons)
I. Tasks and questions for discussion
1. Summary of the chapter.
2. What new personages are mentioned in this chapter? Give their charactersketches.
3. Further development of the main personages’ characters.
II. Comment on the following
1. “… his principle being that punctuality is the thief of time” (p.48)
2. “Even those that are born in England become foreigners after a time, don’t
they? It is so clever of them, and such a compliment to art” (p.49)
3. “Man marry because they are fired; women because they are curious: both are
disappointed” (p.50)
4. “Women are a decorative sex” (p.50)
5. “A “grand person” is the privilege of people who have nothing to do” (p.52)
6. “… the people who love only once in their lives are really the shallow people”
7. “When one is in love, one always begins by deceiving oneself, and one always
ends by deceiving others” (p.58)
8. “… whatever was good enough for our fathers is not good enough for us”
III. Special attention to pp. 60-62
IV. Make up your own questions for discussion (not less than 3)
a shrill voice
her vague forget-me-not eyes
to adore
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7. to break an awkward silence
8. decent society
9. I dare say
13.idle classes of a country
22.fruitful results
23.slightest pang of annoyance
V. Translate into Russian pp.60-62
VI. Questions for discussion
1. What is the key problem of the extract? (pp.60-62)
2. Whom has Lord Henry chosen as an object of his investigations and why?
3. What is the goal of all Lord Henry's experiments?
4. What idea do you back and why?
a. Art influences our life
b. Life itself is art
5. Body and soul. Are they always in harmony? Do you know other literary
works devoted to this problem?
Chapter V
I. Tasks
1. Summary of the chapter;
2. Retell the chapter as if you are Dorian Gray;
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3. Retell the chapter as if you are Sibyl;
4. Write out the most interesting words and expressions;
5. Make up 2 exercises on the training of your vocabulary notes (not less than 10
expressions and 5 tasks in each exercise).
Chapter VI
I. Tasks and questions for discussion
1. Summary of the chapter.
2. Basil and Lord Henry are against Dorian’s intention of getting married. Why?
Lord Henry’s ideas about matrimony. Do you approve of them or not? Give
your arguments.
3. What are Dorian’s thoughts about Sibyl and their future?
4. Whose point of view do you accept and why?
5. What has Basil realized on their way to the theatre?
6. Comment on the following:
p.75 “Whenever a man does a thoroughly stupid thing, it is always from the
noblest motives”
p.p.75-76 “… They become more highly organized, and to be highly organized
is, I should fancy, the object of man’s existence. Besides, every experience is
of value…”
p.79 “To be good is to be in harmony with oneself. Discord is to be forced to
be in harmony with others. One’s own life – that is the important thing.”
7. Translate into Russian p 77. “She wore a moss-colored velvet jerkin… her face
like dark leaves round a pale rose.”
to break in
she is simply a born artist
all my life had been narrowed to one perfect point
a dead secret
to kiss on the mouth
to be incorrigible
to place somebody on a pedestal of gold
to mock at somebody
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II. Give English equivalents of the following words and expressions. Illustrate
their usage in the situations of your own
Быть неисправимым, строжайший секрет, она просто рождена для сцены,
вмешаться в беседу, пьедестал.
Chapter VII
I. Tasks and questions for discussion
1. Summary of the chapter;
2. Influence of art pp.82-83, 84-85;
3. Was Sibyl a real actress? Prove your ideas.
4. How can you characterize Dorian’s feelings to Sibyl? Why did his feelings
5. What did Dorian find at home? What appeared to be a real shock for Dorian?
6. What decisions did Dorian make? pp.92-93
7. What descriptions have you paid attention to? What words or phrases can you
use in a picture description?
8. What is the secret of remaining young? Can we follow Lord Henry’s advice?
1. sombre passions – темные страсти
2. … subtle poisonous theories
3. to commit a sin = to sin
4. the visible emblem of conscience
5. to resist temptation(s) – сопротивляться / противостоять искушениям
6. on upon on of torture – вечность мук
7. tapestries – гобелены
8. buttonhole – бутоньерка / петля
9. the air was heavy with the perfume of the flowers make oneself ridiculous – стать посмешищем
11.the whole thing was fiasco – провал был полным
12.the curtain rose on the third act
13.with a strange tenderness in his voice – с неожиданной теплотой в голосе
II. Compose situations or dialogues using vocabulary of chapter VII and active
vocabulary to the topic “Feelings & Emotions”
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Chapter VIII
I. Tasks and questions for discussion
1. Summary of the chapter.
2. Try to analyze the structure of the chapter.
3. What can you say about the development of Dorian’s feelings to Sibyl and her
4. How does Lord Henry try to calm Dorian? His attitude to Dorian?
5. What choice in life has Dorian made? What has his portrait turned out to be for
II. Comment on the following
 “… there is a fatality about good resolutions – that they are always made too
late” (p.100)
 “The girl never really lived and so she have never really died” (p.103)
 “She had died for love of him, and love would always be a sacrament to him
now.” (p.105)
1. a pile of letters – пачка…
2. be brought by hand – доставка курьером
3. private views – закрытые вернисажи
4. charity concerts – благотворительные концерты
5. extremely old-fashioned people – люди старой закалки
6. to cut life to pieces with something
7. to get oneself mixed up in something
8. to be an absolute failure
9. intellectual stagnation – застой whitewash – белить, обелять, выигрывать «всухую» culminate – достигать высшей точки
12.the colours faded out– обесцветились, выгорели, полиняли, стерлись
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III. Make up short situations to illustrate the usage of this vocabulary.
Chapter IX
I. Tasks and questions for discussion
1. Basil’s attitude to Sibyl’s death. Compare Basil’s and Lord Henry’s attitude to
her death.
2. What traits of Basil Hallward and Lord Henry's characters are revealed in this
3. Summary of the chapter.
4. Further development of Dorian’s character. Dwell on the alterations in his
nature and character (personality).
5. Character sketch of Basil Hallward.
6. Art in our life and an artist’s soul in art.
II. Comment on the following
1. “To become the spectator of one’s own life is to escape the suffering of life”
2. “… art conceals the artist for more completely that it ever reveals him” (p.114)
3. “Perhaps one should never put one’s worship into words” (p.115)
1. to be intend to do something
to be intended as something
2. to feel infinite pity
3. to worship
4. to determine / be determined to do something
5. a fatal day
6. every flake and film of color
7. fame of reputation
8. a gleam of light
9. beads of perspiration
coat of varnish
to turn on one’s heel
to be infinitely dear to somebody
(all the) miseries of life
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middleclass virtue
common place life
with a ripple of laughter
at all costs
he could not run such a risk (of discovery again)
III. Find as many synonyms and antonyms to any 5 expressions from the
vocabulary of chapter IX. Use these synonyms or antonyms in a short situation
of your own.
Chapter X
I. Tasks and questions for discussion
1. Summary of the chapter;
2. Why did Dorian replace his portrait?
3. Why was Dorian afraid of his servant?
4. What did he think about old people?
5. What book did Lord Henry send to him?
II. Comment on the following
“He shuddered, and for a moment he regretted that he had not told Basil the true
reason why he had wished to hide the picture away. Basil would have helped him
to resist Lord Henry’s influence, and the still more poisonous influences that came
from his own temperament.” (p.118)
Vocabulary be on one’s guard
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис» trouble at all be of any service to somebody
8.hideous corruption of his soul purify lean against keep one’s eyes on somebody
III. Give English equivalents of the following words and expressions
Гибель, изысканный, упрек, знаменитый, средневековый, очистить, быть
настороже, ничтожный.
IV. Transcribe the following words.
Shallow, mediaeval, hideous,
V. Use the words from tasks III and IV in the sentences of your own. Try also to
use as many patterns with Model Verbs as you can in these sentences.
Chapter XII
I. Questions for discussion
1. What is the purpose of Basil’s visit to Dorian?
2. How can we characterize Dorian at that time (20 years past)? What can we say
about his life?
3. What is the most dramatic scene in the chapter? Can we define it as the climax
of the novel? Prove.
4. Find arguments to accuse Dorian or to defend him.
to take a pity on somebody – пожалеть кого-либо
languidly – небрежно
the lamp-light struggled out through the fog
I have heaps of time
to fancy
the charm of novelty – прелесть новизны
to be inseparable – неразлучный
to be broken with shame and sorrow – быть убитым стыдом и горем
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
9. vice – порок
10.the land of hypocrite – страна лицемеров
11.Take care. You go too far. air – кичиться
13.middle-class – мещане
14.a by-word – предмет сплетни
15.corrupt / corruption – развращать
16.handwork – это ваших рук дело
17.that makes no matter – не беда
18.a plain answer to a question
19.blaspheme – кощунство
20.a twisted flash of pain shot across his face – судорога боли пробежала…
II. Make up your own exercises on training the vocabulary.
Chapter XIII
I. Tasks and questions for discussion
1. Summary of the chapter;
2. Basil’s feelings and emotions.
3. Structure of the chapter (compositional elements);
4. Comparison of the “portraits.” (Description of the portrait at the beginning of
the book and its description in this chapter.)
II. Translate into Russian
p.153; the second paragraph;
p.154; the last paragraph;
the lamp cast fantastic shadows on…
(the) top landing
to insist on doing something
a half-burned candle
to rattle (about windows)
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
7. a damp odour of mildew
8. sodden eyes
9. to trace; a trace
10.foul parody famous, ignoble satire be vain of something vanish sing in a (horse) voice and fro
16.a thought struck him
17.biting his lips repent of smth
III. Make up your own sentences (not less than 6) with these words and
expressions. Try to use as many of them in one sentence of yours as you can.
Chapter XIV
I. Tasks and questions for discussion
1. Summary of the chapter;
2. What forms of writing can we distinguish in the chapter?
3. Translate into Russian the following samples of description:
p.159 “The mellow November…”
p.161 “How exquisite they were…”
p.161 “He read of the swallows …” till p.162
4. The development of Dorian Gray’s character p.163
5. Problems of science and scientific experiments, their morality or immorality
6. Why did Oscar Wilde include scenes with the description of nature in this
7. Dorian’s portrait. What happened to it and why?
8. How did Dorian manage to manipulate people?
Vocabulary brood
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис» be driven out of the mind sketch upon a piece of paper have a fantastic likeness to somebody
6.exquisite pace up and down the room
8.a matter of life and death be mixed up in
10.keep your horrible secrets of yourself trace of somebody
12.without my stirring in the matter speak with deliberation induce smb to do smth entreat bring into the matter
17.a horrible fit of terror
18.dreadful work
19.It was long after seven
20.Face it and do it.
II. Comment on the following
“There were sins whose fascination was more in the memory than in the doing of
them, strange triumphs that gratified the pride more than the passions, and gave to
the intellect a quickened sense of joy, greater than any joy they brought, or could
ever bring, to the senses. But this was not one of them. It was a thing to be driven
out of the mind, to be drugged with poppies to be strangled lest it might strangle
one itself” (p.159)
III. What new words and expressions from the chapter can be used in
discussions on the topic “Crime and Punishment”
Chapters XV and XVI
I. Tasks and questions for discussion
1. Summary of each chapter;
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
2. Women and society. Look through the previous tasks once again and
summarize Lord Henry’s ideas about women and matrimony. Give your
arguments for or against these ideas. Comment on the following:
“You will never marry again… You were far too happy. When a woman
marries again it is because she detested her first husband. When a man
marries again it is detested because he adored his first wife. Women try
their luck, men risk theirs” (p.175)
“Women love us for our defects. If we have enough of them they will
forgive us everything, even our intellects” (p.171)
“Nowadays all the married men live like bachelors, and all the bachelors
like married men” (p.175)
“A man can be happy with any woman, as long as he does not love her”
“She is very clever for a woman. She lacks the indefinable charm of
weakness” (p.177)
3. Further development of the plot. Dorian’s behavior. What has James Vane
found out about Dorian? Comment on the following:
“He himself could not help wondering at the calm of his demeanour, and for
a moment felt keenly the terrible pleasure of a double life” (p.171)
““I wish it were fin du globe,” said Dorian, with a sigh. “Life is great
disappointment”” (p.175)
“The only pity was one had to pay so often for a single fault. One had to
pay over and over again, indeed. In her dealings with man Destiny never
closed her accounts” (p.185)
“They say he has sold himself to the devil for a pretty face” (p.188)
Chapters XVII and XVIII
I. Tasks and questions for discussion
1. Summary of each chapter;
2. Dramatize the conversation about England on pp. 189-190. What does Oscar
Wilde tell about Englishmen? Do his ideas coincide with your knowledge of
3. What is Beauty for Dorian Grey, Oscar Wilde, Lord Henry and you? (Look
through the novel and previous tasks) Comment on the following:
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a. “I admit that I think that it is better to be beautiful than to be good. But
on the other hand no one is more ready than I am to acknowledge that it
is better to be good than to be ugly” (p.189)
b. “Ugliness is one of the seven deadly sins…” (p.190)
4. Dorian Gray and love. Is he really able to love? Comment on the following:
“… and women rule the world. I assure you we can’t bear mediocrities. We,
women, as someone says, love with our ears, just as you men love with
your eyes, if you ever love at all” (p.191)
Chapters XIX and XX
I. Tasks and questions for discussion
1. Summary of each chapter;
2. Compositional elements of the novel.
3. The massage of the author. What philosophical ideas does the author touch
upon in the novel?
4. Full character-sketches of Dorian Grey, Lord Henry and Basil Hallward.
Whom do you approve of and whom do you blame? Why?
5. Your impressions of the novel.
Tasks for individual work
1. Descriptions of nature and interior. What are they given by the author for?
Names of plants, insects, animals (enriching the vocabulary)
2. Words and phrases for the topic “Painting”. Thoughts about Art and Beauty.
(enriching the vocabulary)
3. Words and phrases for the topic “Music.”
4. Words and phrases for the topic “Feelings and Emotions”. Thoughts about
5. Vocabulary and thoughts about women’s role in society and married life.
6. Words and phrases for the topic “Crime and Punishment”.
7. Words and phrases for the topic “Talking about people. Traits of character.”
8. Lord Henry's aphorisms you approve and disapprove.
9. Lord Henry's aphorisms and our today’s life.
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10.The usage of Modal Verbs.
11.The usage of Oblique Moods.
12.Composing sentences of your own with the vocabulary of the chapters.
13.Making up exercises of your own on the training of the vocabulary.
14.Simulating of speech situations based on lexical and grammar material of the
book, which can help to develop speaking and writing skills of the students.
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