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Конкурс. Необычные традии мира(на английском)

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Презентацию сделала: Винникова Татьяна
МКОУБСОШ№1, 9б класс.
Учитель: Карюкина Светлана Геррисовна
In Norway, it is not accepted to give way to the elderly in
transport . It is believed that this you emphasize his
physical superiority.
In Kenya, the young husband after the wedding of
one month should wear women's clothing and
women to carry out duties. Then he will remember
for a lifetime , that being a woman is not so easy!
If you find yourself at a party at the Greek , then
do not try to heap praise on his house , because
he had to give all that you liked .
In Germany, absolutely all people, despite
their age and social status, as soon as the
clock begins to strike midnight , climb the
chairs, tables , chairs and the latest blow in
unison , with joyful greetings " jump into " in
the New Year .
There's a tradition of dumping newborn to
15 -meter-high walls of the temple . Those
who strictly observes this ritual had half a
millennium , it is believed that the way to
improve the health of the child, give him a
successful life in the future and make it smart
and bold. Falling , children certainly do not
hit the ground : they are caught , stretched at
the bottom of a large piece of cloth .
In Korea , to show that the meal turned out
good , and that everything is very tasty , you
slurp as loud as possible
In Spain, lunch at 14 o'clock , and dinner at
22 o'clock . At the table, try to avoid topics
such as personal life , bullfights and during
the rule of Franco.
In our world there are many strange
and unusual customs and traditions ,
we have given only a few of them :)
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