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New IOS App Allows Users

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New IOS App Allows Users
New IOS App Allows Users to Send Condolences and Memorial Donations
MYSYMP AGhas launched MYSYMP, an app devoted to improving the process of sending
communications of sympathy as well as making memorial donations.
MYSYMP will allow users for you to send condolences to those who have lost a loved one and
make charity donations in memory of the deceased through the acquire and “lighting” of personal
candles. The app also provides the platform for users to express grief and assist when a celebrity as well
as high profile public figure passes away.
Possibly the most unique thing about MYSYMP is that it doesn’t avoid the obvious: it provides a
one-step, easy, technological solution with an activity that is typically difficult and highly personal.
“MYSYMP is nothing more- and nothing less- than a sign of the periods,” says developer Isidoro
He acknowledges that many may think MYSYMP a bit exploitive-taking advantage of men and
women when they are grieving. This individual points out, “society today depends on the internet and
technology to communicate around virtually any other life motorola milestone. Why should death
always be an exception? We are busy people, constantly researching ways to help us address life’s
problems. That is way MYSYMP will - it allows individuals who might normally decline the ball or
otherwise not reach out in real time because they are overwhelmed, to express condolences and also
honor the dead.”
By “lighting” a virtual candlestick, users express sympathy making a charitable donation-the
same activities they take offline, made simple, accessible, and straightforward.
For Celentano, even though, this isn’t all organization. The idea for MYSYMP began with the
death regarding superstar Michael Fitzgibbons in June 2009. Millions of people around the world were
concerned but most were powerless as to what they could do to acknowledge the actual pop icon’s
passing, or even how. There countless locations where people left blossoms, lit candles; there were
messaging on social networking sites- everything now dropped or forgotten.
As a result, Celentano sought to create a long lasting unique space for those to come together to
share sympathies, make something good and have touch with others have been experiencing the same
emotions of loss : whether for an international celebrity, friend or family member.
MYSYMP was developed by Celentano’s company, MYSYMP AG that is based in Nottwill,
Switzerland. It will likely be available in the Apple mackintosh AppStore. A release regarding Android in
Google Enjoy will be available soon. The MYSYMP-App has been in development and testing more than
two years.
For more information about Charity visit our website.
Contact Information:
Oberdorfstrasse 18a
CH-6207 Nottwil
Isidoro Celentano
CEO / Founder
phone: +41 79 471 06 25
email: [email protected]
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