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Introducing India’s First Truly Offline Shopping Site

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Introducing India’s First Truly Offline Shopping Site
Introducing India’s First Truly Offline Shopping Site
Introducing OfflineBazaar, redefining the traditional method of shopping with the unique and
revolutionary concept of local shopping. OfflineBazaar.internet is India’s first website that will serve
consumer, the best discounts on products from your wide range ofcategories from nearby local stores.
We have been saying best deals because when you shop in via local stores, you receive full gratification
before paying for the product.
Offline Shopping in India
Within today’s time manyconsumers are transferring towards online shopping because usage of
internet is growing. While doing on the internet shopping, you may face many problems like late
product delivery, additional shipping charges, poor or damaged item or others. There is one thing that
you just never get in on the web shopping, full satisfaction. People are now obtaining attracted towards
on the web shopping portals due to somewhat low price of products. But what will be your benefit
discover satisfied with the quality of the purchased product.
At OfflineBazaar, you find best product offers and offers directly from community stores in your
city. In OfflineBazaar, local retailers of numerous cities of India share their productsand offers for that
local consumers. Neighborhood consumers browse through the portal to find a product of these choice
at the most reduced price by comparing that in several stores.
OfflineBazaar not simply taking care of the consumer requires but also giving possibilities to the
local shop to increase their income and most importantly the profit. Nearby retailers are going through
problems as the online market is acquiring the shopping shares speedily. OfflineBazaar is just like
“grasping at straws” for your retailers who are truly going through bad periods from the time online
sites occupied the space. OfflineBazaar now offers a Premium Plan for a nearby shopkeeper under
which they're able to have their customized web site on a separate domain, share product upon social
media sites, host and gaze after website, offers quality support, share products on OfflineBazaar, allow
to add unlimited products along with lot more. We offer every one of these facilities that boost sales of
community retailer at just minimal cost.
OfflineBazaardoesn’t take just about any commission on sale in the retailers, so no requirement
to worry about these problems. According to OfflineBazaar “customer is god and will to be served with
the best available”. For shopping lovers it's the hub where they will get everything,from small grocery
what to big luxurious cars. With OfflineBazaar, consumer can see, feel, and feel the product or service
before paying for it.
For more information about Local Price Comparison visit our website.
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