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Great Britain

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Geographical position
Mountains and rivers
The State Emblems
Floral symbols
The capital of the UK and sights
The official name of the
country is the United
Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland.
But it is often called
Great Britain because the
most part of the country
lies on the island of the
same name.
The population of the UK
is 57 million people.
There are many
nationalities in GB.
English is the official
language in the country.
The country is made up of
4 countries: England,
Scotland, Wales and
Northern Ireland.
One will not find very high
mountains or large plains
in Great Britain. Everything
occupies very little place.
The highest mountain is
Ben Nevis in Scotland. The
longest river is the Severn
in England.
The flag of the United
Kingdom, known as the
Union Jack, is made up of
three crosses. The big red
cross is the cross of Saint
George, the patron saint of
England. The white cross is
the cross of Saint Andrew,
the patron saint of
Scotland. The red diagonal
cross is the cross of Saint
Patrick, the patron saint of
The State Emblem of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland shows the union of its four parts: England,
Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The emblem was introduce after
the union with Scotland in 1603. The shield of the emblem is
divided into four pats. There are emblem of England ( three
lions on a red background), emblems of Scotland (a red lion
on a yellow background) and the emblem of Northern Ireland
( a yellow harp on a blue background).
The SHIELD is supported by two mythic animals: the
headed with a crowned lion, the symbol of power and might.
Below the emblem, there are floral symbols of the four pats of
the country.
The red rose is a symbol
of England.
In 1455-1485 years.
England was at war for
the English throne
between the Lancaster's
(the coat of arms they
had a red rose) and York
(the coat of arms - a
white rose). Bloody War
ended, and the red rose
has become not only a
symbol of reconciliation,
but also the national
flower of England.
Symbol of Scotland is
the thistle.
Once the sleeping
Scots were going to
attack the Vikings,
however, one of the
men stepped on a
thistle. His scream
woke the sleeping
Scots, and they
repulsed the enemy.
Weed, who saved the
life of a people called
the "guardian thistle"
and made ​a symbol of
In Wales for two floristic
character - daffodil and
leek, and both are
associated with the name
of St. David's. According
to a legend a few years
David ate only bread and
wild leek. March 1, the
feast of St. David's,
daffodils begin to bloom.
Floral symbol of Ireland
is the shamrock, which
is associated with the
name of St. Patrick.
According to legend, the
saint explained to
people the concept of
the Holy Trinity is using
clover: as well as the
three leaves can grow
from a single stem, and
God can be one in three
persons. Shamrock also
became the symbol of
St. Patrick's Day.
London is the capital of Great Britain, its political, economic
and commercial centre. It is one of the largest cities in the
world and the largest city in Europe. It stands on the river
Thames which flows into the North Sea, so London is the
largest port and one of the main ship-building centres.
London has a lot of sights.
The famous landmarks
are Westminster Abbey,
Buckingham Palace, Big
Ben, Tower Bridge,
Madame Tussaud’s, The
Sherlock Holmes
Museum, The Tate
Gallery and so on.
The Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament is famous for its
big Hour Bell, known as "Big Ben". Westminster Abbey is the
place, where the coronation of nearly all kings and queens
have taken place.
Madame Tussaud’s is a
famous museum in
London started in
1835 by a French
wax sculptor Marie
figures of famous
people from past and
The Sherlock Holmes
Museum is the most
popular museum in
London, dedicated to the
legendary detective
Sherlock Holmes. It is
situated near the north
end of Baker Street in the
central London close to
Regent's Park.
The Tate Gallery was
founded in 1897 as the
National Gallery of
British Art. When its role
was changed to include
modern art it was
renamed the Tate
Gallery after Henry Tate,
who had laid the
foundations for the
Trafalgar square
commemorates Nelson's
victory at the battle of
Trafalgar in which he was
totally wounded. Trafalgar
Square was designed between
1829 and 1840 with Nelson’s
Column as a centrepiece. The
column is over 170 feet high
with the statue of Nelson.
Nelson’s statue is over 16 feet
high, about three times his
real height. The bronze basrelief at the foot of the
column, represents Nelson’s
four great victories. The four
bronze lions at the base were
added in 1867. Today it is a
place where people meet, and
it is famous for political
On the 25th of
December there is the
greatest holiday of all in
England – Christmas.
People send X-mas cards
to their friends and
relatives. People buy a
Christmas tree and
decorate it with toys,
coloured balls and lights.
 Children wake up early
to find stockings full of
small presents on their
New Year’s Eve all
British celebrate on the
31st of December.
Most people see with
friends and relatives.
At midnight they sings
New Year songs and
wishes a happy New
St. Valentine’s day
 On the 14th of
February there is St.
Valentine’s Day. People
send Valentine’s cards
to someone they love.
Usually they don’t see
them – you must guess
who sent cards to you.
Mother’s day
 In March there is a holiday
for English women –
Mother’s Day.
 People in the family try to
help her.
 On that day they visit their
mothers and give them
presents and “A Mother’s
Day Card”
The 17th of March is a
national holiday in
Ireland – St. Patrick’s
day. On that day people
wear a shamrock. A
shamrock is a plant with
three leaves. It is the
national symbol of
 St. Patrick was a man
who had wonderful
power. He cleared
Ireland of snakes.
In April or at the
end of March
English people
celebrate Easter
On Easter Sunday
children get
chocolate eggs and
April Fool’s Day
April Fool’s Day is on the
1st of April. English children
like this day very much.
They play jokes and tricks
on other people, even on
On the 31st of October
there is Halowe’en. The
symbol of this holiday is
"Jack o'lantern". People
make it from a pumpkin.
Children like Haloween
parties, they put on
witch’s and ghost’s
dresses. They go “trick or
Great Britain is not a big country. But there are many unusual
and beautiful places and sights to see. The tourists of the
world are fond of changing in the Britain life. It has an
interesting history and full of hope in the future. Great Britain
is worth visiting!
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