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Коневцова Альбина Дмитриевна
Руководитель: Шелуха Ольга Ильинична, к.пед.н., доцент
Table of contents:
Table of contents:
1. Who is Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald?
2. Early years of Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
3. Fitzgerald and Sayre
4. Loss of talent
5. Jazz
6. Value of the creative legacy of Scott Fitzgerald
7. Quotations
8. The material used.
1. Who is Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald?
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is a very talented
and clever writer of the early twentieth
century. He wrote "This Side of Paradise",
"The Great Gatsby", "Tender Is the Night" books that became classic. Exactly he is the
founder of the term "Jazz Age", when it
entered into the name of the collection stories.
He lived a short and very rich a life. Style
Fitzgerald - easy to read a beautiful text, "as
pollen on the wings of a butterfly," said
Hemingway about it. Francis Scott knows
what a good text, which you can catch. His
books are hook on like hot cakes in the year of
2. Early years of Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
The early years of the writer proceeded quite
ordinary and not heralded a fabulous start. Scott
was born in the Midwest in a poor family, attended
school, he studied at the University and served in
the army.
Reading, literary works, sports, flirting with the
girls - all this left little time for serious study.
Examinations were rented with great difficulty, in
the third year of his left for the second year. When
Fitzgerald was in the last year, the United States
entered the First World War. The young man was
determined to join the army, in this period
Fitzgerald met with eighteen Zelda Sayre.
3. Fitzgerald and Sayre
Fitzgerald many times sought Zelda Sayer. But it was all to no avail. Then
he summon courage, went to his parents and began to work on his novel.
He was firmly convinced that if publish the roman, then Zelda agrees to
become his wife. At the beginning of September 1919 the final version of
the novel was sent to publishers, he now called "This Side of Paradise". In
mid-September, the beginning of the publishing house to publish his book,
and in November Zelda agreed to become the wife of Fitzgerald.
March - April 1920, probably the happiest time in Fitzgerald's life. March
26 was published the novel "This Side of Paradise." April 3 at the center of
a huge New York in the majestic Catholic Cathedral St. Patrick's wedding
Scott and Zelda took place.
4. Loss of talent
Fitzgerald's books are tragic how tragic his attitude
and creative mind. After the released of "The Great
Gatsby" Scott felt that he had lost all his talent. From
this he was tired, had not slept for a long time, he
began to drink a lot of alcohol and had a lot of
diseases. And from time to time he visited the
5. Jazz Age
The spring of 1919 returning from overseas to war soldiers marching on Fifth
Avenue, showered with fresh flowers. The war is behind us, it ended with a
victory, and now "America picks the most ambitious, the most noisy carnival in
its history."
The name of the carnival "The Age of Jazz" invented Fitzgerald, entitling
published in 1922 a collection of his short stories "Tales of the Jazz Age."
Century that missed the decade of the twenties.
The concept of "Jazz Age" has become a symbol characterizing the mass
enthusiasm for carnival style .Crazy twenties. Crying Twenties. Age of jazz and
his fairy tales, which was unsurpassed storyteller. United States affected by
World War II, Europe is immeasurably less, live to the fullest. As if from the air
having a fantastic state - and not a single bootlegging amassed their rich
upstarts such as Jay Gatsby. Prohibition did not seem to interfere with the "lost
generation" to take on "a century of jazz" all his pleasure. Fitzgerald and his
wife were, as one would say now, "icons".
6. Value of the creative legacy of Scott Fitzgerald
The artistic heritage of Scott Fitzgerald has an absolute
aesthetic value. When I read his book I feel high
artistic enjoyment. I can't forget his history for a long
time and I can't feel myself in my time.
I think that everyone would understand his stories,
because they are simple and amazing. People want to
read his stories again and again to re-read the classics
and not regret the time spent. Since 1920 his works are
made as films - at least one film in five years.
7. Quotations by F. Scott Fitzgerald
"The author should write for the young of his generation, critics and teachers
following the distant future“.
"In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that
I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since. “Whenever you feel like criticizing
any one,” he told me, “just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had
the advantages that you’ve had.” ( F. Scott Fitzgerald "The Great Gatsby“)
"All life - the movement to a single phrase: "I love you" - and vice versa.“ (F. Scott
Fitzgerald, "The Cost of Good Education“)
8. The material used
1. Фицджеральд,Ф.С. Великий Гэтсби: пер. С англ. Е.Калашниковой.СПб: Азбука, Азбука-Аттикус, 2015. -256 с.
4.Фицджеральд Фрэнсис_Скотт
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