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The Legendary
Russian Pilot
Nikolai Petrovich
Kamanin (1908-1982)
His Family
• Nikolai Petrovich Kamanin was
born on the 18th of October in
1908 in the small town Melenki
in Vladimir region. His family
wasn’t rich. There were seven
children in their family.
• Nikolai’s father, Peter
Ivanovich (1871-1919) was a
bootmaker in the artel. He died
because of the awful disease –
• His mother, Stephanida
Danilovna (1879-1964) worked
as a weaver at the textile
factory. She worked hard and
could give all her children a
good education.
His Family
Nikolai Petrovich
Kamanin was very
happy with his family.
He and his wife Mariya
Mihailovna had two
sons – Arcadiy and Lev.
His Education
• In 1927 Nikolai Kamanin
finished the school in
Melenki and entered in
Leningrad militarytheoretical school (VVS).
• In 1928 Nikolai graduated
from the Leningrad
military-theoretical school
• In 1929 he finished the
second military pilots’
school of the Red Air-fleet
in Borisoglebsk.
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The heroism of the Pilot
• In 1934 Nikolai Petrovich was
appointed a commander of the
mixed detachment of the
planes for the saving of the crew
and the passengers of the Ship
• Nikolai Petrovich
Kamanin saved 34 men
from the “ice camp”.
• Nikolai Kamanin took part in
the Soviet – Finnish war in
The Great Patriotic War
• From July 1942 to the end of
the Great Patriotic War Nikolai
Kamanin was at the front.
During the Great Patriotic War
I.V.Stalin (in his orders)
thanked Nikolai Kamanin 17
times for his heroism and
Life after the War
• After the war Nikolai Petrovich
worked in the Main
management of the Civil Air
• From 1960 Kamanin was
responsible for the selection and
training of the cosmonauts.
• Nikolai Petrovich (from the
name of VVS) offered to the
country the first man who could
fly into the space. The name of
that man was U.A.Gagarin.
The last years of his life
• From the 1972 Nikolai
Petrovich Kamanin was in
He lived in Moscow.
• Nikolai Petrovich died on the
12th of March in 1982.
• He was buried at the
Novodevichie cemetery.
The Prizes for his heroism and
• The title of the Hero of Soviet
Union (1934)
• The Order of Lenin (1934)
(three times).
• The Medal “Golden Star”
• The honorary title of the
general colonel of the aviation
• The Order of October
Revolution (1978)
• The Order of the Red Flag (two
The Prizes for his heroism and
• The Order of Kutuzov (the
second degree).
• The Order of Suvorov (the
second degree) (two times)
• The Memory Medal about the
first Man’s Flight into the
• And many other Orders and
Medals for his heroism and
We are very proud of our Hero,
our Legendary pilot Nikolai
Petrovich Kamanin
who was born in Melenki.
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