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Virtual tour to Edinburg

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Пяткина Вера Сергеевна
08.02.01 Строительство и эксплуатация зданий и сооружений,
3 курс, гр. СС-13-1,
«МГТУ» Многопрофильный колледж
Научный руководитель:
Грипкова Г.И., преподаватель
1. Welcome to Edinburgh
2. A bit of history of the city
3. Edinburgh Airport
4. Interesting facts about Edinburgh Castle
5. Notable natives of Edinburgh
6. Edinburgh Festivals
7. Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
8. Holyroodhouse
9. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
10.The Royal Mile
11.Calton Hill
12.University of St Andrews
Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to an unforgettable
virtual tour to Edinburgh. Please fasten your seat belts
and put your seats in the upright position.
Our liner is taking off. Have a nice flight!
Edinburgh is the capital and second largest city
in Scotland, the seventh largest in the UK, the
administrative center of the eponymous region.
It is located on the eastern coast of Scotland. It
has been the capital of Scotland
since 1437.
Coat of arms
Edinburgh Airport is an international airport in
Edinburgh. It is the eighth largest UK airport, located
13 km from the city center. The owner is a British
company the BAA, which also owns Heathrow,
Gatwick and others. The modern terminal building
was built in 1977, designed by the Scottish architect
Robert Matthew. A new control tower was built in
Interesting facts about Edinburgh Castle
We can see Stone of Destiny there, which has two thousand
years of history and is said to have belonged to the
daughter of Ramses, the pharaoh of Egypt.
It has served as fortress, palace, state prison, military
garrison and headquarter of the Edinburgh Sheriff.
Edinburgh Castle keeps a royal values that are dear to
every Scot: a scepter, a crown (by the way, one of the
oldest in Europe) and a ceremonial sword.
Notable natives of Edinburgh
Francois Quesnel –
French painter and
The representative
of the school of
Arthur Conan Doyle –
a famous writer.
Walter Scott – а famous
Edinburgh Festivals
There are probably no people who would not like to visit the
Edinburgh Festival. It is so beautiful and interesting that it is worth
mentioning !
Edinburgh International Festival
traces its history since 1947. It
was established in the
framework of the post-war
efforts to improve the morale of
the population. And in the first
year, eight theater companies
have gone beyond the official
part of organizing additional
performances have turned the
result in the Edinburgh Fringe
Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
The grandiose musical-theater festival, which is held in the first three
weeks of August every year since 1950 in the c Edinburgh. Submissions
are participating military bands from around the world, drummers,
singers, acrobats and cheerleaders, all more than a thousand participants.
The Palace of Holyroodhouse is The
Queen's official residence in Scotland.
The Palace is used by Her Majesty during
'Holyrood Week' for official functions and
events, and by members of the Royal
Family at other times of the year.
The State Apartments of the Palace are
open to visitors throughout the year when
not in use for official ceremonies and
As a future builder, I note the remarkable architecture of
Holyroodhouse Palace has the
shape of a square - buildings on the
sides of the square perimeter and
the courtyard in the middle. Just a
square - it would be boring, but two
attached double towers give
Holyrood its unique appearance. It
is worth paying attention to the
gates of the palace. They look more
ancient than the main building.
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
One of the oldest UK Botanic Gardens. The area is 25 hectares. It was
founded in 1670. The garden was founded by two scientists Andrew and
Robert Balforum Sibbaldom. Throughout its history, the botanical garden
changed the location to its present one several times. - on the city moved
It has been in the city area since 1820.
The Royal Mile
A series of streets in the center of
Edinburgh is one of the main
attractions of the city. The length of
the Royal Mile is one Scottish mile,
which is longer than the British one
about 200 m (about 1.8 km). It
begins at Edinburgh Castle and
descends down to Holyrood Palace.
Calton Hill
Calton Hill is one of the hills in the heart of Edinburgh. This is
a great viewing platform, which offers wonderful perspective
of the city. Officially, the hill was joined to the city of
Edinburgh in 1859. Once there was a prison and a place of
execution, and then the building of the Scottish Government –
St Andrews House was erected.
The University of Edinburgh
Five centuries of
history link the
students with the
one of the most
ancient and
It is a unique and
captivating place,
and the buildings
make an
Interesting facts about the University of Edinburgh
The university was founded in
It is the member of Russell Group
and League of European Research
It is the forth oldest university in
The University is governed by a
number of key officials and three
main bodies: University Court,
the Academic Senate, and the
General Council.
The virtual excursion is over and it is of great help to
improve my English. It draws my attention to the
history, culture and education. But most of all I was
impressed by enigmatic architecture of the city. After
looking at the amazing buildings and facilities in
Edinburgh, I’m proud of my professional choice. As
a future builder I want to learn to do something similar
Thank you for attention!
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