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Жизнь коротка, искусство бесконечно!

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Презентация на тему: «Жизнь коротка, искусство
бесконечно! Рассказ о направлениях искусства кино,
театра, изобразительного искусства, музыки стран
изучаемого языка.»
Коншина Валерия Романовна.
Смоленский колледж
телекоммуникаций (филиал)
федерального государственного
бюджетного образовательного
учреждение высшего
образования "СанктПетербургский государственный
университет телекоммуникаций
им.проф. М.А.Бонч-Бруевича».
Очное отделение.
2 курс.
Специальность: Средства связи
с подвижными объектами
Группа СП-23-14/15
Преподаватель: Исакова Галина
1. Introduction.
2. Cinema conquers the world:
2.1 The cinema of Great Britain;
2.2 The cinema of USA;
2.3 The USA film industry;
2.4 The cinema in our days.
3. Music:
3.1 Music in the USA;
3.2 Music in the UK;
3.3 Music in Canada;
3.4 Мusic in our lives.
4. Art :
4.1 Art of The Great Britain;
4.2 Art of The USA;
4.3 Art of The Canada;
4.4 Painting in our lives.
5. Сonclusion.
"Life is short, art is forever" —this is an aphorism of the great Greek
philosopher Hippocrates. It means that the values embodied in works of
art are eternal and do not lose there significance. Art is a creative
reflection of the surrounding world by a talented person.
Each generation contributes to the development of humanity, enriching
it culturally. Everybody can not be a creator, but one can try to penetrate
into the essence of a genius creation, to be closer to understanding the
And to start the narration I want with the art of cinematography.
Cinematography conquers the world
The history of the American cinema began almost simultaneously with
the birth and growth of cinema. Within 1896 the cinema begins to
cover Europe , conquers the USA, Japan, Australia, Mexico, India,
Egypt and Palestine and then the other countries.
The cinema of USA
The first view of the US cinema was held on 18 July 1896. The success
was terrific. Major businessmen realized the great future of the moving
pictures primarily as a lucrative economic enterprise. That's why they
tried to monopolize this industry by eliminating foreign competition.
The cinema in Great Britain
By the moment of distribution of cinema there existed in the UK a world
renowned acting school and significant cultural traditions. The United
Kingdom had a significant film industry for over a century. A bright spot
in the history of English cinema was the emergence of the Saga about
James Bond.
The USA film industry
Many of my friends and I like American films, a lot of which were made
on the subject of the books. These are such films as Harry Potter, the
Hunger Games and The Great Gatsby. I am especially fond of comic
book movies. They are usually created by large corporations as comics
from DC and Marvel.
The cinema in our days
Now we go to the movies or watch downloaded movies from Internet
resources, and few people can imagine, how much effort, time and
money was spent for the purpose. My friends and I could at any
moment plunge into this amazing world of cinematography.
Music in the USA
There are many famous music bands and popular artists in the United
States. We listen to modern popular American music groups of different
styles and sing their songs almost every day. I also like to listen to
classic works of such American composers as George Gershwin and
Leroy Anderson.
Music in the UK
Great Britain had a great influence on the development of the music
industry in the second half of XX and at the beginning of XXI century,
primarily due to the huge number of the world-famous English rock
bands. Also in the UK there are strong regional scene of extreme metal.
Music in Canada
Music plays in Canada a historical role. As in most western countries,
hip hop and rap are very popular among young people. At the same
time rock has more success among young people and adults. Popular
Canadian rock groups are first of all The Tragically Hip, Nickelback,
Three Days Grace.
Мusic in our lives
Music is an inseparable part of our lives and ourselves. Almost all
people like music, some compose it, the others perform it. I think music
is one of the ways of human expression and changes us, our
characters and behavior.
Art of Great Britain
One can enjoy true works of British art in the museums of cities and
counties, on the walls of dozens of rural estates and private collections,
like the Burrell collection in Glasgow, the Museum of John Soane and
the Wallace collection in London.
Art of the USA
The direction of impressionism began to develop in the visual arts of the
USA in the early 20th century. In the mid-20th century appears an
abstract art. These are paintings, which consist of spots and lines.
Contemporary American fine art is diverse in styles and trends, which
are dominated by expressionistic.
Art of Canada
Modern Canadian art is a synthesis of different artistic kinds, brought
into the country by speakers of different traditions. Contemporary
Canadian artists draw beautiful and wonderful paintings about the
history of Canada and the beauty of its nature.
Painting in our lives
The development of painting, influence the general level of culture of
the country. In painting as in music, we invest a part of ourselves, our
emotions. I think that art is one of the treasures of our society and
without it we wouldn't be who we are.
The art of painting, cinema and music is always present in our lives. I
especially admire the art of English-speaking countries. So one day I
want to move to Canada and immense in an English-speaking culture.
Similarly I want to travel the USA , to visit the UK and the Australia.
The role of the art has increased because spirituality and moral aspect
of a man in our society are now at the low level. I believe that the art will
help the people to become better, kinder and more tolerant. It is the
eternal role of the art.
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