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 1.
History (slide number 3)
 2. Introduction (slide number 4)
 3.City (slide number 5)
 4. Westminster (slide number 6)
 5.Camden (slide number 7)
 6.Transport (slide number 8)
 7. Security (slide number 9)
 8.Climate (slide number 10)
Founded in 43 n.e. Byl important trading center
and portom. Neskolko centuries in a row London
several times destroyed and rebuilt , but it did not
stop to grow . After the Great Plague and Fire of
London was completely rebuilt and began to wear
the title of the capital of England .
The capital of the UK , the city landmark, London the most popular destination of the British
«ekskursionki» Stolitsu England and across the UK
is worth a visit just for the fact that it is the
birthplace of Sherlock Holmes , many interesting
museums with free admission , always in the
presence of extremely tasty beer !
City : is a kind of city within a city , a separate
administrative unit , with samoupravleniem . V
London City presents a grim and stately as well as
office and modern : . Skyscrapers Broadgate
Tower, St Mary Axe , etc. Sometimes, the area
adjacent to the City Tower Hemlet mistakenly
added on to it
It occupies a vast area including the city's famous
parks and the most prestigious neighborhoods ,
sometimes called separate areas : Belgravia ,
Westminster Soho . Perechislyat all attractions
useless Trafalgar Square , the royal residence at
Buckingham Palace , Big Ben , Westminster Abbey ,
the Tate Gallery
It is a quiet , respectable , historical, green area .
Instead parks Georgian era has been broken a lot
of squares ( Quinn , Russell , Bloomsbury and
Bedford ) . A Square Park Lincoln's Inn Fields on the
border with Westminster is considered the
prototype of Central Park in New York .
Transport for London - one of the main symbols of
the city , especially in the case of double-decker
buses . During the day , when the streets are
crowded , to get to places on time by bus is
difficult , so it is best to go on the subway . But
buses go around the clock.
London is not without crime, but effective police
work allows all visitors to feel confident . Even at
night it is not necessary to be afraid of walking in
the street . However, remote areas of the city , it
is not necessary to attend . In any case , do not
lose vigilance
The climate in London is temperate maritime ,
with mild winters and warm summers , and
uniform distribution of rainfall during the year .
The mild climate , as well as throughout Western
Europe , due to the influence of the warm Gulf
Stream ocean currentЛондон
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