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Конкурсная презентация Мистические места Англии и Америки

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III Всероссийский конкурс
мультимедийных презентаций на иностранном языке
«Страны изучаемого языка – вчера, сегодня, завтра»
Номинация — Виртуальное путешествие
Конкурсная презентация
«Мистические места Англии и Америки»
Выполнила: Страхова Анна Дмитриевна
ГАПОУ «Набережночелнинский колледж искусств»
Отделение «Дизайн» II курс
Руководитель: учитель английского языка
Посохова Виктория Вадимовна
Eternal Flame Falls
Horsetail Fall
The county of Devon
Mystery Spot
Mysticism has always attracted people by it’s secrets. I invite you to
travel through several places. You can learn a lot about what you
even could not think, so it's pretty exciting traveling. Let`s begin our
journey through the mystical places in England and America ...
Eternal Flame Falls
Eternal Fame Falls places
in The park Chestnut
Ridge in New York. It is
hidden from noisy crowd
of tourists, and you can
get it only on a narrow
path there. Do not be
lazy and walk to this
Eternal Flame Falls
In harmony exists two elements - fire and
water. It is unusual natural phenomena.
Тwinkle lights directly behind jets of water.
And it burns due to natural gas leakages,
which come out through the cracks in the rock.
Eternal Flame Falls
That's why fire burns in place of gas leakages almost always, but sometimes
it attenuated. There is a belief that if a man ignite a flame extinct, then he
will be lucky all his life.
Horsetail Fall
Horsetail Fall is the flamy waterfall in Yosemite
National Park in California. The waterfall was
opened by Joseph Reddefordom Walker in
1833. The waterfall was named so because of
the bifurcated flowing water streams, similar
to the horse's tail.
Horsetail Fall
Generally, it is not unusual besides its the total
height of it — 650 meters. If Horsetail Fall is flowing
in February and the weather conditions are just right,
the setting sun illuminates the waterfall, making it
glow orange and red. This phenomena can be
observed only for several days.
Horsetail Fall
There is a legend that once a skilled
blacksmith lived on a rock . One
day his house was demolished
along with the forge of the water
flow. Since that time the water is
painted in the colors of red-hot
metal. It seems that someone
wants to recall its existence.
The county of Devon
The county of Devon is a mystical story of this place started on the 8th
February 1885 in the small town called Exmouth. Trails, that look like hoof
prints were spotted on snow. The unrest and rumors quickly covered the
county. The traces were completely straight, so it could only be bipedal
The county of Devon
Lots of people believed, that it were Devils
traces. Only thing, that could explain the fact,
that every trace was covered by ice, was the
fact, that hoofs were really hot. However,
there was one more thing — the route itself.
The county of Devon
It went through fences, roofs, river and other
obstacles. It was a straight line and its stride
length was 20cm. The origin of this traces and
creatures is still unknown.
Mystery Spot
Place with anomalous
gravitation was lost
somewhere in California. That
was found by group of
scientists in 1939. It`s unusual
phenomena is 45 meters in
diameter. All laws of physics
don’t work here. You can visit
this place since 1940.
Mystery Spot
Many tourists come here to feel all relish of
this anomalous zone by yourselves. It looks like
the walls of this building are going to fall
down. But they don’t.
Mystery Spot
Just hang a degree angle of forty degrees.
Water flows only upwards in this place. And
the area is full of visual effects - the same
people look different from various places.
Some of them seem to be high, some seem
Mystery Spot
There are many versions of these places’ origin. People think that
the reason of it is the extraterrestrial civilization. But no one solution
was found and proved.
To all of this we can add that mysteries always attract people. There are
many mystical places in our big world. Perhaps there are still places
where no man has gone before. Do not forget that extraordinary things
can be with us. Our world is very beautiful and amazing.
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4. Таинственные и загадочные места мира [Электронный ресурс]:
документальная иллюстрированная библиотека мистических мест и
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