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Travelling in a big and small towns of England

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Презентация на конкурс "Страны изучаемого языка - вчера, сегодня, завтра" по номинации "Виртуальное путешествие"
Travelling in big and small towns of
Номинация: Виртуальное
Презентацию подготовил студент:
Степанов Дмитрий;
ОГА ПОУ «Боровичский педагогический
Отделение : «Прикладная информатика
(по отраслям)», III курс
Руководитель: Григорьева И.Н.
• Map of Great Britain
• Portsmouth
• Geography Portsmouth
• Royal Armouries, Fort
• Spinnaker Tower
• Birmingham
• Geographical position
• Cathedral of St. Philip
• Botanical Gardens
• Manchester
• Geographical position
• Alan Turing Memorial
• Manchester Town Hall
• Sheffield
• Geographical position
• Sheffield Winter Gardens
• Sheffield City Hall
• Flags and Coats of arms
towns of England
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Map of Great Britain
Let's look at the map of Great
Britain. Our journey begins with a
city like Portsmouth - ancient port
the England. Then we visit
Birmingham - a city in which many
cathedrals, churches and other
interesting places. Further we visit a
city like Manchester - cultural,
industrial, financial center of
England and concludes our tour of
the city of Sheffield.
City of Portsmouth, as you may guess by
its name - is a port city. He appeared on
the site of an ancient Roman fortress, and
in the 11-12 centuries was a feudal
fortress. Port developed bad, but after in
1194 King Richard the Lionheart gave
Channel ports charter to hold fairs and
lives in Portsmouth began to seethe.
Geography Portsmouth
In the south of England in the county
of Hampshire is a small town and
the famous seaport of Portsmouth.
Most of the city is on the island of
Portsoy, so often Portsmouth is
defined as the only city of the island
of Great Britain.
Royal Armouries, Fort Nelson
Fort Nelson - military fortification
constructed in 1860 on a hill
Portsdaun around Portsmouth. Only
five of these forts were built in the
UK. Fort Nelson is a classical
polygonal fort. The six-party fort
protected by a deep moat and three
Spinnaker Tower
Spinnaker Tower - one of the most
popular attractions of the city of
Portsmouth. From the lookout tower
offers spectacular views of the city
and its surroundings.
The form of the tower resembles a
sail. It is this project from all
submitted chosen for the construction,
since this is considered very symbolic
- in fact the history of Portsmouth is
closely related to shipbuilding and
marine fleet of the country.
Birmingham - a large industrial
city in the middle of England, the
second largest city after London
UK. Archaeological finds - stone
axes and knives - indicate that 10
000 years ago the tribes of hunters
and gatherers lived.
Geographical position Birmingham
Birmingham – the large industrial
city in a middle part of England,
the second-large ambassador of
London the city of Great Britain.
Cathedral of St. Philip
Cathedral of St. Philip's Church is
located in the city of Birmingham in
the UK. This council can not be called
old - it was built in 1715, when
located near St. Martin's Church
became too small: just in those years,
at the beginning of the Industrial
Revolution, Birmingham began to
actively grow and develop. Land was
granted for the construction of Robert
Botanical Gardens
Location Botanical Gardens has changed
very little since the first Loudon designed
it. There are four greenhouses that range
from exotic tropical greenhouses, through
subtropical, Mediterranean and arid
Buildings. There is a large lawn in front
of greenhouses with a range of beds and
shrubs around its perimeter.
Manchester - a city in the northwest of England, a major cultural,
industrial, financial, commercial
and transportation center of the
mentioned in the X century. The
settlement arose on the site of a
Celtic settlement and Mansenion
Mankunium Roman fortified camp,
which was founded in 79 AD.
Geographical position Manchester
In, to the north-west of London,
Manchester is located in the land
area in the shape of a bowl, bounded
on the north and east of the Pennine
hills, a mountain range that runs the
length of northern England and the
Cheshire Plain to the south. The city
center is on the east bank of the
River Irwell near its confluence with
the Rivers Medlock and Madden,
and relatively low-lying, being
between above sea level.
Alan Turing Memorial
Alan Turing Memorial - a
monument in Whitworth Gardens,
Manchester, United Kingdom.
The plaque at the statue feet reads:
"Alan Mathison Turing. The father
of computer science,
mathematician, logician, an
attacker military ciphers, prejudice
the victim ".
Manchester Town Hall
Manchester Town Hall - a beautiful
building in the neo-Gothic style
located in the center of the city.
In the XIX century Manchester rapidly
grew and developed, and the city was
already miss the old town hall, located
on King Street.
"The Expulsion of the Danes
from Manchester" by Ford
Madox Brown
During the 19th century, Sheffield
gained an international reputation
for steel production. Many
innovations were developed locally,
including crucible and stainless
steel, fuelling an almost tenfold
increase in the population during
the Industrial Revolution.
Geographical position Sheffield
Sheffield is a city and metropolitan borough in South
Yorkshire, England. Historically part of the West Riding of
Yorkshire, its name derives from the River Sheaf, which runs
through the city. With some of its southern suburbs annexed
from Derbyshire, the city has grown from its largely
industrial roots to encompass a wider economic base.
Sheffield Winter Gardens
Sheffield Winter Garden is one of the largest conservatories in
Europe. In the winter garden contains more than 2,000 plants
from around the world. Grand opening of the garden was 22
May 2003, which was attended by Queen Elizabeth II.
Sheffield City Hall
Sheffield City Hall is a Grade II* listed
building in Sheffield, England,
containing several venues, ranging from
the Oval Concert Hall which seats over
2,000 people to a ballroom featuring a
sprung dance floor. It is currently
operated by Sheffield International
Venues. The large hall
dominates Barker's Pool, one of
Sheffield's central squares, which also
contains the city's War Memorial.
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