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Резванова Эльвира
Architecture of the Great Britain
 Foreword
 Prehistoric times
 Roman style
 English Goth
 Brief Baroque era
 Modern architecture
 Conclusion
 Information sources
I have decided to devote their work to this topic,
because many tourists wonder about the places
they want to visit. For example, in the UK, where
many places of interest and attractions.
Prehistoric times
This construction
approximately of 90
stone blocks,
weighing from 5 to
50 tons and from
1,8 to 7,5 meters
high. From above
on them are put
plates 3,2m long
are in 130
kilometers to the
southwest of
Roman style
At the end of the 12th century in the country there were
already 80 locks. The major among them — the lock the
Tower in London which was William the Conqueror's
residence. Romance locks — Dover, Rochester, Raglan
Nottingen, Conisbrough.
The Tower of London, officially Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower
of London, is a historic castlelocated on the north bank of the River Thames in central
London It was founded towards the end of 1066 as part of the Norman Conquest of
Raglan Castle began to build in 1435, William ap Thomas, who married in 1406 an
heiress Raglan - Elizabeth Bloeyu the castle spent his childhood Henry VII of, was
under the tutelage of William Herbert during the Wars of the Roses.
Nottingham Castle is the city of Nottingham. On the hill, penetrated by a
complex system of caves and tunnels, on the orders of William the Conqueror
in 1077 built a wooden fort. Later, the castle was rebuilt in stone.
 Dover Castle - the largest castle in
England. Located in Dover, Kent,
on the shore of the Strait of Pasde-Calais between the UK and
Conisbrough castle was
initially built in the 11th century
by William de Warenne.
English Goth
Gothic England there early enough - at the end of the
twelfth century. and lasted until the XVI century. Poor
urban development has led to the fact that the Gothic
cathedral was the church not the city and the
monastery, surrounded by fields and meadows
Cathedral in Salisbury, built
in 1220-1270 godah.Dlina more than 140 meters.
Uelsky Cathedral Cathedral of the Anglican
Church, located in Wells,
Somerset. It was built in
the period from 1175 by
Modern architecture
 115-meter observation tower "Orbit
Arcelor Mittal" was designed by Anish Kapoor
and Cecil Belmond. Located in the Olympic Park in
'Crystal' Center for Urban Development in 2012 was designed by the British
architectural firm Wilkinson EURE Architects .. It is located on the banks of the
Thames. 'Crystal' is considered one of the most environmentally friendly buildings of
the world.
The first tilting bridge 'Millennium' in the world, built in 2001, passes through the
River Tyne and connects the city of Gateshead and Newcastle upon Tyne. When
approaching the bridge high vessel, the two arches are rotated by 40 ° around an axis,
so Bridge earned him the nickname 'winking eye'.
Gherkin, nicknamed
'cucumber-house' was
built in 2004. Located
in the financial center
of London. Mary Axe
was the most expensive
building the UK,
beating the Swiss
insurance company in a
record 630 million
Past and present architecture of Great Britain can
not be compared to say which one is better or
worse. Both of them represent the greatest
cultural value for us.
I believe that we need to respect the work of those
who want to make their city more beautiful country.
Information sources
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