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Features of Traditional English Сuisine

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1. Traditional dishes of English cuisine
2. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Great Britain
3. Five o'clock
4. Traditional drinks of Great Britain
As a rule, traditional English dishes are simple and
ordinary. English cuisine is based on beef, mutton,
pork, chicken and fish dishes, with addition of
flour, oil and eggs. Potatoes and vegetables usually
are served аs garnishes to main courses.
The most typical dishes of the British cuisine are
- sandwiches;
- well-known for the whole world "fish and chips";
- pies with different stuffing;
- the baked meat;
- Yorkshire pudding;
- Trifle – traditional desert, which is made of sponge
cake with custard, fruit juice and whipped cream.
Traditional dishes of English cuisine
Sunday roast
On Sunday afternoon the English families gather
together for a traditional Sunday Roast. Usually it
consists of the meat (beef, mutton, pork or chicken)
baked in an oven for not less than two hours, two
types of vegetables and potatoes, and the Yorkshire
"Bubble and squeak".
This dish made with the shallow-fried leftover
vegetables from a Sunday Roast which British
don't throw out, and chop for small pieces, fill in
with egg and roast on a frying pan.
Toad in the hole
Earlier this dish was made of the leftovers of the
baked meat similar to “bubble and squeak”, but
later it’s began to prepare from the sausages baked
in oil. As a garnish to “toad in the hole” usually are
served gravy sauce (often with addition of onions),
various vegetables and mashed potatoes.
Yorkshire pudding.
Unlike the sweet puddings relating to desserts, the
Yorkshire pudding is considered as a snack or even a
main course. It prepares from flour, eggs and milk
and, as a rule, represents the big and flat cake baked
in an oven and filled with gravy sauce with
"Shepherd's pie" and "Cottage pie"
Well-known "Shepherd's pie" or "Cottage pie” is a
meat pie with vegetables and mashed potatoes. And
only difference from each other is that Shepherds'
Pie prepares from mutton, and Cottage Pie – from
Puddings – the most popular traditional dishes of
Great Britain. There are two types of puddings: meat
and vegetable with grain. They are given as second
course. The most popular is the Christmas pudding.
It prepares from sugar, eggs, grain crumbs, raisin and
different spices.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Great Britain
As well as most of people on the planet, British eat
three times a day:
Breakfast - from 7 to 9 o'clock in the morning,
Lunch – with 12 and till 1:30 in the afternoon and
Dinner – the main meal. Traditional time of dinner
is between 6:30 and 8 o'clock in the evening.
English breakfast
Morning in the United Kingdom begins with
traditional, very nourishing English breakfast which
includes fried eggs, sausages or bacon, bread,
tomatoes, mushrooms, beans in tomato sauce,
porridge, paste, flakes. To food is given strong black
tea with milk or coffee.
English lunch
The usual lunch of the Englishman consists of a
sandwich, a bag of potato crisps, some fruit and
drink. A stuffing of a sandwich can be tinned tuna,
ham, chicken, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce leaves,
onions or egg with mayonnaise. Usually the lunch is
packed in the plastic container.
English dinner
For dinner in the United Kingdom prefer vegetable
cream soups with a piece of bread and butter. As
second courses British like stakes from beef sirloin,
with potatoes or vegetables as a garnish. Sauces in
English cuisine are practically not used except
brown sauce gravy.
Take-away in Great Britain
Recently in Great Britain take-away food became
more and more popular. A lot of Indian, Italian,
Chinese and Greek restaurants in Great Britain offer
ready dishes of take away. It is possible to take away
even a traditional English dish -Fish and chips.
"Five o’clock tea"
Undoubtedly, the most popular drink in England is
tea. Tradition of "five o'clock tea" is more than 300
years, but it remains still popular. The table is laid by
expensive and beautiful porcelain. Different kinds of
pastries are given to tea. Some gourmets add milk or
a lemon to tea.
Traditional drinks of Great Britain
Except tea in Great Britain there are also other
traditional drinks:
blackcurrant juice - drink from blackcurrant juice and
fruit juice - fruit juice: orange, tomato, pineapple etc.
lemonade/orangeade – is fizzy and still.
squash - drink of the concentrated fruit juice and
drinking or fizzy water.
Apple cider belongs to traditional low alcohol drinks
in England, so as a lot of kinds of beer:
- ale;
- cask ale – not filtered;
- porter – dark beer;
- stout – dark beer from black malt.
As for strong alcohol drinks, British prefer grog,
Punch, mulled wine, port, rum, whisky and gin.
British cooking is well-known as some of the tastiest
in the world. The British cooks constantly prove that
the dish which is prepared according to the ancient
recipe can be very tasty. And I hope that sometime
I‘ll try the excellent traditional cuisine in the very
heart of Great Britain.
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