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I myself is a fashion

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О выдающейся великолепной женщине, "иконе моды", непревзойдённом дизайнере, кутюрье Коко Шанель
I myself is a fashion
Татьяна Анатольевна
«ГБПОУ СО Екатеринбургский техникум
отраслевых технологий и сервиса»
Мыльникова Марина Викторовна
I myself is a fashion
Grand Couturier
The nickname
How to succeed
To ensure my future
The sensational discovery
Only the weather?
The new height
A new word in fashion
Socialite life
Career development
Fashion icon
Farewell to the Coco
My opinion
Internet -resources
I don't do fashion.
I myself is a fashion
Chanel Bonër, Gabriel;
19 August 1883-January 10, 1971
Grand Couturier
• Her real name is Gabrielle
Chanel Bonër, but in
fashion history of the last
century, it entered as
Coco Chanel, the leading
French fashion designer,
creator of modern
The nickname
• In 18 years, Gabriel got a
salesman in a clothing store,
and in her spare time sang in
cabarets. Favorite songs the
girls were "Ko Ko Ri Ko" and
"Qui qu'a vu Coco", for which
she gave the nickname Koko.
Gabriel as singer did not
• His first store was opened by Coco
Chanel in Paris, opened in the
year 1910, selling ladies ' hats, and
within a year moved to the
fashion house, 31 Rue Cambon
Street, where it remains today,
just opposite the Ritz Hotel. Later
there appeared Dèville Chanel in
stores and Biaritce. The hats were
supplemented by clothing.
How to succeed
• Work in the stores gave me
many benefits, this has a lot to
learn and see how works shop
before starting their own
businesses. I have met people
who have already achieved
great success in this industry.
They showed me how much
they had to work hard to
become who they are.
To ensure my future
• I also had to realize that no one
will bring me on a silver plate, I
should do myself. Even despite
the fact that I spoke with people
who could help, I had to work
independently to ensure my
The sensational discovery
• One of the sensational discovery
Chanel was the little black dress. It
showed the public what previously
was considered color exclusively
mourning can give elegance to
evening along One of the sensational
discovery Chanel was the little black
dress. It showed the public what
previously was considered color
exclusively mourning can give
elegance to evening along
Only the weather?
• "My condition is based on an
old sweater, which I wore,
because Dèville was cold," said
Coco Chanel in one interview.
The new height
• The famous "fragrance Chanel
No. 5 was created in the year
1921 Ernest Bo, a former Royal
Court perfumer who fled from
Russia after the revolution of
1917 year. Coco Chanel asked
Mr Bo create "artificial feminine
fragrance that smells like a
woman". Perfumer presented
her ten flavors and she chose
the fifth — hence the name.
A new word in fashion
• In 1925 year famous
Chanel suits
consisting of a strict
jacket and skirt,
sitting on the figure.
In 1925 year famous
Chanel suits
consisting of a strict
jacket and skirt,
sitting on the figure.
• In the year 1939, with the
outbreak of war, Chanel fashion
house and closed all of its
stores. In June 1940 the year
her nephew Andre Palace was
taken in German captivity.
Trying to get Chanel, turned to
his friend, Attaché, German
Embassy Baron Hans Günther
von Dinklage. As a result, André
Palace was released,
Socialite life
• Chanel was a popular
figure in the artistic circles of Paris.
She created costumes for the
Ballets Russes and Orpheus
costume for Jean Cocteau. Among
her friends was the famous painter
Pablo Picasso
• After the war, Chanel
remembered about her
contacts with the Germans.
Entrenched behind it a
shortcut posobnicy the Nazis,
she was charged and arrested.
In 1944 year on board Churchill
it was released, but on
condition that she leave
France. Chanel had to flee to
Switzerland, where she lived
until the year 1953
• The return of Chanel in fashion
world took place when she was 70
years old. Critics initially were
skeptical of the fashion designer,
but her feminine model once again
won the love of customers around
the world.
Career development
• I had the opportunity to make
chic costumes for films. This has
led to new challenges. I had to
think in a new direction,
express much using costumes,
which allowed me to further
develop your skills as a
designer. I've learned a lot and
learned a lot. This was the
turning point of my career.
Fashion icon
• Chanel costume "became a status
symbol of the new generation: made
of Tweed, narrow skirt, jacket
without collar, decorated with braid,
gold buttons and patch pockets.
Coco also resubmitted handbags,
jewelry and shoes, which later had a
runaway success.
Not only clothing
• In February 1955 year
Mademoiselle Chanel presented a
small handbag in the shape of a
rectangle on a long chain. Women
could wear a bag is convenient:
just hang on my shoulder and
completely forget about it.
• In 1957 the year Coco Chanel
became the owner of the fashion
Oscar, as the most influential
designer of the 20th century.
Farewell to the Coco
• Coco Chanel died January 10,
1971 at the Ritz Hotel.
Hundreds of people came to
the Church of the Madeleine,
to say goodbye to the "style
icon", many of whom were
dressed in costumes from
Its proposed style
women's clothing and
accessories has become
so popular that its only
woman, the American
magazine "time",
introduced in the list of
the most influential
people of the 20th
My opinion
• For me, Coco Chanel is a symbol
of feminine beauty and refined
taste. Diligence, business
activity, desire to make the
product of their labor benefit
people, optimistic. We have
lessons to learn.
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