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Нечай Наталья Викторовна
London is the capital of Great Britain
Unfortunately, many people
studying English do not know
anything except the phrase "London
is the capital of Great Britain . London is
much more than just a capital.
Population in London
Over 8 million people live in
London. The city dominates
British life.
Western part is the richest part of the city
The East End
The heart of London is the City – its
commercial and business centre
Olympic Games
London is the only city in the world, which held
the Olympic Games 3 times . During the first
Olympic Games in 1908 there was a very curious
case –the national team of the Russian Empire
was late for 12 days because of not having the
Gregorian calendar.
Time capsule
In the 19th century during the placement
of the Egyptian obelisk in the historic
centre of London a time capsule that
contained a set of British currency, a
railway guide, a Bible, and 12 portraits
of the most beautiful English ladies was
The Palace of Westminster
ln the Palace of Westminster in
London there are 1000 rooms,8 bars
and 6 restaurants that are not open to
the public, but are financed by the state
Big Ben
Big Ben is the largest bell of the Palace of
Westminster, which is often confused with the clock.
Big Ben is the bell, and the clock Tower bears the name
of Elizabeth. In 1945 the clock of the tower was 5
minutes slow because of a few birds landed on the
minute hand.
The rain
Rainy London weather has become an object of art –
installation. Scientists created a room of rain, in which it
seems that there is a heavy rain , but you can walk in
rain and remain dry.
In London there are almost 21,000 licensed taxis. To
obtain a license, the driver must prove that he knows
every street and pass a special exam, which takes
from 2 to 4 years of preparation.
Chess boxing
In London Chess boxing is becoming
It's a hybrid sport, a
combination of chess and
boxing. It ends with either a
checkmate or a knockout.
Tate Modern
Tate Modern is the most popular
contemporary art gallery in the
world (4.7 million visitors per
London Eye
The height of the famous London Eye is
135 meters. It is the third largest Ferris
wheel in the world.
The number of capsules for passengers
represents the number of suburbs of
London — 32. Each capsules weighs
about 10 tons, and can accommodate
25 people.
Welcome to London
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