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There are a lot of criteria to choose the
most impressive buildings and projects
throughout the world. Today I’ve
decided to tell you about the most
expensive building in the world.
Abraj Al Bait is the most expensive skyscraper in
the world. The building costs US$15 billion for the
Abraj Al Bait is located in the holy city of Mecca in
Saudi Arabia. The building complex is metres away
from the world's largest and holiest mosque.
The construction of this luxury hotel was started in
2004 and took 8 years. Abraj Al Bait is 601
meters high and it is the tallest hotel in the world.
The hotel was built from steel, concrete, glass,
marble and natural stone.
The hotel spanning a floor area of 1,500,000 square
meters and can accommodate 100,000 people.
The hotel mainly attracts the pilgrims that come
to Mecca.
One main attraction of Abraj Al Bait is a 43-metre
diameter clock, the world’s largest clock standing
at a height of 530 meters. It is the tallest and largest
clock in the world.
The hotel also features six residential towers, a
prayer hall that has a capacity of 3,800 persons,
a convention center, a five story shopping mall and
two heliports.
The main building is topped by a 93 metre spire
with a 23 metre high golden crescent at the top.
The spire has the main observation deck.
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