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Федеральное государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение
высшего профессионального образования Министерство образования и
науки Российской Федерации
«Оренбургский государственный педагогический университет»
Л.Г. Романова, М.П. Козьма
Учебное пособие для студентов очного отделения факультета
иностранных языков
Издательство ОГПУ
Оренбург 2015
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Англ –
С.В.Мангушев, канд. филол. наук доцент кафедры английского языка и
Т.Н. Галинская, канд. пед. наук
филологии и МПИЯ ОГПУ
доцент кафедры романо-германской
Романова Л.Г., Козьма М.П. MEDICINE. Учебное пособие для студентов
очного отделения факультета иностранных языков по теме / Л.Г.
Романова, М.П. Козьма; Мин-во образования РФ; Оренб.гос.пед.ун-т. –
Оренбург: Изд-во ОГПУ, 2015. – с.
ББК Англ –
©Романова Л.Г., Козьма М.П., 2015
©Издательство ОГПУ, 2015
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английского языка. Материалы данного пособия могут быть использованы
для проведения занятий по практическому курсу перевода английского
Пособие предназначено для студентов 2-4 курсов английского отделения.
Целью предлагаемого учебно-методического пособия является развитие у
учащихся навыков устной и письменной речи, изучение лексического
материала по теме «MEDICINE», закрепление на основе изученной лексики
грамматических структур, формирование навыков монологической и
публицистического жанра, а также работа над фонетическими аспектами
Пособие может быть использовано в группах студентов различного уровня
подготовки, поскольку разработка к каждому тексту содержит упражнения
разного уровня сложности, структура каждой разработки построена по
принципу от простого к сложному.
Согласно правилам методики преподавания английского языка, работа над
каждым текстом предполагает фонетическую тренировку наиболее сложных
лексического материала.
Студентам предлагается творчески подойти к переводу текстов, в
составлении диалогов и монологических высказываний с использованием
изученного вокабуляра. Кроме того, учащиеся получают возможнос ть
выразить свое мнение на важные и злободневные темы современной
В пособие включены тексты из произведения Элизабет Стакли «Magnolia
Buildings», работа с которыми позволяет не только развивать навыки
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
перевода художественного текста, но и изучить разговорную лексику по
Таким образом, данное учебно-методическое пособие не только призвано
способствовать развитию владения английским языком, но и развивать
умение студентов анализировать, обобщать прочитанное и делать логические
Преподаватели могут эффективно применять все предложенные задания,
варьируя их по своему усмотрению, в зависимости от учебного плана,
конкретных задач преподавания и языковой подготовленности студентов.
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The Laws of Health.
Read and translate the following text.
One of the first duties we owe to ourselves is to keep our bodies in
perfect health. If our body suffers from any disorder, our mind suffers with it,
and we are unable to make much progress in knowledge, and we unfit to perform
those duties which are required of us in social life.
There are certain laws of health which deserve particular attention and they
are so simple that even a child can learn them. A constant supply of pure fresh air
is indispensable to good health. To secure this, nothing impure should remain
either within or near our homes, and every room in the house especially the
bedrooms, should be properly ventilated every day.
Perfect cleanliness is also essential. The whole body should be washed as
often as possible. The skin is of minute pores, cells, blood vessels and nerves. It
"breathes" the way the lungs do. Therefore it should always be clean.
Besides its importance to health, there is a great charm in cleanliness. We
like to look at one who is tidy clean. If the skin is kept clean, the teeth thoroughly
brushed, the hair neatly combed, and the fingernails in order, we feel pleased with
the person, even though his (her) clothes may be coarse and much mended.
A certain amount of exercise is necessary to keep the body in perfect
condition. All the powers (mental and bodily) we possess are strengthened by
use and weakened by disuse, therefore labour and study should succeed each
other. The best way of getting exercise is to engage in some work that is useful
and at the same time interesting to the mind. It is most essential for the old and
the young to do morning exercises with the widows wide open in your room or, if
possible, in the open air. Remember that exercises warm, invigorate and purify
the body. Rest is also necessary to the health of body and mind. The best time for
sleep is during the darkness and stillness of the night. Late hours are very harmful
to the health as they exhaust the nervous system. We should go to bed early and get
up early. It is a good rule to rise with the lark and go to bed with the lark. Most
essential to our body is food. Our body is continually wasting, and requires to be
repaired by fresh stance. Be moderate in eating, if you eat slowly, you will not
overeat. Never swallow your food wholesale — you are provided with teeth for
the purpose of chewing your food — and you will never complain of
indigestion. We should abstain from everything that intoxicates. The evils of
intemperance, especially of alcohol, are too well known. Intemperance excites
bad passions and leads to quarrels and crimes. Alcohol costs a lot of money,
which might be used for better purposes. The mind is stupefied by drink and the
person who drinks will, in course of time, become unfit for his duties. Both health
and character are often ruined. Thus we must remember that moderation in eating
and drinking, reasonable hours of labour and study, clarity in exercise, recreation
and rest, cleanliness and many other essentials lay the foundations for good health
and long life.
translate and transcribe the following words and expressions, give
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
explanation of their meaning. Say in what situations these words and
combinations are used.
To owe to smb/oneself
To keep one’s body in perfect health
To suffer from a disorder/a disease/an illness
To fit/to unfit to do smth
To deserve particular attention
To be indispensable to smth
To be properly ventilated
A pore
A cell
A blood vessel
A nerve
To keep smb in perfect condition
To be strengthened by use
To be weakened by disuse
To invigorate the body
To exhaust the nervous system
To rise with the lark
To be moderate in eating
To overeat
To swallow food wholesale
To complain of indigestion/headache/backache, etc.
To abstain from smth
To intoxicate
The evils of intemperance
To excite bad passions
The mind is stupefied
To lay the foundations for good health
III. Give the three forms of the following verbs, translate and transcribe
To keep, to suffer, to make, to fit, to unfit, to perform, to require, to deserve, to
learn, to breathe, to brush, to comb, to feel, to get, to sleep, to rise, to raise, to take,
to eat, to overeat, to chew, to know, to lead, to cost, to drink, to lay, to lie.
IV. Translate, transcribe and pronounce the following words, use them
in the sentences of your own.
Disorder, indispensable, breathe, breath, thoroughly, to use, use, to disuse, disuse,
exhaust, exhaustion, essential, alcohol, moderate, moderation, recreation, digest,
V. Translate the sentences from English into Russian using the active
1. Blood vessels are a very important part of the organism which transport
blood from one organ to another.
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2. Skin is a very complicated organ which protects the body from the
environment and which contacts with it through the pores.
3. Skin is considered to be the “mirror” of the organism. If a person suffers
from a disorder or an illness it may be reflected on our skin.
4. Purity of your house deserves particular attention as a man cannot be healthy
living in a dirty place. Hygiene has been considered the most essential part
of health since ancient times.
5. When a person suffers from flu doctors recommend to ventilate the rooms
properly to prevent the circulation of the air which contains germs.
6. Nerves are canals which transmit signals from the brain to the organs and
parts of the body.
7. As any organ is weakened by disuse and strengthened by use it is necessary
to invigorate our body with exercises.
8. It is considered to be good to rise with the lark, be active in daytime and
have a rest at night. If you don’t have enough sleep you exhaust your
nervous system.
9. Overeating is worse than hunger. If a person is moderate in eating he will
never complain of stomachache and indigestion.
10. It is better to abstain from alcohol and smoking as they intoxicate the body
and stupefy the mind.
11. Healthy habits which lay the foundation for good health must be known
from the childhood.
12. To keep the body in perfect condition you must remember the rules of
health which are indispensable to a healthy way of living.
VI. Fill in the gaps using the words from the list.
1. Physical and mental health are the main duties that we …
2. Skin consists of millions of …, it is nourished by … and is innervated by …
3. … are the organ which supplies our body with oxygen.
4. Smoking and drinking are … that … the nervous system and … the mind.
5. Regular physical training …
6. As the man lay in bed for a long time his legs and arms …
7. A room must be clean and …
8. Millions of … let our skin breathe.
9. To … a person must observe the rules of health.
10. Alcohol and drugs … in a person and ruin his personality.
11. It is bad to … food … as it may cause …
12. Being … is the best way of curing indigestion.
VII. Translate from Russian into English using the active vocabulary.
1. От алкоголя притупляется ум и разрушается личность.
2. Необходимо воздерживаться от переедания, потому что оно приводит к
несварению желудка. А воздержание в еде и умеренный голод,
раоборот, помогают держать тело в идеальном порядке.
3. Прием витаминов в зимнее время тонизирует и поддерживает
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4. Если человек нездоров, он не способен выполнять умственную и
физическую работу.
5. Здоровье кожи заслуживает особое внимание, потому что проблемы
кожи сигнализируют о проблемах в организме. Если организм
отравлен, это отражается на коже.
6. Нужно ложиться спать вовремя, чтобы не истощать нервную систему.
7. Нельзя глотать пищу целиком, необходимо тшательно пережевывать
ее, чтобы избежать несварения.
8. Основы здоровья закладываются в раннем детстве, когда ребенка учат
умеренно питаться, вставать на рассвете и воздерживаться от
нездоровых излишеств.
9. Пациент жаловался на слабость, головную боль и несварение.
10. Умеренное питание – неотъемлемая часть здорового образа жизни.
11. Поскольку любая часть тела укрепляется с помощью упражнений,
необходимо быть активным и бодрым.
12. Каждый человек иногда страдает от болезней, но скорость
выздоровления зависит от тебя самого.
VIII. Answer the following questions.
1. Do you often suffer from disorders or illnesses?
2. What can invigorate our body?
3. What must we do to keep our body in perfect health?
4. What way of living exhausts our nervous system?
5. Why is it necessary to be active?
6. Why is it important to be moderate in eating?
7. How can we lay the foundation for good health in a child?
8. What disorders do you usually complain of?
9. What is the role of purity for our health?
10. Why is drinking dangerous?
IX. Make up dialogues between:
- A doctor and a patient;
- A mother and a child.
Use the phrases from Appendix 3.
X. Give the retelling of the text as if you were:
- A doctor;
- A teacher of medicine;
- A patient.
I. Watch the film “Raymond’s problems with adenoids” (season 9, episode
II. Read, translate and transcribe the following words and expressions. Say
in what situations of the film they are used.
To have / get adenoids (come) out
To have smth. done
To cut smb. up
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
A very common procedure
To go through one’s mouth
To have difficulties with swallowing
To get smth. done
To trust
A big deal
To take away a piece of smb.
To breathe in
To take care of adenoids’ problem
to tease
To quit babying smb.
To set an example for smb.
The whole world has to stop
To be the same blood type as smb.
Not everything is about you!
To keep one’s sleeves rolled up
To stick together
A vein
To drive smb. crazy
To have a proper look of concern on one’s face
To neglect to tell smb. about smth.
To bring smb. up from the anesthesia
To respond
Blood pressure dropped below a certain level
To return to normal
A form of hypertension
To pick up the dry cleaning
You always bring home smb. else’s
III. Give the three forms of the following verbs, translate and transcribe
To have, to get, to cut, to go, to snore, to take, to quit, to take, to keep, to stick, to
drive, to tell, to bring.
IV. Translate from English into Russian.
- Why are you so afraid of getting your adenoids out? – What are you talking
about? I am not doing it! They will cut me up! – It’s a very common procedure!
They won’t cut you up, they will go through your mouth! Go to the doc, bingbang-boom and you’ll get this done.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
Your husband had neglected to tell the doctors about his allergy and they
couldn’t bring him up from anesthesia.
When a person has hypertension his blood pressure rises up to a certain
I am the same blood type as my brother so I will keep my sleeves rolled up.
– I am so nervous! I am having a procedure of getting adenoids out. The fear
is driving me crazy! They are going to take away a piece of me! – You are to have
a common procedure and the whole world has to stop! Not everything is about
you! What example are you setting for kids!
Don’t worry your blood pressure dropped below a certain level but now it
has returned to normal.
When will you quit babying my brother at last! His problems are not a big
When people have adenoids problem their snore is getting worse and they
have difficulties with swallowing.
If you want to take care of your adenoids’ problem you should go to the
doctor and not breathe in hot air or rub cream into your neck!
10. You can’t pick up the dry cleaning! You always bring home somebody
else’s! I don’t trust you!
11. Though the doctor was strict and buttoned and he had a proper look of
concern on his face.
V. Fill in the gaps.
1. If a person has … all the expenditures for his operations and procedures are
paid for.
2. It is useless and even dangerous to … vapour when you have a running nose.
3. When I’m ill my mum can’t …
4. You must … kids and have a healthy way of living.
5. A family is a close unit. They must … in difficult situations.
6. You shouldn’t … cases of allergy if you have had one once.
7. When a man is ill it seems to him that …
8. The doctors performed the operation well but after it they couldn’t … the
patient …
9. A person has an intense weakness when …
10. The majority of people are afraid of operations as they think that the doctors
11. Blood is taken from a donor who is ..,. the patient.
12. If you don’t … your doctor, you should apply to another one.
VI. Translate from Russian into English.
1. У тебя есть медицинская страховка? – Да, а что?
2. Мне кажется, что врач был растерян и расстроен, хотя на лице у него и
было подходяще заботливое выражение.
3. Ваш муж забыл сказать нам о своей аллергии, и теперь мы не можем
вывести его из анестезии, он не просыпается и ни на что не реагирует.
4. Иногда у меня давление падает ниже определенного уровня, но потом я
пью кофе, и оно возвращается.
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5. Не бойся, я буду с тобой во время процедуры, мы всегда держимся
вместе. Кроме того, у нас одна группа крови.
6. – Этот суп не для тебя, я приготовила его для твоего брата! - Я мечтал
об этом супе весь день, а ты дразнишь меня им! Хватит с ним
нянчиться! – Не все только для тебя!
7. Почему ты боишься идти к зубному? Откроешь рот – раз, два, и готово!
8. У моего отца проблемы с аденоидами. Его храп становится все хуже,
ему больно глотать, и горло болит. Ему надо удалить аденоиды.
9. Удаление зуба – это очень проста и безболезненная процедура.
10. Мы с братом имеем одну и ту же группу крови.
11. Ты все время заботишься о своем муже! Перестань с ним нянчиться!
Он даже не может привезти белье из прачечной, он все время приносит
домой чужое!
12. Всего лишь удалить зуб! Такая простая процедура! Какой пример ты
подаешь детям!
VII. Answer the following questions on the film.
1. What was Raymond’s problem?
2. What was his wife’s opinion on the necessity of the operation?
3. What did Raymond’s mother say about the operation?
4. What treatment did Marie offer?
5. Why did Marie insist that Robert should be present in the hospital?
6. What was Robert’s opinion of the whole situation?
7. What emergency happened to Raymond?
8. What was the reaction of the family?
9. Why didn’t Debora say anything about the problem with anesthesia to
VIII. Reproduce the dialogues of the film in indirect speech. Use the
phrases from appendix 2.
IX. Make up dialogues between:
- Raymond and his doctor;
- Raymond and his wife;
- Raymond and his brother;
- Raymond and his mother.
Use the phrases from Appendix 3.
X. Give the retelling of the text as if you were:
- Raymond;
- His wife;
- His mother;
- his brother.
Read and translate the following text.
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The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the world's deadliest to date and the
World Health Organization has declared an international health emergency as more
than 2,100 people have died of the virus in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and
Nigeria this year.
What is Ebola?
Ebola is a viral illness of which the initial symptoms can include a sudden
fever, intense weakness, muscle pain and a sore throat, according to the World
Health Organization (WHO). And that is just the beginning: subsequent stages are
vomiting, diarrhea and - in some cases - both internal and external bleeding.
The current outbreak is the deadliest since Ebola was discovered in 1976
The disease infects humans through close contact with infected animals,
including chimpanzees, fruit bats and forest antelope.
It then spreads between humans by direct contact with infected blood,
bodily fluids or organs, or indirectly through contact with contaminated
environments. Even funerals of Ebola victims can be a risk, if mourners have direct
contact with the body of the deceased.
The incubation period can last from two days to three weeks, and diagnosis
is difficult. The human disease has so far been mostly limited to Africa, although
one strain has cropped up in the Philippines.
Healthcare workers are at risk if they treat patients without taking the right
precautions to avoid infection. People are infectious as long as their blood and
secretions contain the virus - in some cases, up to seven weeks after they recover.
Where does it strike?
Ebola outbreaks occur primarily in remote villages in Central and West
Africa, near tropical rainforests, says the WHO.
Bushmeat - from animals such as bats, antelopes, porcupines and monkeys
- is a prized delicacy in much of West Africa but can also be a source of Ebola
It was first discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1976 since
when it has mostly affected countries further east, such as Uganda and Sudan.
Ebola is spread through close physical contact with infected people. This is
a problem for many in the West African countries currently affected by the
outbreak, as practices around religion and death involve close physical contact.
Hugging is a normal part of religious worship in Liberia and Sierra Leone,
and across the region the ritual preparation of bodies for burial involves washing,
touching and kissing. Those with the highest status in society are often charged
with washing and preparing the body. For a woman this can include braiding the
hair, and for a man shaving the head.
Strict precautions must be observed when burying those who have died of
If a person has died from Ebola, their body will have a very high viral load.
Bleeding is a usual symptom of the disease prior to death. Those who handle the
body and come into contact with the blood or other body fluids are at greatest risk
of catching the disease.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
Avoid contact with Ebola patients and their bodily fluids, the WHO
advises. Do not touch anything - such as shared towels - which could have become
contaminated in a public place.
Washing hands and improving hygiene is one of the best ways to fight the
The WHO also warns against consuming raw bushmeat and any contact
with infected bats or monkeys and apes. Fruit bats in particular are considered a
delicacy in the area of Guinea where the outbreak started.
What can be done if I catch it?
You must keep yourself isolated and seek professional help. Patients have a
better chance of survival if they receive early treatment.
Patients with Ebola frequently become dehydrated so they should drink
solutions containing electrolytes.
translate and transcribe the following words and expressions, give
explanation of their meaning. Say in what situations these words and
combinations are used.
The Ebola outbreak
To declare an international health emergency
a viral illness
initial symptoms
sudden fever
intense weakness
muscle pain
a sore throat
subsequent stages
internal/external bleeding
to infect
bodily fluids
contaminated environment
incubation period
a healthcare worker
to treat patients
to take precautions
to avoid infection
to spread through close physical contact
religious worship
a very high viral load
to catch a disease
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
to consume raw bushmeat
to keep oneself isolated
to seek professional help
to receive early treatment
to become dehydrated
solutions containing electrolytes
III. Give the three forms of the following verbs, translate and transcribe
To break, to outbreak, to declare, to die, to bleed, to spread, to strike, to occur,
to braid, to shave, to come, to catch, to become, to fight, to do, to keep, to seek,
to drink.
IV. Translate, transcribe and pronounce the following geographical
names, say where they are situated.
World Health Organization, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Philippines,
Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Sudan.
V. Find out the information concerning the World Health Organization
and its activity. Make a short report in class.
VI. Translate, transcribe and pronounce the following words, use them
in the sentences of your own.
Subsequent, diarrhea, chimpanzee, fruit bates, antelope, incubation, diagnosis,
porcupines, burial, hygiene, raw, apes, electrolytes.
VII. Translate the following word combinations from Russian into
Инфекционная болезнь; эпидемия; внутреннее кровотечение; иметь большую
предосторожности; избегать инфекции; значительная слабость; защитное
оборудование; начальные симптомы; боль в мышцах; зараженная среда;
внезапный жар; работники здравоохранения; распространяться за счет
тесного физического контакта; нехватка врачей и больниц; последующие
стадии заболевания; электролитические растворы.
VIII. Translate the following sentences from English into Russian.
1. When there is an outbreak of a viral disease in some particular area health
emergency should be declared.
2. Having caught a viral disease it is better not to take medicine uncontrollably but
seek for professional help.
3. Viruses are usually spread through close physical contact and contaminated
4. After the incubation period a diseased person has a very high viral load and
healthcare workers must have protective equipment such as gloves, masks and
special clothing not to catch the virus.
5. Simple measures such as improving hygiene and avoiding physical contact help
to stop outbreaks of viral diseases.
6. Diseased people are often dehydrated and have to take solutions containing
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
7. Sudden fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, sore throat are initial symptoms of
many viral diseases.
8. In public places it is better to avoid touching shared things such as towels in
WCs as they can be contaminated.
9. Improving hygiene and protective masks are the best precautions against viral
10. Pharmaceutical companies are producing medicines and vaccines against viral
11. In many distant areas of Africa and Asia there is a great shortage of hospitals,
doctors and medicines.
12. Healthcare workers are not allowed to work without protective clothes and
equipment especially during outbreaks of viral diseases.
IX. Fill in the gaps.
1. … and … are symptoms of problems with digestion.
2. If you have a close contact with … you must take care of your …: wash
hands very often and avoid sharing towels and other things with other
3. To … it is better to avoid contacts with … people.
4. If you are ill it is better to … and not to try to fight the disease yourself.
5. Sometimes … can be a cause of spread of … illnesses.
6. If a person … he is sure to recover soon.
7. If a person suffers from … which is lack of water, he should take …
8. In the condition of an epidemic and outbreaks of diseases it is better to …
against the virus.
9. A diseased person has … so it is better to avoid contacts with him.
10. There is a great lack of qualified … who can …
11. The … of viruses is different.
12. A … is a quick rise of temperature.
X. Translate from Russian into English.
1.При эпидемиях необходимо применять все меры предосторожности: часто
мыть руки, избегать физического контакта с зараженными людьми, носить
защитные маски.
2. Инфекционные больные имеют большую вирусную нагрузку именно на
начальных стадиях заболевания, поэтому при первичных симптомах
вирусной болезни необходимо обращаться за профессиональной помощью.
3. Фармацевтические компании выпускают значительное количество
электролитических растворов, помогающих избежать обезвоживания
пациентов с вирусными заболеваниями.
4. При боли в горле, мышечной боли, значительной слабости и внезапном
жаре необходимо не принимать домашние средства, а обращаться за
медицинской помощью.
5. Инкубационный период многих вирусных заболеваний длится до трех
недель, поэтому больные чаще всего не помнят, где и когда они могли
заразиться, и с кем у них был физический контакт все это время.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
6. В некоторых отдаленных областях Азии и Африки часто разгораются
эпидемии, во-первых, в силу климата, а, во-вторых, за счет острой нехватки
больниц и медицинских работников.
7. Ощутив начальные симптомы вирусного заболевания, необходимо
немедленно обращаться за врачебной помощью и избегать физического
контакта с другими людьми.
8. Работники здравоохранения должны принимать все меры
предосторожности против вирусов, чтобы избежать их распространения.
9. В Африке была объявлена чрезвычайная ситуация в связи с
распространением смертельного вирусного заболевания.
10. Ощутив начальные симптомы вирусной болезни, не следует ждать
последующих стадий – необходимо обращаться к медицинским работникам и
принимать лекарства.
11. Если у больного началось внутреннее кровотечение, это значит, что
начальная фаза заболевания уже позади, а жизнь его под угрозой.
12. Использование жидкого мыла в больницах является эффективной мерой
предосторожности против внутренних инфекций, так как общие куски мыла
часто бывают заражены.
XI. Answer the following questions.
1. What are initial symptoms of Ebola?
2. What are the subsequent stages of this disease?
3. How does the disease spread?
4. How long does the incubation period last?
5. What precautions against this virus can be taken?
6. How can religious worship spread the disease?
7. What must a person do if he is intentioned?
XII Make up dialogues between:
- A doctor and a patient;
- Two healthcare workers;
- Two representatives of the World Health Organization.
Use the phrases from Appendix 3.
XIII. Give the retelling of the text as if you were:
- A doctor;
- A representative of the World Health Organization;
- A patient.
I. Read and translate the following text.
The next excitement was the eleven Plus exam. Doreen really worked
herself into a state about it. She didn’t say much, but her eyes grew pink from
over-reading and she came out in spots. Mum dosed her but it made no
“I wish they’d do away with this old Eleven Plus,” said Mum. “I’ll run
you round to the doctor tomorrow.”
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“I can’t go to the doctor and waste the whole morning’s school,” cried
Mum sighed and gave up.
The night before the Eleven Plus exam, Ally was woken by Doreen
being sick all over the floor. Disaster sent Ally to wake Mum.
Mum was used to night alarms, and at once, grabbed at her old coat,
sent Ally for bucket and mop and to put on a kettle. With her head a mass of
steel curlers, and her eyes still swollen with sleep, she went swiftly into the
girls’ room and bundled the shivery Doreen back to bed. “There, ducky, Mum’s
here. Don’t you cry.”
The child lay down, while Mum piled the clothes on her, and then plied
the mop with a practised hand.
“Cor!” Mum glanced at Doreen’s face, green between the red, rat-tail
hair on the pillow. “I’ve got a good mind to keep you in bed tomorrow.” She
squeezed out the mop.
“No, no.” Doreen started up, and then sank back dizzily. “I’ve got to get
through the Eleven Plus. I’ve just got to take it, Mum. I’ll never be a teacher if I
“There’s other things you can be,” said Mum. But she knew in her heart
that Doreen was destined to be a teacher, for ever since she could walk she had
been playing at schools. She had sat her dolls in a row and taught them, she had
taught Grandma’s kitten, and even Len too, when he came along. Her favourite
toy had always been a blackboard…
Doreen’s face had grown yet more pale, She sat up clutching at the air.
“I’m going to be…” she gasped, and Mum had just time to shove the bucket
before her.
When Doreen lay back spent and empty, Ally brought in the hot bottle
and was sent to empty the bucket as Mum must get dressed and go to work.
Doreen lay with shut eyes, thankful for the warmth, and prayed fervently.
“Please God, let me be well tomorrow, I mean today. I’ve just got to be a
teacher. Please stop me being sick. Amen.”
…Doreen was eating no breakfast, and scarcely swallowing her tea…
Mum muffled Doreen up in a large scarf and let her out into the cold
“You going to get there?” asked Mum.
Doreen nodded bravely. There were blue shadows under her eyes, and
her nose, and her nose was peaked and sharp over the red folds of her scarf.
“If you feel sick, throw up and get it over, see?” said Mum.
Doreen nodded again. She dared no speak. All she could think of was
that she must get to her desk and sit there…
As Mum and Doreen reached the chemist, the church clock struck nine.
Mum stopped dead, her eyes on the shop. “They must have got something in
there to stop sickness,” she said. “A pink pick-me-up. That’s it! I’ve heard of
such things. Come on in, Doreen, and we’ll get your stomach fixed.”…
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
…”I’ll give the young lady a cocktail that would fix an earthquake.
Won’t be a minute.” And he dived out of sight…
Doreen took the glass with a shaking hand, and sipped and choked. “I –
I can’t,” she gasped. The stuff burnt her throat, and it had a strong, peculiar
taste…. Doreen shut her eyes and drank. She had to pass. She had to be a
teacher. She would drink anything to succeed. …
The mixture, whatever it contained, pushed the whole world a long way
off. The awful chill and sweat had been replaced by a queer glow, as if the
mixture had started a small fire inside her stomach. By the time she got to the
desk she was given the paper, she felt suddenly light and cheerful, almost
carefree. Doreen was a natural fusser who took life hard. But the pink mixture,
working on an empty stomach, had taken away all the worry and left her able to
sing or dance or fly up in the air.
AFTER E. STUCKLEY [1; p. 16 - 19]
II. Read, translate and transcribe the following words, give explanation of
their meaning.
To work oneself into a state about smth
To grow pink from over-reading (about eyes)
To come out in sports
To dose smb
To run smb rownd to the doctor
To be sick
A disaster
To be used to smth
A night alarm
Swollen with sleep (about eyes, face)
To bundle smb to bed
To pile smth on smb
Green between the red (about face)
Smb’s rat-tail hair on the pillow
To keep smb in bed
To sink back dizzily
To grow more pale
To sit up
To clutch at the air
To be spent and empty
To pray fervently
To swallow smth scarcely
To muffle smb up
Blue shadows under smb’s eyes
To be peaked and sharp (about nose)
The chemist
A pick-me-up
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
To get smb’s stomach fixed
To fix an earthquake
With a shaking hand
To sip
To chock
To burn smb’s throat
To put the whole world a long way off
A queer glow
To start a small fire inside smb’s stomach
To work on an empty stomach
To be a natural fusser
III. Give the three forms of the following verbs, translate and transcribe
To say, to grow, to read, to over-read, to come, to make, to dose, to run, to go,
to waste, to sigh, to give, to wake, to send, to grab, to put, to swell, to sleep, to
lie, to lay, to keep, to sink, to get, to take, to know, to sit, to teach, to eat, to
shut, to bring, to let, to mean, to swallow, to feel, to throw, to reach, to strike, to
fix, to dive, to shake, to sip, to burn, to drink, to glow, to leave, to sing, to fly.
IV. Find the information about Eleven Plus examination. Give a short
report about it in class.
V. Translate the following sentences from English into Russian.
1. When a kid is sick it is better to keep him in bed.
2. The girl was growing more and more pale. Her rat-tail hair was lying on the
3. As the girl was sick she scarcely swallowed her food.
4. When a person has problems with his stomach his nose is peaked and sharp
and he has blue shadows under his eyes.
5. The chemist offered me a special medicine which could not only get my
stomach fixed but also fix an earthquake.
6. The beverage had a peculiar taste and flavor/ It burnt my throat. I seriously
suspected that it was some alcohol.
7. When the girl drank the pick-me-up it put the whole world a long way off.
The chill and sweat disappeared. The head was light.
8. The pick-me-up had a strange burning taste. There was a queer glow in my
head after it and it started a small fire inside my stomach.
9. With a shaking hand the girl took the glass and drank the medicine. First she
chocked but later it got her stomach fixed.
10. When you are ill it is better to stay in bed and muffle your throat up.
11. After the sleepless night Doreen was spent and empty.
12. Mum’s eyes were swollen with sleep but as she was used to night alarms
and disasters she was ready to anything.
VI. Fill in the gaps.
1. Your eyes are … from …
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
You have … yourself … about your exams.
Mum tried to … Doreen and prevent her … but it was useless.
Doreen looked worse and worse. Her face … and her eyes …
The poor child lay in bed. Her … on the pillow.
Doreen tried to stand up but she … back on the bed.
Sickness could prevent Doreen with passing her exams. She … asking the
god to stop her being sick.
8. The girl took the glass and … the mixture.
9. The mixture … and she chocked.
10. As Doreen was … she worked herself … about her exams.
11. When a person is sick he suffers from … and …
12. To … there are special medicines called …
VII. Translate from Russian into English using the active vocabulary.
1. Чтобы купить лекарство, мать послала старшую дочь в аптеку.
2. У ребенка болело горло, и он едва мог глотать.
3. После бессонной ночи Дорин была опустошенной и измученной.
4. Тонкие молрые пряди волос Дорин лежали на подушке. Лицо девочки
все сильнее бледнело.
5. От слишком усердного чтения глаза Дорин опухли и покраснели.
6. Если ребенка тошнит, его нужно отвести к врачу.
7. Мать хотела оставить Дорин лежать дома, но она пошла в школу.
8. Лицо Дорин то и дело покрывалось пятнами, а нос все больше
9. С синими кругами под глазами и заострившимся носом, Дорин сидела в
аптеке и пыталась выпить лекарство.
10. Трясущимися руками девочка взяла стакан и отхлебнула. Жидкость
обожгла ей горло, и она закашлялась.
11. В желудке как будто горел пожар, но голова вдруг стала легкая, а на
душе стало радостно.
12. Дорин была паникершей, и ко всем важным событиям своей жизни
относилась черезчур серьезно.
VIII. Answer the following questions.
1. What happened to Doreen?
2. What were her symptoms?
3. Why, do you think, she was sick?
4. How did the girl look?
5. What did her mother suggest doing?
6. Why did the girl want to take her exam?
7. Why didn’t her mother prevent her going to school?
8. What way out did Mum find?
9. What, do you think, was the pick-me-up?
10. How did Doreen feel after taking the medicine?
IX. Make up dialogues between:
- Mum and Dad speaking about Doreen’s state and her future exam;
- Doreen and Mum after the exam;
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
- Mum and the chemist speaking about Doreen and her problem.
Use the phrases from Appendix 3.
X. Give the retelling of the text as if you were:
- Doreen;
- Mum;
- The chemist
- Two doctors discussing the cases of stomach problems caused by nervous
I. Read and translate the following text.
After the smog came heavy rain. The mothers cursed it, for they could not
dry the washing. Mum went shopping and got soaked to the skin, and started a cold
that turned into flu.
After that the whole of Magnolia Buildings had flu. It was like the Black
Death in the history book. One minute you were quite well, and the next in bed
with a high temperature. Mum and All and Ally were all in bed at the same time. It
was Dad who stayed at home and nursed them all, because Auntie Glad never
thought of offering her help and no one liked to ask her. She just went out to
business as usual, and left Doreen to do all the shopping.
Mum was just out of bed and Ally was allowed to sit up for an hour, when
Len got ill.
“I don’t like the look of Len,” said Mum to Dad at tea time. “He says it
hurts him to breathe.”
“Keep him warm,” said Dad…He didn’t like the look of Len either. The
child was red in the face now, and breathing with a queer noise…
When Mrs Crawley looked in from next door, she had a look at Len too.
“He ought to have penicillin,” she said. “I’d say he’d got pneumonia. He’s
breathing just like Bob did before he died.”…
At that very moment there was a knock at the door, and the doctor had
arrived. He looked death tired and was panting from the long climb upstairs. “Why
didn’t you let me know this morning?” he asked, but Mum and dad were too
worried to explain. They just took him right in to see Len.
He sat down beside the bed, and said in a cheerful, quite different voice,
“Well, young man, and what, s the matter with you?” so that Len who was always
very polite, tried to smile.
While the doctor was sounding Len and was listening to his breathing,
Auntie Glad came back…
The doctor rummaged in his black bag, and said: “Give him one of these
every four hours, Mrs Berners. Have you an alarm clock? He must not miss a dose
all through the night. I’ll look in tomorrow morning.”
“What’s he got?” asked Mum and her lips were trembling.
“Just a touch of pleurisy,” said the doctor. “But don’t worry, we’ ll pull him
through. Modern science is wonderful.”
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
When the doctor had come, Mum, the usually cheerful, suddenly flopped
into a chair and tears rolled down her cheeks. ..
On the third day, Len asked for a bit of bread and butter. The fever that had
sprung on him like a tiger, and that had only been kept by drugs, now gave up its
attack. By the fourth day, Len could sit up and read the comics that Auntie Glad
had been keeping for him….
AFTER E. STUCKLEY [1; p. 27 - 30]
II. Read, translate and transcribe the following words and expressions. Say
in what situations they were used.
To curse
To dry the washing
To get soaked to the skin
To start a cold
To turn into flu
To have flu
A high temperature
To nurse smb
It hurts smb to breathe
To keep smb warm
To be red in the face
To breathe with a queer noise
To look death tired
To pant
To sound smb
To listen to smb’s breathing
To miss a dose
To be trembling (about lips, hands)
A touch of pleurisy
To pull smb through
To flop into a chair
III. Give the three forms, translate, transcribe and pronounce the
following verbs.
To come, to curse, to dry, to go, to get, to nurse, to think, to leave, to sit, to hurt, to
breathe, to keep, to die, to knock, to let, to take, to see, to say, to sound, to listen, to
rummage, to give, to miss, to tremble, to pull, to flop, to roll, to spring, to read.
IV. Find the information about the Black Death and prepare a short
report about it.
V. Find the information about the symptoms and dangers of pneumonia
and pleurisy and make a short report
VI. Translate from English into Russian.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
1. When the child suffered from fever everybody was afraid that he had
2. As everyone was ill Dad had to stay at home and nurse them.
3. It was wet outside and it was impossible to dry the washing.
4. It was not pneumonia but a touch of pleurisy, but the child still suffered from
5. Len complained that it hurt him to breathe.
6. You got the flu after you had got soaked to the skin.
7. When a person has a fever it is better to keep him warm.
8. The man was red in the face and it hurt him to breathe.
9. During epidemics doctors are death tired.
10. When you get penicillin or other antibiotics you must not miss a dose.
11. When a person starts a cold a doctor listens to his breathing to make sure
that he doesn’t have pneumonia.
12. Drugs help to stop the attack of fever.
VII. Fill in the gaps with the expressions from the list.
1. If you take medicine you must not …
2. If you don’t … you will wear wet clothes and …
3. When you have flu you have …
4. It is a bad symptom when … you …
5. … helps to cure …
6. The doctor … as he had much work.
7. Fever is …
8. It was not …, just …
9. The doctor thought that the child had … because he breathed …
10. It was rain, Mum … and …
11. I had to … all the family.
12. … the child … if he has a flu.
VIII. Translate from Russian into English using the active vocabulary.
1. Все простудились, потому что пришлось носить мокрую одежду.
Просушить белье в дождь было невозможно.
2. Все проклинали дождь. Было холодно, и в квартале многие страдали от
3. Пенициллин – это антибиотик, который лечит пневмонию и другие
4. Доктор слушает дыхание пациента, чтобы убедиться, что это не
плеврит и не пневмония.
5. Если у человека пневмония, ему тяжело дышать.
6. При гриппе люди страдают от высокой температуры.
7. У ребенка было красное лицо. Похоже, у него был жар.
8. Когда мать услышала про плеврит, она хлопнулась на стул и заплакала.
9. Лекарства помогли снять температуру.
10. Нельзя пропускать ни одной дозы. Заводите будильник и давайте
ребенку пенициллин каждые 4 часа.
11. У мамы дрожали губы и руки.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
12. С помощью лекарств ребенка буквально вытащили из плеврита.
IX. Answer the following questions.
1. Why did the family catch a cold?
2. Who suffered worse than everybody?
3. What were the symptoms?
4. What did the doctor recommend?
5. When did Len recover?
X. Make up dialogues between:
- Mum and Dad speaking about Len’s state;
- Len and Mum after the disease;
- Mum and the doctor speaking about Len and his problem
- The doctor and his colleague discussing the epidemic.
Use the phrases from Appendix 3.
XI. Give the retelling of the text as if you were:
- Len;
- Mum;
- The doctor.
I. Watch the film “Controlling Food Urges”.
II. Translate and transcribe the following words and expressions, say in
what situations they were used.
To resist
To drive smb. to want smth. = to make smb want smth
The main driver = the main reason, stimuli
Flavour = aroma
All of these put together = all of these summed up
To add
To multiply = to grow
To have power over smb.
To hijack smb’s brain
Loss of control over smth
Highly palatable food = too tasty food
Lack of satiation = absence of satisfaction with the food
Highly processed
Poor nutritional value
To capture smb. visually = to attract with the beautiful view
To be loaded with fat, sugar, salt = to be full of fat, sugar, salt
Obese people = fat people
Awareness about food
Highly powerful stimuli
To act responsibly = to behave with the sense of self-conscientiousness
III. Translate from English into Russian.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
Nowadays the problem of fast food is actual and burning. Contemporary
life is dynamic and hectic. People work hard, the majority of young people study,
some of them even try to combine work and learning. Having such a life you
obviously have to eat somewhere and fast food restaurants seem a good alternative
to us because they deliver their food to the customers very quickly. More than that,
there is a great variety of well-known brands: “Mc. Donald’s”, “English Chicken”,
“Fish and Chips”, which is very popular in Great Britain, and “Russian Pancakes”
which has recently become famous in Russia.
On the one hand, everything is great about fast food restaurants: they serve
the customers quickly, the salesgirls are polite and friendly, the food is various and
tasty. But on the other hand, eating in such places is a straight way to diseases.
First of all, the food captures us visually. The flavor, the appetizing look
and our hunger drive us to want it. Eating at fast food restaurants makes us
preoccupied about food. We get used to highly palatable processed products and
can’t resist the obsession. Highly palatable processed food has poor nutritional
value. Bread is made of highly processed flour and it is not so useful as rye bread.
Cutlets are loaded with fat, salt and different chemical additives which influence
our health badly.
Each food consists of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Carbohydrates are a
source of energy for our body. But there are so called “good” and ”bad”
carbohydrates. “Good” carbohydrates (rye bread, porridge, cereals) raise the level
of sugar in our blood and keep it stable for a long time while “bad” carbohydrates
(processed bread, sugar, sweets) raise the level of sugar and soon after it falls
down. When the level of sugar in our blood is low we feel lack of satiation. We
want to eat more and more, we get extra calories but still are not satisfied and
One of the most dangerous mixtures is the mixture of fat and sugar. The
worst thing about fast food is that you eat much fat and still feel hungry. Of course
fat is a very important element of feeding. It is necessary for good skin, nails and
hair, for good eyesight and strong nerves. But if your food is loaded with fat you
may have obesity.
Proteins are the bricks our body is built of. It is very important for our
health to have a balanced diet when you get enough proteins, fats and
carbohydrates and never lose control over our eating.
More than that, the restaurants of fast food are multiplying. For the food
industry it is necessary to sell their products so they hijack our brains with
commercials. If you eat in such restaurants you are considered to be fashionable
and cool. But it is necessary to act responsibly and have awareness about food.
Being a highly powerful stimuli food can have a great power over us. Besides,
food industry is interested in its profit and sales but not in our health.
IV. Fill in the gaps using the words and expressions from the given list.
1. Nowadays many people have … about food.
2. It is very hard to … sweets.
3. Processed food is … but very unhealthy.
4. Fast food has a very … and very low level of vitamins.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
5. If you want to be healthy you should have …
6. Fast food companies are highly interested in selling their products that’s why
they … using advertising.
7. Fast food … us … and with its flavor.
8. Food is a very … for people.
9. When you eat too much sugar you always feel …
10. If a person feels … he always has … about food.
11. Fast food is …
12. Because of fast food a lot of people in the world are …
V. Translate from Russian into English using the active vocabulary.
В последнее время стало модным критиковать рестораны быстрого
питания. Здоровый образ жизни становится все популярнее, и рестораны
фаст-фуда объявлены адскими кухнями, где готовят очень вредную еду,
перенасыщенную сахаром, жиром и солью. Люди, любящие фаст-фуд,
представляются в виде ожиревших глупцов, потерявших контроль над
собственным аппетитом и питанием и озабоченными только едой.
Мне и моим друзьям смешно это слышать, потому что мы все
учимся в университете, и иногда бываем так озабоченны учебой и
заданиями, что даже забываем поесть. Для нас фаст-фуд – прекрасная
альтернатива университетской столовой, потому что там очень быстро
обслуживают, там дружелюбный и вежливый персонал, и есть большой
выбор блюд.
Моя мама говорит, что есть в ресторанах быстрого питания вредно
для здоровья, так как пища там очень жирная. Она утверждает, что
постоянное расстройство желудка и боль в животе – моя перспектива. Я
не хочу с ней спорить, но пирожки, которые она печет по выходным,
насыщенны жиром и сахаром больше, чем в любом Макдональдсе.
Говорят, что фаст фуд имеет слишком низкую питательную
ценность. Он содержит мало клетчатки и витаминов и очень много
«плохих» углеводов. Возможно, это и так, но гамбургер и стакан колы –
лучше, чем пустой желудок во время лекции, когда ты слишком озабочен
едой, чтобы учиться.
Если же говорить о лишнем весе, то люди имеют такую проблему
не из-за фаст-фуда, а из-за переедания. Какая разница, где ты переедаешь
– дома, кушая борщ с пирожками, или в кафе, перекусывая гамбургером и
молочным коктейлем?
Кроме того, говорят, что привыкнув к слишком вкусной еде, ты
теряешь контроль над собой и ешь слишком много. Лично у меня нет
возможности привыкнуть к фаст-фуду, так как я не настолько богат,
чтобы переедать там. Конечно, цены там доступные, но не такие уж
В общем, по-моему, чтобы сохранить здоровье, необходимо
питаться разнообразно. Для здорового питания надо не избавляться от
ресторанов быстрого питания, а просто иметь здравый смысл и относиться
к собственному здоровью ответственно.
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VI. Answer the following questions on the film.
1. Why do some people have obsession about food?
2. How does food drive us to want it?
3. Why is loss of control over appetite dangerous?
4. What happens if a person eats highly palatable food?
5. What is the problem with highly processed food?
6. What must we do to act responsibly concerning our food?
7. Say whether you agree or disagree with the position of the doctor in the film.
(Use the words and expressions from appendix 1)
VII. Make up dialogues between:
- A dietician and his patient;
- Two owners of fast food restaurants;
- Two customers of fast food restaurants;
- Two doctors who worry about the health of the population nowadays.
Use the phrases from Appendix 3.
VIII. Give the retelling of the text as if you were:
- A doctor;
- An fast food producer;
- A consumer of fast food.
I. Study the following words. Translate and transcribe them. Read and
translate the explanations and examples. Use the words in the
sentences of your own.
part of speech
Example sentence
not normal for the human
This amount of weight loss
is abnormal for women
your age.
pain that won't go away
I can't sleep because my
knees ache in the night.
quick to become severe/bad
We knew the baby was
coming right away because
the woman's labour pains
were acute.
allergy noun
allergic adj
a body's abnormal reaction to
Your son is extremely
certain foods or environmental
allergic to peanuts.
substances (eg causes a rash)
We called the ambulance
emergency vehicle that rushes
when Josh stopped
people to a hospital
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
I can't remember the
a condition that causes people
accident because I had
to lose their memory
amputation noun
amputate verb
permanent removal of a limb
We had to amputate his
leg because the infection
spread so quickly.
anaemia noun
anaemic adj
occurs when the body doesn't
have enough red blood cells
I have low energy because
I am anaemic.
medication that kills bacteria
and cures infections
My throat infection went
away after I started the
medication that helps relieve
anxiety and sadness
The anti-depressants
helped me get on with life
after Lucy died.
a scheduled meeting with a
medical professional
I've made you an
appointment with a
specialist in three week's
My grandmother can't knit
a disease that causes the joints
anymore because the
to become swollen and
arthritis in her hands is so
asthma (attack)
a condition that causes a
blockage of the airway and
I carry an inhaler when I
makes it difficult for a person run because I have asthma.
to breathe
a disease-causing organism
To prevent the spread of
bacteria it is important
that nurses wash their
hands often.
wounds that develop on a
patient's body from lying in
one place for too long
If you don't get up and take
a walk, you will develop
painful bedsores.
not harmful (not cancerous)
We're hoping that the tests
will show that the lump in
your breast is benign.
removal of human tissue in
order to conduct certain
The biopsy ruled out a
number of illnesses.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
medical tests
You will be happy to know
that your blood count is
almost back to normal.
blood count
the amount of red and white
blood cells a person has
blood donor
Blood donors have to
a person who gives blood to a
answer questions about
blood bank or other person
their medical history.
blood pressure
the rate at which blood flows
through the body (high/low)
High blood pressure puts
you at risk of having a
heart attack.
a device that holds injured
body parts in place
You will probably always
have to wear a brace on
your ankle when you jog.
position of an unborn baby in
which the feet are down and
the head is up
We thought it was going to
be a breech birth, but the
baby turned himself
a bone that is divided in two
or more pieces as a result of
an injury
We thought it was just a
sprain, but it turned out his
leg was broken.
bruise noun
bruised adj
injured body tissue that is
visible underneath the skin
The woman was badly
bruised when she came
into the emergency room.
Caesarean section,
procedure that involves
removing a baby from its
mother through an incision in
the woman's lower abdomen
The baby was so large that
we had to perform a
Caesarean section.
disease caused by the
uncontrollable growth of cells
There are many different
options when it comes to
treating cancer.
restoring a person's breath and You saved your brother's
resuscitation (CPR)
life by performing CPR.
a hard bandage that is
wrapped around a broken
bone to keep it in place
My leg was in a cast for
chapel, chapeline
a place where loved ones can
If you want a place to pray,
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
go to pray for a patient's
a priest who visits patients in
the hospital
the chapel is on the third
type of treatment used on
cancer patients
My mother has already had
three rounds of
a virus commonly contracted
by children, characterized by
itchy spots all over the body
It is best to get chickenpox
as a child so that you don't
get it worse as an adult.
a person who determines the
cause of death after a person
We only call the coroner if
we think a death is
critical condition
requiring immediate and
constant medical attention
You can't see her right
now; she's in critical
objects that people with
I'd rather hop on one foot
injured legs or feet use to help
than use crutches.
them walk
a sac in the body-tissue filled
with fluid (sometimes
We're going to remove the
cysts just to be on the safe
unable to hear
The accident left the
patient both deaf and blind.
a lack of something necessary The tests show that you
for one's health
have an iron deficiency.
in need of water
It is easy for the elderly to
become dehydrated in this
loss of mental capacity
It is hard to watch a loved
one suffering with
type of disease typically
involving insulin deficiency
People with diabetes have
to constantly check their
blood sugar levels.
medical explanation of an
illness or condition
The doctor would prefer to
share the diagnosis with
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
the patient himself.
experiencing pain
This pain medication
should relieve some of
your discomfort.
a medical disorder that is
harmful to a person's health
I understand that this
disease runs in your
when a bone is temporarily
separated from its joint
You will have to wear a
sling because of your
dislocated shoulder.
a medical problem that needs
immediate attention
It is important that children
know which number to dial
in case of an emergency.
ER (emergency
the hospital room used for
treating patients with
immediate and lifethreatening injuries
The child was rushed into
the ER after he had a
severe allergic reaction to a
bee sting.
on the outside
This cream is for external
use only. Do not get it near
your ears, eyes, or mouth.
false negative
a test that incorrectly comes
back negative
We had two false negative
pregnancy tests, so we
didn't know we were
having a baby.
family history
medical background of a
person's family members
The doctor was concerned
about my family history of
skin cancer.
causing death
The doctor made a fatal
error when he wrote the
wrong prescription.
fever noun
feverish adj
higher than normal body
He is very feverish, and
his temperature is near
danger point.
flu (influenza)
many types of respiratory or
People who have the flu
intestinal infections passed on should not visit hospital
through a virus
fracture noun
broken or cracked bone
Your wrist is fractured
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
fractured adj
and needs a cast.
Flowers are not allowed in
the ward to avoid the risk
of germs being brought in.
a micro-organism, especially
one that causes disease
a medical condition or
The disease is part genetic
physical feature that is passed
and part environmental.
on in the family
a ball of tissue that grows
bigger than normal, either on
or under the skin
That growth on your
shoulder is starting to
worry me.
heart attack
instance in which blood stops
pumping through the heart
People who smoke are at
greater risk of having a
heart attack.
the virus that infects the
human T-cells and leads to
HIV can be passed down
from the mother to her
bumps that appear on the
surface of the skin during an
allergic reaction
I broke out in hives after I
ate that potato casserole.
illness noun
ill adj
general term for any condition Her illness went away
that makes a person feel sick when she started eating
for a certain period of time
immune system
the parts of the body that fight You can't have visitors
diseases, infections, and
because your immune
system is low.
immunization noun
immunize verb
an injection that protects
against a specific disease
Babies are immunized
three times in their first
cut in the body made during
I had to have stitches to
close the incision.
We have to do more x-rays
because the first ones were
young baby
The nurse will demonstrate
how to bathe an infant.
infection noun
infected adj
diseased area of the body
(viral or bacterial)
The wound should be
covered when you swim to
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
prevent it from becoming
appearance (red and swollen)
of an injured body part
My right ankle was so
inflamed it was twice the
size of my left one.
damage to the body
Her injuries were minor;
just a few cuts and bruises.
intensive care unit
section of the hospital where
patients get constant attention
and doctors rely on
specialized equipment
She will remain in the ICU
until she can breathe on her
under the skin, inside the
The doctors will be
monitoring her for any
internal bleeding.
feeling discomfort on the
skin's surface
If you are allergic to this
medication your skin will
get red and itchy.
a tube that pumps liquids and
medication into a patient's
The toddler was so
dehydrated that the doctor
decided to get him on an
lab results
tests that come back from a
laboratory and help doctors
make a diagnosis
The lab results have come
in and you are free to go
lab (laboratory)
place where samples of
blood/urine etc. are taken for
I'll take these samples
down to the lab on my way
life support
a machine that keeps patients
alive by helping them breathe
The woman has severe
brain damage and is
currently on life support.
when injuries and conditions
are extremely serious
The victim was shot in two
places but the bullet
wounds are not lifethreatening.
feeling of dizziness and being If you are feeling lightoff-balance, caused by lack of headed again, lie down
oxygen in the brain
and call me.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
expected to grow and get
much worse (especially
related to cancerous cells)
medical school
(med. school)
After eight years of
place where someone trains to
medical school I can
be a doctor
finally practice medicine.
You have to support her
an infant that is less than three
neck because she is still a
months old
no feeling in a certain body
The needle will make your
lower body feel numb.
OR (operating
the place where major
surgeries and operations take
You must wear a face mask
and gloves while you are in
the OR.
operation noun
operate on verb
a medical procedure that
The operation lasted seven
involves going inside a
hours, but it was
person's body in an attempt to
fix a problem
strong discomfort in certain
areas of the body
We gave your husband
some medicine to relieve
some of the pain.
pain killer, pain
type of medicine that takes
away some or all of the
discomfort of an illness or
You can take two pain
killers every four hours.
unable to move certain areas
of the body
We thought her legs were
paralyzed for life, but she
is learning how to walk.
a person staying in a hospital
or medical facility
The patients in Room 4
are not getting along.
a person who fills a doctor's
prescription and gives people
advice about medication
Ask the pharmacist if
there is a generic brand of
this medication.
a place where people go to
buy medication and other
medical supplies
You should be able to buy
a bandage at the
Ask your family physician
I'm afraid at least one of
the tumours is malignant.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
to refer you to a specialist.
a substance that is very
dangerous if it enters the
human body
The child was bitten by a
poisonous snake.
of the time period leading up
to giving birth
The woman was well
prepared for labour
because she took the
prenatal classes.
prescription noun
prescribe verb
the correct amount and type of You will need to visit your
medication needed to cure an doctor to get another
illness or relieve symptoms
poison noun
poisonous adj
privacy noun
private adj
being alone; personal (eg test
You will have to pay for a
private hospital room if
you don't want a roommate.
high energy X-rays that
destroy cancer cells
If the radiation doesn't kill
all of the abnormal cells,
the cancer will come back.
part of a doctor's training that
takes place in the hospital;
a student working under a
John is a resident under Dr
routine check-up
a doctor's appointment to
check a person's general
I'd like to see you a year
from now for a routine
plain uniform (usually green,
white, or blue) worn by
medical professionals
I have some extra scrubs
in my locker.
scrub up
carefully wash hands before
and after seeing a patient
I have to scrub up and get
ready for surgery.
second opinion
input from a second doctor
about an illness or symptom
I went to another doctor to
get a second opinion about
these headaches.
sudden violent movements or
unconsciousness caused by
electrical signal malfunction
in the brain
People who suffer from
epilepsy are prone to
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
The woman was in shock
body not getting enough blood
after being pulled from the
side effects
other symptoms that might
occur as a result of a certain
medication or procedure
One of the side effects of
antidepressants is a loss of
I have a sore throat and a
runny nose.
the uncontrollable tightening
of a muscle
Ever since I injured my leg
I've been having muscle
spasms in my upper thigh.
a doctor that is an expert in a
certain kind of medicine
My family doctor is
sending me to a specialist.
an injury (less serious than a
break) to a joint (ankle, wrist,
knee etc)
I sprained my knee
playing soccer.
stable condition
a patient is stable if their
You can see your husband
medical condition is no longer now; he is in a stable
changing rapidly
sharp, temporary pain
It may sting when I insert
the needle.
stress noun
stressed adj
worry that causes muscles to
tighten and blood pressure to
You need to take some
time off work and relieve
some of your stress.
swelling noun
swollen adj
ligaments (parts that hold the
joints together) growing
bigger and rounder after an
injury to a joint
I knew my ankle was
sprained because it was so
pain or physical changes that
occur because of an illness or
You have all of the
symptoms of a diabetic.
amount of heat measured in a
body; higher than normal
We brought Jesse to
emergency because he was
running a (high)
painful when touched or used
The incision was tender
after the surgery.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
test results
medical information that helps The test results came back
doctors understand a patient's negative. You aren't
condition or body
treatment aimed at improving
a person's mental or physical
I was able to go back to
work a few weeks after
starting the therapy.
moving of an organ from one
human to another
The heart transplant saved
your life.
a test that examines the body's
The ultrasound shows that
internal organs and processes
we are expecting a baby
using sound waves (often used
during pregnancies)
umbilical cord
I had an emergency Cthe lifeline from the mother to section because the
the fetus (when cut at birth
umbilical cord was
this forms the belly button)
wrapped around the baby's
alive, but appearing to be
asleep and unaware of the
I hit my head on the
steering wheel and was still
unconscious when the
ambulance arrived.
urine sample
a small amount of the body's
liquid waste that is tested for
different medical reasons
The urine sample tells us
how much alcohol is in
your blood.
the thin tubes that transport
blood around the body and
back to the heart
I'm just looking for the best
vein in which to insert the
a dangerous organism that
causes the spread of minor
and major diseases
The virus is contractable
through the exchange of
bodily fluids.
visiting hours
time of day when friends and
family are allowed to visit
patients in hospital
I'm afraid you'll have to
come back during visiting
discharge of a person stomach The pregnant woman can't
contents through the mouth
stop vomiting.
a section of a hospital or
health facility where patients
I should warn you that
we're entering the mental
health ward.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
a chair on wheels used for
transporting patients from
place to place
If you get in the
wheelchair I'll take you
down to see the garden.
wound noun
wounded adj
The wounded soldiers are
injury to body ("flesh wound"
being airlifted to the
means not deep)
a photograph of a person's
bones and organs
The technician took x-rays
of my shoulder to make
sure it wasn't broken.
I. Translate from Russian into English .
расстройство желудка, приемный покой, нервный срыв, сделать укол (2),
записаться на прием к доктору, быть на больничном (2), быть на диете (4),
слечь с (3).
II. Translate from English into Russian.
1. Our child is laid up with chicken pox. The disease is very catching so You
must examine your kids thoroughly.
2. Our uncle underwent an operation so he is very weak. Sometimes he may
feel sick and giddy.
3. I am wrong with my heart. Yesterday I was near a heart attack.
4. If you have something wrong with your health, make an appointment with a
5. The doctor opened the patient and examined him thoroughly.
6. The dentist not only filled my teeth but also prescribed me some good
antibiotics and a tonic.
7. I had an attack of hypertension. But the doctor gave me a needle and my
pressure dropped.
8. If you suffer from hypertension test your blood pressure regularly.
9. Ann behaves strangely. She must have a nervous breakdown.
10. The patient is short of breath. There must be something wrong with his
III. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate words.
1. When I had a heart attack I was taken to hospital and … my blood pressure
… Then the doctor gave me a … He … … a prescription for me. More than
that he advised me to … a … of vegetables, fruit and dairy products.
2. Before …. my teeth out the dentist … my teeth and … the ones which could
be saved.
3. I have a bad … Could you give me a … for it. I want to sleep well.
4. Before an … you must have your tooth …to know if it can be filled.
5. You look so sick and miserable. You should be on …
6. When a person has … he suffers from a sharp burning pain in his stomach.
7. Go to the drugstore and have this … made up for you.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
8. The doctor cures his patients …diphtheria.
9. This is a great cure … scarlet fever.
10. If you …. the doctor’s directions you will never … ill again.
IV. Translate from Russian into English.
1. - Я хочу найти лекарство от бессонницы. – Принимайте эту микстуру
по столовой ложке перед сном.
2. Этот хирург прекрасно проводит операции. Все его пациенты не имеют
осложнений после перенесенной процедуры.
3. Симптомы скарлатины – жгучая боль в животе, повышенная
температура и головокружение.
4. Я записался на прием к врачу. У доктора мне измерили давление и
сделали анализ крови. Потом доктор выписал мне рецепт.
5. Эти пятнышки на теле могут оставить следы навсегда.
6. Этот зуб не обязательно вырывать. Я сделал вам рентген и считаю, что
его можно запломбировать.
7. У меня глаза опухли и чешутся. Доктор, это заразно?
8. Я на больничном уже неделю, а все равно голова кружится.
9. От ветрянки не умирают, но это очень заразная болезнь, и могут быть
10. Доктор мне выписал рецепт на микстуру. Я иду в аптеку, чтобы мне
составили лекарство по его рецепту.
I. Translate from Russian into English.
Жар, храп, нервный срыв, сделать укол (2), приемный покой, дрожать, группа
крови, быть на больничном (2), быть на диете (4), слечь с (3).
II. Translate from English into Russian.
1. The man had a high temperature. By the evening his fever went above thirtyeight degrees but as he had a hold over himself he continued working.
2. As the boy had the flu, he shivered and looked miserable. His hold over
himself was very slack and he easily cried at little things that were of no
3. When a person has hypertension his blood pressure rises up to a certain
4. I am the same blood type as my brother so I will keep my sleeves rolled up.
5. – I am so nervous! I am having a procedure of getting adenoids out. The fear
is driving me crazy! They are going to take away a piece of me! – You are to
have a common procedure and the whole world has to stop! Not everything
is about you! What example are you setting for kids!
6. I had an attack of hypertension. But the doctor gave me a needle and my
pressure dropped.
7. If you suffer from hypertension test your blood pressure regularly.
8. Ann behaves strangely. She must have a nervous breakdown.
9. Your husband neglected to tell the doctors about his allergy and they
couldn’t bring him up from anesthesia.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
10. It aches to move! I must have a fever! – Take it easy! Take this capsule with
III. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate words.
1. My son told me that he had a…. I put my hand on his … and understood that
he had a fever.
2. Go to the drugstore and have this … made up for you.
3. The doctor cures his patients …diphtheria.
4. This is a great cure … scarlet fever.
5. If you …. the doctor’s directions you will never … ill again.
6. When people have adenoids problem their … is getting worse and they have
difficulties with….
7. When I had a heart attack I was taken to hospital and … my blood pressure
… Then the doctor gave me a … He … … a prescription for me. More than
that he advised me to … a … of vegetables, fruit and dairy products.
8. These capsules can … the … condition. You see, the … of influenza can
exist in … condition. Follow the …., take your …. regularly and don’t
9. When the man … that he didn’t have pneumonia his … relaxed slowly.
10. I am …with my heart. Yesterday I was near a heart ….
IV. Translate from Russian into English.
1. Я знаю этот его глупый разговор! Когда у него кружится голова, и
поднимается температура, он теряет самообладание и плачет по всяким
2. - Почему ты отказываешься принимать прописанные лекарства? – Они
мне не помогут. – Какая глупость!
3. Посмотри на мальчика! У него щеки горят, его лихорадит, ему больно
двигаться! У него грипп.
4. Не бойся, я буду с тобой во время процедуры, мы всегда держимся
вместе. Кроме того, у нас одна группа крови.
5. Удаление зуба – это очень простая и безболезненная процедура.
6. Мы с братом имеем одну и ту же группу крови.
7. Эти пятнышки на теле могут оставить следы навсегда.
8. Этот зуб не обязательно вырывать. Я сделал вам рентген и считаю, что
его можно запломбировать.
9. У меня глаза опухли и чешутся. Доктор, это заразно?
10. Я на больничном уже неделю, а все равно голова кружится.
I. Translate from Russian into English.
Состояние, быть не в состоянии делать что-то, отказ, сбить температуру,
застыв от ужаса, незначительное заболевание, с медицинской точки зрения,
жалкая развалина, воздержаться от алкоголя, сделать укол (2), слечь с (3).
II. Translate from English into Russian.
1. This was a great doctor! Even when he was on sick leave he phoned his outpatients and asked them about their condition.
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2. As the boy had the flu, he shivered and looked miserable. His hold over
himself was very slack and he easily cried at little things that were of no
3. When children have chicken pox they have a rash and the spots are swollen
and itching.
4. At the meeting the doctors remembered their years of study at the university,
how they walked the hospitals and tried to work with their in-patients.
5. – I am so nervous! I am having a procedure of getting adenoids out. The fear
is driving me crazy! They are going to take away a piece of me! – You are to
have a common procedure and the whole world has to stop! Not everything
is about you! What example are you setting for kids!
6. The most unhealthy and even dangerous mixture is the mixture of fat and
7. Food industry hijacks the brains of consumers. Eating only highly palatable
food they lose control over their eating and become obese.
8. Carbohydrates are a source of energy for our body.
9. Your husband had neglected to tell the doctors about his allergy and they
couldn’t bring him up from anesthesia.
10. I am the same blood type as my brother so I will keep my sleeves rolled up.
III. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate words.
1. I am …with my heart. Yesterday I was near a heart ….
2. These capsules can … the … condition. You see, the … of influenza can
exist in … condition. Follow the …., take your …. regularly and don’t
3. When people have adenoids problem their … is getting worse and they have
difficulties with….
4. This is a great cure … scarlet fever.
5. Go to the drugstore and have this … made up for you.
6. Highly … food has poor ….
7. Food at the restaurants attracts us … and we can’t … it.
8. When a person has …. his blood ….. rises up to a certain level.
9. The man had a high ….. By the evening his …. went above thirty-eight ….
but as he had a …. over himself he continued working.
10. When I came to the doctor he even … me and just … my tongue.
IV. Translate from Russian into English.
1. У меня глаза опухли и чешутся. Доктор, это заразно?
2. Эти пятнышки на теле могут оставить следы навсегда.
3. Удаление зуба – это очень простая и безболезненная процедура.
4. Посмотри на мальчика! У него щеки горят, его лихорадит, ему больно
двигаться! У него грипп.
5. Я знаю этот его глупый разговор! Когда у него кружится голова, и
поднимается температура, он теряет самообладание и плачет по всяким
6. Современным людям необходимо вести себя сознательно и относиться
к еде настороженно и внимательно.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
7. Когда люди озабочены мыслями о еде, они едят много рафинированной
пищи, но не чувствуют сытости.
8. Этот зуб не обязательно вырывать. Я сделал вам рентген и считаю, что
его можно запломбировать.
9. Не бойся, я буду с тобой во время процедуры, мы всегда держимся
вместе. Кроме того, у нас одна группа крови.
10. Я вошел в кабинет врача здоровым, счастливым человеком, а выполз
оттуда несчастной развалиной.
I. Translate the following sentences into English using the active vocabulary.
1. У меня болит горло. Наверное, это ангина.
2. Она серьезно больна. Ее положили в больницу. Возможно, ей предстоит
3. Я вам советую обратиться к врачу и чем скорее, тем лучше. У вас
больной вид.
4. Если бы диагноз был бы тогда установлен, больного немедленно бы
отправили в больницу.
5. Я был ранен в ногу во время войны, и сейчас долгая ходьба вызывает у
меня боль.
6. У меня сильная боль в правом боку (в колене, в левом ухе, в обоих
глазах, в грудной клетке, в груди)' У меня болит глаз (болит рука, нога,
7. У вас высокая температура. Вам нужен постельный режим в течение
двух-трех дней.
8. Петрова больна воспалением легких (скарлатиной, ангиной, гриппом).
9. Его лечили от гриппа, но у него оказалось воспаление легких.
10. Это очень хорошее лекарство от головной боли (от ушной боли, зубной
11. На юге США десятки тысяч афроамериканцев страдают от туберкулеза.
Они не получают необходимого лечения. Смертность среди негров, больных
туберкулезом, чрезвычайно высока.
12. Болезнь эта пока неизлечима. Известны методы лечения, сохраняющие
больному жизнь на много лет; но они пока не дают полного излечения.
13. Осложнения после этой болезни хуже, чем сама болезнь.
14. Повара, официантки, няни в детских садах и яслях и т. п. раз в месяц
проходят медицинский осмотр. '
15. Все дети до поступления в школу должны пройти серьезный, тщательный
медицинский осмотр.
16. Родители пионеров, уезжающих в пионерские лагеря, должны
представить справку (certificate) о том, что в семье и доме нет инфекционных заболеваний.
17. Вам нужно пройти рентген и сделать все необходимые анализы.
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
18. У больного опухли суставы (joints) и выступила сыпь (rash broke out),
воспалены глаза и горло.
19. У него больное сердце. Вчера у него был сильный (bad) сердечный
приступ. Он в постели. Врач запретил ему вставать в течение трех дней.
20. У Марии Михайловны неприятности с. почками (с сердцем, с
желудком, с легкими).
21. Эти пилюли от кашля, капли (drops) от насморка, мазь (ointment) от
зуда кожи (itch).
22. Доктор выписал мне рецепт и сказал, что лекарство мне приготовят в
любой аптеке.
23. Она была очень больна, лежала без сознания в течение двух дней.
Сейчас ей лучше. Завтра я пойду навестить ее. Я не знаю, разрешат ли мне
передать ей цветы и фрукты.
24. Пенициллин - прекрасное средство борьбы с воспалительными
25. Усилиями врачей малярия — одно из самых распространенных
заболеваний в прошлом сведена на нет.
26. Он выздоровел (оправился) от тифа и сейчас совершенно здоров.
27. Меня слегка тошнит. У меня легкий озноб, болит все тело, кружится
голова. Я больна.
28. Самое лучшее средство от простуды — утренняя зарядка, обтирание
холодной водой, регулярные прогулки на лыжах, посещение катка.
29. Вам надо смерить температуру. Вот термометр. Стряхните его (shake it
off) и поставьте под мышку.
1. The saying goes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Now
why is that true?
Why must cooks, waitresses, grocery assistants, etc. undergo periodical
medical examinations?
When were you ill last?
Did you have to keep (to) your bed?
Were you put on the sick-list?
Was the doctor called in?
What did you put complain of?
What examination did the doctor give you (put you through)?
Were laboratory tests called for?
How did the doctor diagnose the case?
What treatment did he prescribe?
Did you make out any prescription?
How long did it take you to get well?
Do bad teeth ever bother you?
Has a bad tooth ever kept you awake all night? What did you do about it?
What treatment does a doctor usually prescribe to a patient suffering from
the flu?
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What diseases did you suffer from in childhood?
What do you usually do for a headache?
What are the symptoms of the grippe?
What measures are taken at your Institute to protect the students? Do you
have to undergo annual medical examinations? What does it include?
What must one do to keep in good health?
Appendix 1
Phrases expressing agreement and disagreement
I agree with…
Right you are!
You are absolutely right.
I agree wholeheartedly.
This is true.
I couldn’t agree with you more.
That’s exactly how I feel.
No doubt.
I partially agree.
I disagree
I am against it because…
Instead, I think that…
On the contrary…
I am afraid I can’t agree…
You are not quite right.
I’m afraid, I completely disagree with you.
I seriously doubt it.
Appendix 2
Reported speech
To say
To report
To agree/disagree
To mention
To tell
To whisper
To exclaim
To declare
To assure
To explain
To ask
To question
To wonder
Appendix 3
Can you imagine…
Such a dear!/Such a bore!/Such a nuisance!
Copyright ОАО «ЦКБ «БИБКОМ» & ООО «Aгентство Kнига-Cервис»
If you ask me…
This is my way of looking at it.
You may be right, but…
All the same…
What makes you say that?
Don’t you agree that…
What's your idea?
What are your thoughts on all of this?
How do you feel about that?
Do you have anything to say about this?
What do you think?
Do you agree?
Wouldn't you say?
Жильцы дома «Магнолия». (По Э. Стакли). Кн.для чтения на
англ.яз.для студентов I курса пед.ин-тов. Учеб.пособие по спец.№
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