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Number GB400050A
EN Title Improvements in or relating to centrifugal moulding machines
compressed-air reservoirs 19, 20 arranged within a hollow rotary
cylinder, frame or the like, together with devices actuated by
compressed air from the reservoirs for holding a casting-mould 10
within the cylinder 1.
Runner rings 2 mounted on rollers 3 carry the cylinder.
Compressed-air cylinders 4, 5, 6 are mounted in the cylinder and
actuate pistons 7, 8, 9 which engage plates 16 or levers 14, 15 for
holding the mould 10 with reinforcements 11, 12 on rails 13.
The cylinders 4, 5, 6 are connected by pipes with the reservoirs 19,
20, and may be operated simultaneously or in groups by appropriate
valves so as correctly to position the mould when the cylinder 1 is
The cylinders may operate on the mould through a toggle-lever system.
Large pipes may be used instead of the reservoirs.
Compressed air is supplied through
source such as a motor-driven plant.
pipe 17 and valve 18 from a
_,., 1;
_- -2i. - L1_ PATENT SPECIFICATION -I =.,.
Applica ion Date: Feb. 6, 1933. No. 3620/33.
Complete Accepted: Oct. 19, 1933.
--- I::. in or relating to Centrifugal Moulding Machines..
I, EIxnrici NOLZE, of 34, Glockenstrasse, Kaiserslautern, Germany, a
German Citizen, 'do hereby declare the nature of this invention and in
what manner the same is to be performed, to be particularly described
and ascertained in and by the following statement:This invention- relates to improvements in centrifugal moulding
machines of the type wherein mould parts are held together or
positioned by devices operated by compressed air - or fliid cylinders
the centrifugal apparatus and adapted to rotate
In order to obtain definitely a secure -holding of the mould to be
cast in a centrifugal apparatus; that is- in rotating runner rings, or
in a rotating hollow cylinder, or -in a- frame construction, which is
held by runner rings according to this invention, compressed air
reservoirs together with devices actuated by compressed air from said
air reservoirs are arranged within a hollow cylinder, frame or the
like for holding a centrifugal casting mould within the hollow
cylinder or the like whereby the component parts for positioning the
centrifugal casting mould are disposed between the hollow cylinder and
Further there is provided within the centrifugal casting machine a
valve gear serving to connect or disconnect the pressure cylinders.
The accompanying drawing shows one form
apparatus in accordance with the invention.
rotating hollow cylinder 1, which may be made as a frame
construction with runner rings 2, is driven in the usual manner by
means of bearing rollers 3.
In this casting apparatus are built in the compressed air cylinders 4,
5 and 6, in which work pistons (not shown) having plates 7, 8 and 9
fixed to the outer end of piston rods 71 81 and 91. 10 is a casting
mould, which rests, by means of reinforcements 11 and 12, on the rails
On the casting mould 10 holding devices formed directly or indirectly
as levers 14 and 15, or plates 16, are provided, on which the
compressed air cylinders work and position the casting moulds.
Admission of air is effected througn. the pipe 17. Connecting and
disconnecting t5i is effected by valve gear 18 which al rotates with
the cylinder. Compressed air reservoirs 19, 20 or correspondingly
largely constructed pipes provide that, during the casting process the
cylinders 60(4, 5, and 6 which are connected with the compressed airreservoirs and each other by means of pipes, are under a sufficiently
strong pressure of compressed air.
With this construction there results an 65 extraordinarily quick
connecting land disconnecting of the moulds, which must be pushed into
the centrifugal casting apparatus- and held there. The compressed -air
reservoirs -rotating therewith are 701 together with the pressure
placed under pressure whilst the centrifugal casting
apparatus is stationary -by operating the valve gear. There follows a
quick, -but yet --gentle approach of, the 75 holding devices through
the pressure cylinders. In order to maintain the pressure during the
the compressed air reservoirs need only be of smfall
dimensions. Loosening occurs 80 through release of the pressure and
can take place in a few seconds .
It is not essential that the pressure plates secured on the ends of
the piston rods should press direct on the opposite 85 plates or
holding devices. A lever system such as a toggle may be arranged
between the piston rod and pressure plates in order to obtain greater
As further by reason of the light 9Q weight, the use of a large number
of such indirect working press cylinders makes no kind of difficulty,
there is the possibility of holding a long mould at very many more
points, than was possible 95hitherto with screw-closures of the most
diverse kind.
The workman is entirely without influence over the power with which
the moulds are held. He has only to con- 10nect the valve gear with a
air pipe. Immediately on putting the pressure into
operation, the correct operation of the pressure cylinders and the
holding devices result. According to the kind of 105S valve gear the
pressure cylinders can be Improvements 2 400,050 actuated in known,
manner in groups or simultaneously.
By the use of the positioning device with the air of regulated,
compressed air cylinders rotating therewith, there results not only a
great certainty when casting long nmoulds, but also a large saving in
the running cost.
A workman, who has only a few manual operations to perform is in a
position to effect in a few seconds without trouble, that which, up to
the present was only possible by employing a large number of people
with closures. which would have to be operated individually and
The amount of compressed air required for the
connecting is very small.
If compressed air is not available, it is sufficient for instance to
set up a compressed air plant, which could be driven even for large
moulds by a motor of less than 1 k[[w]]
Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my
said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, I
declare that what I
claim is:-
1. An improved centrifugal moulding machine characterised in that
air reservoirs are arranged within a rotary hollow
cylinder, frame or the like, together with devices actuated by
compressed air from said air reservoirs, for holding a centrifugal
casting mould within the hollow cylinder, frame or the 35. like.
2. An improved centrifugal moulding machine according to claim 1,
characterised in that the compressed air cylinders are connected
altogether or in 4O. groups, so that, whilst the centrifugal casting
mould is stationary, they can be actuated all together or in groups.
3. An improved centrifugal moulding machine according to Claims 1 and
2 5 characterised in that a valve gear is arranged within the hollow
cylinder for connecting or disconnecting the air reservoirs with an
external supply of air.
4. An improved centrifugal moulding machine according to Claims 1 to
3, characterised in that holding devices arranged on the casting mould
are each engaged by the outer end of a piston rod, each of said piston
rods connected to a piston reciprocating in a compressed air cylinder
substantially as described.
An, improved centrifugal moulding maichine substantially as
described and as illustrated in the accompanying drawings. Dated this
6th day of February, 1933. BAYLY and BERTHON, 59 and 60, Chancery
Lane, London, W[[C]] 2, Agents for the Applicant. Redhill: Printed for
His Majesty's Stationery Office, by Love and Malcomson, Ltd.-1933.
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