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Number GB400510A
EN Title Improvements in or relating to means for electro-plating
[Class 41.] A portable electrode for plating by direct application
comprises a hollow metallic anode 1 surrounded by felt or the like 2.
The anode is filled with electrolyte which percolates to the material
2 through holes 3.
The anode
shown is formed by soldering two dished plates along their
The plates are joined to a metal rod 4 the near end of which is hollow
and provided with a hole 8.
Filling is effected by turning a hole 9 on a rotatable insulating
cover 5 into coincidence with the hole 8.
The anode may alternatively be formed by slightly flattening a short
length of metal tubing and completely closing it at one end.
In a modification the anode is wedge-shaped and provided with a screw
plug for filling.
In another modification the anode is formed as a cylindrical roller
mounted in a forked handle to which it is electrically connected by
spring washers.
Specification 3087/04, [Class 41, Electrolysis], is referred to.
Application Date: March 25, 1933. No. 9079/33.
400O51O0 Complete Accepted: Oct. 2d, 1933.
Improvements in or relating to Means for Electro-plating.
1, ALFRED ERNEST OEWEY, of 19, Cnampbell Road, West Croydon, in the
County of Surrey, a subject of the King of Great Britain, do hereby
declare the nature of this invention and in what manner the same is to
be performed, to be particularly described and ascertained in and by
the following statement:- The present invention relates to devices 0 f
or electro-plating comprising an electrode connected to a. battery or
other source of power and adapted to be passed over the surface to be
plated, electrolyte being suitably supplied locally by such means as
'a pad of felt or the like surrounding and in contact with the
eleetrode. In one type of apparatus the electrolyte is supplied
continuously to the electrode by means of a flexible tube; for
instance, in Patent Specification No.
3087 of 1904 it has been proposed to make apparatus of this type in
the form of a vessel to which the electrolyte is supplied by the
is obviously open to certain
disadvantages: for example limitation of the radius of action as
determined by the length of flexible tubing and that in any case the
presence of such tubing tends to hamper the free movement of the
electrode. These disadvantages lare obviated in another type of
to which the present invention exclusively relates,
wjherein the electrode comprises a. metal plate mounted on a suitable
handle for manual operation, the plate being surrounded by a felt or
like pad adapted tp be soaked in the electrolyte. Obviously, the
amount of the electrolyte which can be absorbed vby the pad is very
limited and consequently it is necessary frequently to immerse the
electrode in a supply of electrolyte in order to replenish the latter.
The present invention has for its chief object to overg come this
disadvantage, thus enabling a greatly augmented surface of plating to
be effected without replenishment of the electrolyte.
According to the invention, in apparatus of the second-mentioned
tyrpe, the metal element is surrounded by the pad of felt or the like
and is made hollow and means is provided whereby it may be [ pus 4,,
filled with electrolyte, which in use is permitted gradually to
percolate through 55. the pad of felt or the like so as automatically
to maintain the supply of electrolyte to the surface which is being
plated over a considerable period.
In order that the invention may be 60clearly Understood and readily
carried into effect it will now be described more fully with reference
to the accompanying drawing which illustrates various forms of
electrode in accordance with the inven- 65tion and wherein:i Figure 1
is a plan view, Figure 2 is a longitudinal section of one form of
Figures 3 and 4 are respectively a plan 7view and la side view of a
second form of electrode, and Figure 5 is a perspective view of a
further modification.
In Figures 1 and 5, the felt or like 75 covering of the electrode is
shown as partially removed for the purpose of more effective3
In the electrode illustrated in Figures 1 and 2 the central metal
1 is 80' formed as a kind of flattened shoe, being
conveniently made of two slightly dished plates soldered together
along their edges so as to constitute a. hollow body. Alternatively,
this hollow body might be 85 formed by slighitly flattening a short
length of metal tube and completely closing it iat one end. The metal
shoe so formed is surrounded by a felt or like pad 2 and is provided
with holes 3 whereby go electrolyte may percolate frofi the inside of
the shoe 1 to the pad 2 and so on to the surface to be plated. The
shoe is soldered or otherwise secured to 'a metal rod 4 surrounded by
a cylinder 5 of vulcanite or the like which constitutes a suitable
handle, the metal rod extending through the vulcanite cylinder land
being fitted with a screw terminal 6 for connection to the source of
power to be zoo; employed. The metal rod 4 is, as indicated, bored at
the end to which the shoe 1 is attached and. in proximity to the end
of the bore 7 remote from the shoe, there is a radial hole 8 for the
purpose of 'io filling the shoe 1 and bore 7 with electrolyte. To this
end a corresponding aperture 9 is formed in the vulcanite cylinder
which is adapted to be turned around the rod 4 in order to open or
close the hole 8. Obviously, electrolyte may be either poured in
through the holes 9 and 8, or the shoe 1 and, if desired, a portion of
the rod 4, may be immersed in the electrolyte, the holes 8 and 9
serving as an air vent which, when the shoe 1 and, if desired, the
bore 7 have been filled may be closed by rotating the vulcanite
cylinder 5 around the rod 4. If preferred, the bore 7 may be extended
up to nearly the whole length of the rod 4, the holes 8 and 9 being
correspondingly transferred.
The electrode depicted in Figures 3 and 4 may conveniently be
constructed to hold a larger amount of electrolyte than that described
with reference to Figures 1 and 2, the metal shoe being: made in the
tank which, as indicated, is conveniently
wedge-shaped. Holes are formed in the bottom of the tank to allow the
electrolyte to percolate through to the felt on the under surface, and
a screw plug 10 is provided for the purpose of filling the tank with
electrolyte. The handle 11 is conveniently made of wood or other
insulating material through which there passes a metal rod soldered or
otherwise secured at one end to the tank and fitted at the other end
with a screw terminal 6.
In the modification shown in Figure 5 the metal shoe is replaced by a
hollow cylinder which may be filled with electrolyte. Electrical
connection with a screw terminal 6 is made by means of a conducting
rod 4 passing through the handle 11 and connected with a fork 12 in
which the cylindrical tank is rotatably mounted, metal spring washers
13 being inserted between the fork and the tank in order to ensure
electrical continuity.
Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my
said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed,_I
declare that what I
claim is:
1. An electrode for electro-plating of the type set forth, wherein the
metal element is surrounded by the pad of felt or the like and is made
means is provided whereby it may be filled with
2. An electrode as in claim 1, wherein the hollow metal element is
provided with holes foi percolation of the electrolyte from the
interior to the felt or like pad.
3. An electrode as in claim 1, wherein the hollow metal element is
formed of two dished plates secured along their edges.
4. An electrode as in claim 1, wherein the hollow metal element is
secured to a rod and is in communication with a bore in the rod having
an outlet in proximity to the end remote from the metal element.
5. An electrode as in claim 4, wherein the rod is surrounded by an
insulating cylinder rotatable thereon and having an aperture adapted,
by rotation of the, cylinder around the rod, to be in or oUt of
register with the outlet from the bore.
6. An electrode as in claim 1, wherein the hollow metal element is
formed as a tank provided with a withdrawahle plug for the insertion
of electrolyte.
7. An electrode as in (laim 6, wherein the tank is constituted as a
cylinder rotatably mounted in a fork and electrically connected
therewith by spring washers or equivalent means.
8. An electrode for electro-plating substantially as herein described
with refercnce either to Figures 1 and 2, Figures 3 and 4, or Figure 5
of the accompanying drawing. Dated this 25th day of March, 1933.
HASELTINE, LAKE and Co., 28, Southampton Buildings, London. England,
and 19-25, West 44th Street, New York. U[[S]]A., Agents for the
Applicant. Redhill: Printed for His Majesty's Stationery Office, 85.
9G;1 400,510 by LoFe and Malcomson, Ltd-193and
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