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Number GB401839A
EN Title Improved means
brooders by electricity
heating chicken incubators, hovers or
24160 and 31991.
[Class 5 (ii).] An incubator. hover, or brooder is provided with
electrically heated elements of a solid character embedded within or
closely adjacent to blocks of metal of high thermal capacity that
carry plates for radiating heat into the incubator or brooder.
In the brooder shown, electrically heated mica covered coils 5 are
embedded in metal blocks 6 to the upper surface of which is attached a
plate 7 of high thermal conductivity and provided on its lower surface
with a coating of lamp black.
The heating elements may be connected up to switchgear by which some
of the elements may be arranged in series or in parallel with the
others or may be cut out entirely while current flows through the
No. 24,160, A. D. 1932.
An Improved Method oi Heating Chicken Incubators, Hovers or
Brooders by eccity.
I, HE'NRY Bu, xows, oi West Thorn,
Breck Road, Poulton-le-Fylde, in the
County of Lancashire, of British Nationalitv, do hereby declare the
nature of this invention to be as follows:In carrying out my invention I employ the principe of accumulating or
storing the heat generated by an electric heating element or elements
of any convenient form or dimension in such a manner that a portion of
the said accumulated heat is radiated in the event of any accidental
or intentional interruption of the main current supply to the said
electric heating element or elements. The said storage of heat may be
effected either by employing a mass of metal with a large thermal
capacity to which the heating element is attache or embedded.
In carrying out my invention I eon- serve the stored heat by suitable
insulat- ing material applied to each side of the storage element
except that from which the heat is radiated into the interior of the
appliance and secure a more diffused radiation by attaching a metal
radiating plate in close contact with the radiating surface of the
storage block. Regulation of the heat radiated may be effected by
screening with insulating material any desired area of the radiating
surface, or thermostatic control may be utilised so as to regulate the
temperature to any desired degree.
No. 31,991, A. D. 1932. Improvements in the Construction of Electric
Heaters for Chicken
Hovers or Brooders and Incubators.
I, ENRY BURROWS, of West Thorn,
Breck Road, Poulton-le-Fylde, in the
County of Lancashire, of British Nationality, do hereby declare the
nature of this invention to be as follows:In Chicken Hovers or Brooders or
Incubators heated by means of radiating blocks in which are embedded
or attache electric heating elements I furnish the said block with two
heating elements one of a high wattage for raising the initial
temperature of the radiating block to the desired degree and a second
element of lower wattage and of sufficient heating capacity to
eompensate for any loss of heat by radiation when in use. I further
connect the two elements to a siiitably constructed switch so that
with the switch in one position the current is supplied to both
elements or to the main heating element, and that when in the second
position the current is supplied to the maintenance heating element
Improved Means for Heating Chicken Incubators, Hovers or
Brooders by Electricity.
I, HENRY Burrows, of West Thorn, Breck Road, Poulton-le-Fylde, in the
County of Lancaster, of British Nationality, do hereby declare the
nature of this invention and in what manner the same is to be
performed, to be particularly described and ascertained in and by the
following statement:The invention relates to the
incubators, hovers or brooders.
of chicken
It has been proposed to provide heat storage means to help maintain
the temperature in an incubator or the like in the event of temporary
failure of supply of electrical current thereto, and the object of my
invention is to provide improved means for this purpose.
According to my invention, an element or elements of a solid
character, and heated electrically, is or are embedded within and, or,
closely adjacent to a block of metal , or number thereof, which metal
has a high thermal capacity, or is one capable of holding or absorbing
a large number of heat units for a given temperature. The block or
blocks referred to is or are also closely adjacent to a plate or
member of high conductivity, so that heat imparted thereto may be
readily conducted to the surfaces or edges of the said member, and
which member is adapted for radiating heat into the incubator or the
like concerned.
Under certain circumstances it may be possible to arrange that some of
the elements employed for heating purposes are of a hiher wattage than
the remainder of the elements, or so that with the use of a suitable
switch or electrical parts the current may be allowed to pass through
all the elements at one period, and only through a portion thereof at
another period or periods.
With reference to the accompanying drawings, illustrating
arrangements of my invention by way of example, iFig. 1 is a
elevation of a hover or chicken brooder of a rectangular
provided according to a form of my invention. Fig. 2 is a
view of
forms and
form, and
Fig. 1, with portions broken away in order to indicate more clearly
what is below. Fig. 3 is a modification of a part in Fig. 1. Fig. 4 is
a diagrammatic view for showing ordinary wiring arrangements in
relation to a switch whereby some of the heating elements may be
cut-off from current of electricity when desired. Fig. a shows
similarly an ordinary wiring arrangement as an example where heating
elements of varying wattage are desirable.
Said arrangement is one where the elements named are capable of being
arrange either in parallel or in series for the purpose named. In the
case of
Figure 4 the wattage would be capable of being halved; in the case of
Fig. 5, the wattage would be capable of being quartered, without any
of the heating elements involved being eut out of circuit.
No claim, is made for such wiring arrangements alone.
Referring to Figs. 1 and 2, the walls of the chicken incubator are
shown at 1, and the roof at 2. Part of a front partition is indicated
at 3 in Fig. 1 to which and depending from which is a curtain of
material at 4, under which chickens may pass as understood.
According to my invention, electrically heated elements indicated at 5
are embedded or situated within metal blocks 6, and closely adjacent
thereto. The elements referred to are here assumed to be com- posed of
mica-covered metal coils which are thus insulated from the blocks 6,
the latter being composed of metal of high thermal capacity. The
uppermost of these blocks 6, or of a divided block, is shown attache
to what is here termed a heatradiating plate or member 7, of a metal
a high heat conductivity. The object is to raise the
temperature of the plate such as 7 by means of heat conducted from the
block or blocks 6, the latter being heated by the electrically heated
elements such as 5.
The under or inner surfaces of the plate 7 and the blocks 6 may be
provided with a surface of lamp black, or the like.
In the example given, wires or leads 8 and 9 respectively are
indicated as being connecte to the plates or elements 5 (or wire 8 at
one end part of an element and wire 9 at the opposite end thereof),
which wires in Fig. 1 pass to a suitable switch or box 10, the details
of which are not required to'be shown. The wires from said switch may
pass to a source of electrical current of suitable value and voltage.
In Fig. 3 blocks 11 and 12 of somewhat different form to that marked 6
Fig. 1 are shown slightly apart for the sake of clearness, but in
reality would be pressed closely down upon the elements 5 between.
Similarly in Fig. 1 the elements referred to would be in close contact
with the inner surfaces of the blocks or parts 6.
In Fig. 4 elements 5, dissociated from the block or blocks to contain
them, are indicated in series, and connected together and with an
electrical source, bv wires 1f;.
A pivoted switch at 17 is shown in position relatively to an
electrical contact 18 so that the current can obviously pass through
both sets of elements 5 indicated.
When the switch is moved as shown by curved arrow line away from
contact 18. the current can only pass through one set of elements
mentioned. In this wav, all the elements may be being heated for
storing up heat during normal operations in the incubator or hover
concerned, or when said extra heat is desirable, while at other
periods the amount of heat in a given incubator or hovermaybe reduced
In the case of Fig. 5, where it is desirable at times to have one set
of elements at a different wattage to another set in the same
incubator or hover, the sets of elements 5 are here arranged in
parallel with each other. The current can pass from a source through
wire 9-1 and divide at the joint thereof with the wire 19 and left arm
of switch 23, or so that current passes through wires 19, through the
lefthand set of elements 5, through the switch arm on the right and so
to wire 22, the latter forming the return current wire.
At the same time, current can pass through wires 20 and the right hand
set of elements 5, and direct to said wire 22.
But when the switch arms are moved to the left, as indicated by curved
arrow lines, and so that the left arm makes contact with a blind
contact part 24, while the right arm of the switch makes electrical
connection with the contact at 25, the current after passing through
the left hand set of elements 5 passes in series manner through the
right hand set thereof, because of the connecting wire 26 between
contact 25 and one part of wire 20.
In this last named arrangement, the full wattage involved when the
elements are parallel, can be reduced four times when the elements are
engaged in series.
The maximum wattage would, of course, be arrange to be suitalble for
the purpose here intended, and not sufficient to affect the elements
in destructive manner.
Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my
said invention, and in what manner the same is to be performed, I
declare that what I claim is:-,
1. In the electrical heating of chicken incubators, hovers or
brooders, the providing of electrically heated elements of a solid
character, which are embedded within and or closely adjacent to a
metal , or number thereof, said metal being of a
comparatively high thermal capacity, said block or blocks also
situated closely adjacent to a plate or the like capable of readily
condueting keat to its outer surfaces or edges whereat it is adapted
for radiating heat into, the inculbator or the like concerned.
2. Means according to claim 1 in which the heating elements employed
are capable of a variation in electrical power or wattage as herein
set forth.
3. In a chicken incubator, hover, or brooder, the combination of parts
described with reference to the accompanying
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