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Number GB411536A
EN Title Improvements relating to double seated poppet valves
[Class 135.] A double-seated poppet valve comprises a cylindrical body
portion a with a conical skirt d, which is thicker than the body a,
and with a bent-out portion e and flange f, the portion e, and, if
desired, also the flange f, being thinner than the body portion a.
With this construction, both closure lips g, h can readily bed down on
their seatings owing to the flexing of the flange f.
f"I '=; i::-,-f PATENT MAXI p
Application Date: Dec 10, 1932 No 35,049/32.
411,536 RE, Complete Accepted: june 11, 1934.
Improvements relating to Double Seated Poppet Valves.
I, HER 1 mi AN LIN Dh Ak S, of 54, Victoria Street, Westminster,
London, S W 1, a British subject, do hereby declare the nature of this
invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, to be
the following
This invention relates to double seated poppet valves and provides an
improved construction of valve body with a view to ensuring that both
lips of the valve body close effectively on the corresponding seats.
Heretofore double seated poppet valve bodies have 'been constructed
with an intermediate cylindrical part having at one end a conical
enlargement or skirt terminating in a lip adapted to close upon one
valve seat and at the other end an annular flat flange terminating in
a lip adapted to close upon the other seat of the valve Valves thus
constructed comprising a relatively thin circular wall supported on a
central boss by radial webs are liable to become distorted under
pressure, for example, by buckling of the skirt of the valve body so
that there is an escape of the pressure fluid between the lip
associated with the skirt and the valve seat on which this lip closes.
According to this invention the skirt is made of material of greater
thickness than that of the -cylindrical part of the valve body and the
bent part of the circular wall of the valve body between the
cylindrical part and the annular flange is made thinner so as to
encourage bending of this part or the flange, to ensure that under
pressure the lip associated with the annular flange wrill be brought
into close contact with its seat By thickening the skirt any liability
of distortion of this part under pressure is removed and thus the
closing of the associated lip on its seat is effective to prevent
leakage past the same.
In the accompanying drawing:
Figure 1 shows a central axial section of a poppet valve in accordance
with this invention.
Figure 2 is a plan thereof.
As shown in this drawing, a is a part of a poppet valve formed by a
cylindrical wall connected to a hub or boss b by radial webs c At one
end of this cylindrical wall a conical skirt d is formed, the wall of
the valve body at this part being stiffened by making it of a suitable
thickness At the opposite end of the cylindrical part the wall of the
valve body is bent outwardly as at e and merges into a flat flange /
The part e and also, if desired, the flange f are made thinner than
the cylindrical wall a so as to yield under pressure.
The lip y on the flange / is so positioned relatively to the lip h on
the skirt d that when the lip 7 h is properly seated in the closed
position of the valve, the lip g is making only a light contact with
its seat when the valve is not under pressure When the valve is under
pressure the increased flexibility provided by the relatively thin
bent part e, or flange allows the lip g to be forced tightly on to its
On the other hand, if desired, the relative positions of the lips may
be such that the lip g may first make contact with its seat as the
valve is moved to its closed position and thereafter the lip h is
drawn closely on to its seat the bent part e or the flange f yielding
sufficiently to permit this double seating of the valve.
Hlaving now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my
said invention and in what manner the same is to
1, be poiformed, I declare that what I claim is T A double seated
poppet valve comprising a cylindrical portion with a conical skirt
formed by a wall of greater thickness than the wall of the cylindrical
portion, and also comprising an annular flange bent out from the
cylindrical portion, the bent portion, and the annular flange also, if
desired, being made thinner than ihe wa and J of the cylindrical
portion. Dlated this 10th day of December, 1932. D YO and UNG and Co,
11 and 12, Southampton Buildings, London, W O
2, Agents for the Applicant. Redhill: Printed for His Majesty's
Stationery Office, by Love and Malcomson, Ltd -1934. lPrice 11-I
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