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Number GB411768A
EN Title Improvements in telescopic pit props
Mine - props. SCHWARZKOMMANDIT-GES., H., Wattenscheid,
Germany. Dec. 18, 1933, No. 35607. Convention date, Nov. 17. [Class 20
(ii).] Telescopic pitprops of the type in which one member slides in a
pocket on another member under wedge restriction, have locking means
for the pocket which can be released to allow removal of the wedge and
collapse of the prop. The upper prop member b is tapered and slides in
a resilient walled socket g provided at the upper end of the lower
member. The socket contains a metal wedge h and packing material i
disposed between the upper prop member and the wedge. The wedge bears
outwardly against the socket which is stiffened at k and is surrounded
by a clamp e having a pin f with an eccentric or spiral cam surface,
so that after the prop has settled the wedge may be released by
rotation of the pin. The wedge is provided with a stop pin n and with
slots o in its rear whereby it may be raised by a lever resting on a
fulcrum p. The lower member is slotted to provide access to the bottom
of the upper member so that the prop can be adjusted between opposed
S.z Z t gR f C) Ly at
Convention Date (Germany): Nov 17, 1933.
411,768 Application Date (in United Kingdom): Dec 18, 1933 No
Complete Accepted: June 14, 1934.
Improvements in Telescopic -Pith Props.
w.e, l ER Ai Ax N SCH Wi RZ l OMMANDIT the wedge device to a larger
scale, and GESELLSCIlAFT (personally responsible Figs 4 and 5 being
vertical sections 55 partners Essx N Bo TT Rop Sn HANDELS showing the
locking members in two GESELLSC Ri AFT, 31 3 H), a Company difterent
organized under the laws of Germany, of In the drawings a represents
the lower ik attenscheid, Germany, do hereby prop mem'ber, which is
hollow, and b redeclare the nature of this invention and presents the
top member, which is also 60 in what manner the same is to be per
hollow and is partly inserted into the forimed, to be particularly
described and bottom member The part b has a slight ascertaine(l in
and by the following state downward taper of about 1 in 40 At nent:
the top there is a seat c for roof timber.
The invention relates to yieldable pit The part b is made of two
pieces of chan 65 props of the kind adapted for self-tighten nel iron
, with their edges welded together, ing by means of a metal wedge
embedded the edges of one of the parts being c-ut in a weg(le chamber
in the prop axis aslant to give the taper The part a is For some
purposes it is important to slit at the top It is also made of two
have pit props which oppose very high pieces -of channel iron welded
together, 70 initial resistance to compression, though but the upper
portion of one of these gradually yielding to a limited extent to
pieces is bent outwards, away from the the -settlini' of the roof For
such pur other channel member, the bend being poses it is now a fairly
common practice slight as regards its lower half, so that to uise
telescopic props, and wedge devices narrow V-shaped slots ci are
formed, but '75 of various kinds have been used or pro more pronounced
as regards its tapper half, posed for limiting the movement of one so
that a pocket g is formed at one side of the prop members into the
other of the prop A clamp e embraces the Generally speaking the best
practice ap prop at this part, with a rotatable pin pears to be to use
a wedge which is itself f whereof the shank is flattened on one 80
driven in by the sinking of the movalble side.
0 prop member under thrust, so that it is Into the pocket g is
inserted a metal 3 self-tightening, and we adopt this device wedge h
fitting against the outside wall in our invention of the pocket and
against a compressible According to the invention the wedge block i of
wood or other suitable material g B ehamber is made adequately strong
and inserted between the wedge and the prop large to withstand the
occurring stresses, member b.
and in particular to keep the specific sur The wall of the pocket is
slightly reface pressure low, but is also yieldable to silient, but
the extent to which it can such extent that under load it is able,
yield when the wedge is driven in is 90 when held together by a clamp
lock, to limited by the pin f, which can be turned absorb the
occurring stresses, but can, on so that either its rounded side or its
flat the opening of the lock, so expand that side faces the pocket A
metal reinforcing the v -ed-e is loosened and can be removed plate k
is welded to the outside of the with comparative ease pocket wall,
where it abuts against the pin 95 It is generally a defect of a
self-tighten f Complete -withdrawal of the wedge is ing wedge that
removal thereof is exces prevented by a stud N fixed to a lug, m
sivelv difficult when it has '1 been in use at the tip of the wedge
and passing for some time under a heavy-load This through a slot 1 in
the part a The wedge defect is overcome bv our invention has a number
of slots o for insertion of 100 A prit prop constructed in accordance
a lever, as indicated 'by broken lines in with the invention is shown
by way of Fig 3 for the purpose of withdrawing example in the annexed
drawings, in the wedge Ak lug p on the clamp affords which a fulcrum
for the lever.
Figs 1 and 2 are elevations thereof, The member a has numerous slots r
at Al Fig 3 being a vertical section showing different levels,
enabling the member b to lPrice 1 l -l -11,768 be raised When this has
been done, the member b being driven up against the roof, the pin / is
rotated so that its rounded side faces the pocket g (Fig), and the
wedge h is then driven in with whatever force is judged to be
Wrhen the roof settles it forces the member b downwards 1 and with it
the wedge h, the resistance offered depending in part on the force
with which the wedge has been driven into the pocket.
When the prop is to be taken away the pin / is rotated slowly into the
position she in Figure 4, which slightly eases the wedge, and then the
pin is turned into the position shown in Fig 5, with its flat side
facing the pocket, enabling the pocket wall to bend outwards so that
the wedge canl 1 be withdrawn.
It will be understood that the circumference of the pin f may be given
a spiral curvature, instead of being merely flatiened on one side.
Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of our
said invention, and in what manner the same is to he performed, we
declare that what we c- llaim i S:i.) A yieldable pit prop adapted for
self-tightening by means of a metal wedge bedded in fhe prop axis in a
wedge chainber, characterized ill that the wedge chamber is adequately
strong and large for withstanding the occurring stresses, and in
particular for keeping the specific surface pressure low, belt is also
yieldable to such extent that under load it is able, when held
together by a clanilp lock, to absoib the occurring stresses, but can,
on the opening of the lock, so expand that the wedge loosened thereby
can be removed with comparative ease.
2.) A pit prop as claimed in claim 1, characterized ill that one of
the iron bars of U-section forming, the bottom member, with their
flanges directed inwards, is lightly bent outwards in lightly conical
form above a portion where it is welded to the other bar, and is bent
farther outwards above this lightly bent pait, in accordance with the
conicity of the wvedglce, to produce the wedge clhamjiber, which is
emnbraced by the clamp with all eccentric locking 'bolt of known type.
Dated this 18th day of Decenbeir, 19 '3.
For the Appllicants, HERBERT IHADDAN and Co, Chartered Patent Agenis,
31 and 32, Bedford Street, Strand, London, W C 2.
Redhill: Printed for His Majesty's Stationery Office, by Love and
Malcomson, Ltd -1931.
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