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Number GB412064A
EN Title Improvements in or relating to vapour burners
LidingA·, near Stockholm. Aug. 25, 1933, No. 23652. Convention date,
Nov. 3, 1932. [Class 75 (i).] Liquid fuel from a tank 1 is directed by
an inclined shelf 5 into one of two or more funnels 6, 16 which are
connected respectively by pipes 7, 17 to two or more vaporizing
chambers 8, 18 fixed to or integral with the lower part 11.of a vapour
burner. The two pipes 7, 17 have upwardly inclined ends 21 which are
fitted with drip pins 24 and are surrounded by pipes 9, 19 leading
from a channel 10 and connected to the chambers 8, 18 by branches 27.
In use, the fuel vaporized in the chamber 8 passes with air or flue
gases containing oxygen drawn through the pipe 9 into the lower burner
part 11. and is mixed with air, part of which enters through a pipe 31
and part through the pipe 19 and chamber 18. The mixture so formed
burns in the upper burner part 12 and is conducted to heat absorbing
parts such as a flanged box 14. When a coke deposit has formed at
point of contact of the fuel with one vaporizing chamber the shelf 5
is shifted to direct the fuel into the other vaporizing chamber, and
the coke in the first vaporizing chamber burns with the air passing
through the chamber to the burner.
Zx F Lf,
Convention Date (Sweden): Nov 3, 1932.
412,064 Application
Complete Accepted: June 21, 1934.
Improvements in or relating to Vapour Burners.
We, SVENSEA AKTIBBOLAGET GASAC CuMULATOR, of Liding 6, near Stockholm,
Sweden, a body corporate organised under the laws of Sweden, do hereby
declare the nature of this invention and in what manner the same is to
be performed, to be particularly described and ascertained in and by
the following statement:In vaporizers in which liquid fuel is vaporized in contact with a
heated wall arranged inside the vaporizer, it has been ascertained
that it is practically impossible to avoid the formation of coke,
particularly at and around the point of ib vaporization A suggestion
has been made to introduce together with the liquid fuel a gas
mixture, for instance, air or flue gases, containing oxygen , for the
dry-distillation of the fuel, the proportion of oxygen being such that
the fuel gas is not ignited thereby.
This method of burning the coke is effective to a certain degree, but
it has been found in practice that, nevertheless, the coke deposit
gradually increases The present invention has for its object to
provide an improved continuously operating vaporizer arrangement.
According to the invention, in an arrangement of vaporizers for liquid
fuel, of the kind in which two or more separate vaporizers are
connected to a common burner for combustion of the gases produced in
them, the fuel being alternatively supplied to one vaporizer or the
other, an oxygen -containing gas mixture is continuously supplied to
the vaporizer, which is fed with fuel, as well as to the other
vaporizer or vaporizers In operation the oxygen -containing gas
mixture serves to delay the formation of coke in the operating
vaporizer, and to consume the coke deposit in the other vaporizer.
When so much coke has been formed in the first vaporizer as to disturb
its operation, and the other vaporizer is cleared of coke, the supply
of liquid fuel is diverted so that the vaporizer, which was operating,
is put out of action, whilst the other is put into operation Both
vaporizers are in constant communication with the burner As a
consequence of the partial vacuum due to the combustion, the fuel gas
is sucked
from the operating 55 vaporizer and at the same time the
gases from the coke in the nonoperating vaporizer are
The invention is hereinafter described, by way of example, with
reference to the 60 accompanying drawing, in which Fig 1 is a
diagrammatic perspective view partly in section showing the principal
parts of the arrangement and the manner in which they co-operate,
whilst Fig 2 is a part 65 sectioned elevation on the line A-A Fig.
1, showing the vaporizer in detail.
In r Fig 1, 1 indicates a tank for the liquid fuel, consisting
preferably of fuel oil This tank is connected to a regulator 70 2 for
regulating the feed of oil to the desired amount From the regulator 2
the oil flows through the pipe 3 to a nozzle 4, from which it falls,
preferably in drops, on to an inclined shelf 5 This 75; shelf 5 can be
moved about a horizontal axis in such a way that it delivers the
oildrops into one or the other of two funnels 6 and 16, which by means
of pipes 7 and 17 respectively are in communication with 80 the
vaporizers 8 and 18 Parts of the pipes 7 and 17 extend through the
larger pipes 9 and 19 for supplying the vaporizer with an oxygen
-containing dilution gas.
Assuming that the dilution gas is air, the 85 pipes 9 and 19 are
connected with the common air-channel 10.
The vaporizers 8 and 18 are fixed to the lowest part 11 of the burner
and are preferably cast in one piece with the 90 burner The main
combustion takes place in the part 12 arranged above the burner, which
part may be of any kind Through the pipe 13 the combustion gases are
conducted from the burner 11, 12 to the heat 95 absorbing part which
may consist of a box 14 provided with flanges as shown and connected
with a heat-absorbing block 15.
From the box 14 the gases are carried off throutgh a chimney or the
pipe 20 00 The vaporizer 18 is of cup-like form and the oil is
supplied to the vaporizer 18 through the pipe 21, which is in
communication with the pipe 17 The pipe 21 is slightly inclined
backwards in the 105 direction of the oil flow, whereby the D r_ 91 fl
M 1 2 412,064 pipe is constantly filleld with oil At the same time as
fresh oil is supplied to the pipe 21, oil also flows through the
opening 22, which is connected to the bushing 23 A pin 24 is arranged
in the centre Qf the bushing 23 for the purpose of gathering the oil
in drops, which fall on to the bottom of the vaporizer 18 Owing to the
high temperature of the vaporizer, the oil is very quickly and
practically instantaneously vaporized, the vaporizer being thus in a
short time filled with oil gas.
Partial dry distillation during the vaporization cannot be avoided,
and consequently a slight coke-deposit forms at the contact point of
the oil This deposit of coke has poor heat-conductivity but is porous,
and the subsequent oil drops enter the pores of the coke and are
thereby insulated from the heat at the bottom of the vaporizer so that
the effectiveness of the vaporization declines As a result of this,
the deposit of coke quickly increases and will finally reach such
proportions that the vaporization is impaired to an extent which is
not permissible.
Such a deposit of coke is shown at 25 on Fig 2.
Another disadvantage in vaporizers of the known kind is that the
oil-gas will again be condensed at and around the nozzle 22, 23, 24
the parts of which are cooled by the fresh oil supply, and this will
result in deposits of coke in the upper part of the vaporizer.
It has been suggested to eliminate these two disadvantages by
introducing into the vaporizer around the dropping oil a gas mixture
containing oxygen By this current in a downward direction through the
vaporizer penetration of oil-gas to the nozzle is avoided The quantity
of oxygen should be so small that the oilgas does not ignite the same
an the other hand the deposit of coke 25 is normally in a glowing or
nearly glowing state, whereby a part of the coke deposit will be
continually subject to combustion with the supplied oxygen In this way
the deposit of coke 25 is rendered much less rapid.
For the supply of the dilution gas the bushing 23 is surrounded by a
wall 27 of cylindrical or other shape, connected to the cover 26 of
the vaporizer 18 and forming a chamber opening upwards and downwards
At the top the chamber communicates with the pipe 19 arranged around
the pipe 21, which supplies air to the vaporizer as hereinafter
The pipe 19 is closed at one end by a cap 28, and the pipe 21 is in
the same way closed by the plug 29.
From the vaporizer 18 the mixture of oilgas and dilution gas flows out
through the opening 30 to the lower part of the burner 11 Air is
supplied by the pipe 31 to the burner, in which it is mixed with the
70 gas mixture from the vaporizer 18 The temperature of this gas
mixture should be that of the flash point or higher, the gas thus
being immediately ignited and forming a flame The combustion gases, 75
emanating from the burner 11, 12 and passing through the pipe 13, the
box 14, the pipe 20 and the chimney produce a slight vacuum in the
burner, sufficient to ensure the supply of air through the 8 G pipe
The vaporizers 8 and 18 are also subject to a slight vacuum, which
causes the dilution gas to be suciked in One of the two vaporizers 8
and 18 is always in 8 i operation In one vaporizer the oxygen supplied
together with the dilution gas causes a decrease of the rate of
formation of coke No oil is supplied to the other vaporizer, but the
latter receives the dilu 90 tion gas the oxygen in which is consumed
in this vaporizer in the combustion of the coke deposit foraned during
the previous period of operating.
When a deposit of coke is formed in the 95 operating vaporizer during
the period: when the other vaporizer has been freed from coke, the
shelf 5 is shifted so as to direct the oil-drops from the nozzle 4 to
the other pipe 7 or 17 respectively, 16 upon which the procedure
described above will be repeated This does not cause any interruption
in the operation, as new oil gas is being formed in the vaporizer,
which comes into operation, while the i O o coke deposit in the other
vaporizer is being consumed.
It will be understood that the invention is not limited to the use of
two vaporizers, but for the same purpose, a greater num 110 ber of
vaporizers may be alternately used.
It is also evident that the arrangement may be subject to detail
modifications within the scope of the invention, and that the
invention is applicable to any 1 is kind of heating arrangement, such
as cooking-oven,
the like.
water -heater, steam-generator, hotwater-tboiler or
Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of our
said inven 12 tion and in what manner the same is to be performed, we
declare that what we
claim is:1 An arrangement of vaporizers for liquid fuel, of the kind in which
two or 1 more separate vaporizers are connected to a common burner for
combustion of the gases produced in them, the fuel being alternatively
supplied to one vaporizer or the other, characterised in that an
oxygen 13 G 412,064: 412,064 containing gas mixture is continuously
supplied to the vaporizer, which is led with fuel, as well as to the
other vaporizer or vaporizers, for the purpose described.
2 An arrangement according to Claim 1, characterised in that a device
is interposed in the supply pipe for the fuel to the vaporizers, in
order to supply fuel alternatively to one or the other of them.
vaporizing arrange 10 ment for liquid fuel,
described with reference to the accompanying
25th day of August, 1933.
IIARDINGHIAM and IJRQU 1 TART DYKES, 75, Chancery Lane, London, W C 2,
Chartered Patent Agents. Redhill: Printed for His Majesty's Stationery
Office, by Love and Malcomson, Ltd -1934.
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