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10 to 40 millimetres
15 millimetres
3 d
hundred amperes
more than 100 W
more than 3000 ampere
Number GB412111A
EN Title Arrangement for the electric cutting of metals
[Class 39 (iii).] An arc electrode for cutting metals consists of a
non-magnetic metal , such as copper , water cooled and provided with
an internal base for supplying cutting oxygen , the arc being
magnetically influenced by a coil having current passing through it.
The coil may be cooled by the electrode cooling means or may be
insulated and cooled directly by water .
It may also serve as a smoothing resistance for the arc.
Convention Date (Austria): Nov 21, 1932 41 X,111 I / Application Date
(in United Kingdom): Nov 21, 1933 No 32,480/33.
Complete Accepted: June 21, 1934.
Arrangement for the Electric Cutting of Metals .
We, ELIN" Ar TIBNGSRLLLSCHAFT of oxygen emerges.
FCR E LrKTRISCHE INDUSTRMI, of 1 to 5, T Ae disadvantages are not
eliminated 55 Volksgartenstrasse, Vienna I, Austria, a if the oxygen
is blown on to the workJoint-Stock Company incorporated under piece
concentrically to the electrode and the laws of Austria, do hereby
declare around the latter, inasmuch as in this the nature of this
invention and in what case the oxygen impinges on much too manner the
same is to be performed, to large a surface and the cut consequently
60 be particularly described and ascertained becomes much too broad
and rough. in and by the following statement:, Extensive experiments
made in order
It is known to use an electrode for heat to combine the nozzle with
the electrode ing a metal piece which is to be cut by have at first
brought failures If a carmeans of an oxygen jet The electrode bon
piece was used as an electrode and a 65 moves on the work piece and
the heating' hole drilled through the carbon through at the place of
contact is effected through which the compressed oxygen was blown, the
electric resistance of the contact A such a fierce burning of the
carbon under locally limited narrow part of the sur the influence of
the oxygen occurred that face is heated to such a temperature that
cutting in this way became quite 70 the jet of oxygen can start the
'burning uneconomical The same wasexperienced of the metal The contact
piece can at when using iron wire with a hole drilled the same time be
arranged as nozzle for through it, and here the additional 'disthe
oxygen and can be cooled by -flowing advantage was experienced that
the openwater ing of the nozzle was easily obstructed 75 Experience
has shown that it is diffi According to the present invention, a cult
in many cases to keep clean the con water -cooled electrode of
non-magnetic tact piece through which a current of metal , preferably
copper , is used and the several hundred amperes passes to the arc is
-influenced by a coil having work piece and specially the opening of
current passing through it, the said elec 80 the nozzle, and the wear
and tear in trode being provided with a bore to many cases is
undesirably great enable the oxygen to be passed through Extensive
experiments have shown the it up to the place at which the cut is
possibility to work with a much smaller made. current provided that
the water cooled The flowing of the cooling water can 85 copper
electrode is kept continually at a be arranged in such a way that also
the small distance from the work piece caus magnet coil is cooled
efficiently The ing an arc and if the arc is influenced coil may allso
be cooled immediately by magnetically the water itself, a proper
insulation proIt is known that one can cut metals by vided, so that a
high current density may 90 means of the electric arc both without be
used and that the coil itself serves and with the use of an oxygen jet
with as a smoothing resistance for the arc. or without magnetically
influencing Experiments with drilled round copper means With these
processes however, bars of an outer diameter of 5 to more no smooth
cut surfaces could be achieved than 15 millimetres and with iron tubes
95 and they could not compete with parts which were magnetised by
coils of 100 cut by the oxy-acetylene process ampere turns to more
than 3000 ampere As an electrode for cutting by means turns have shown
that sufficient heat was, of the arc up to now a carbon or a metal
produced -in plates of a thickness from wire has been uses The
application of 10 to 40 millimetres with an arc voltage 100 an
electrode and a -separate oxygen nozzle little exceeding 20 Volts and
with near it has, of course, serious disadvan currents from 30 or more
than 100 W O tages, specially in cutting curves and amperes such that
the jet of oxygen gave corners, compared with a single nozzle a smooth
cut surface and the cooled (in the oxy-acetylene process) from which
copper bar was not seriously worn Com 105 at the same time the flame
and the jet pared with the cutting with combustible -4124111 gas the
described process has the advanatage-of the absence'of poison and of
the danger of explosion.
There is a technological advantagecompared with the heating by means
of combustible gas which consists -in the possibility of starting the
cut in the middle of a plate on account of the high temperature of the
arc, while it is not possible to achieve this by means of a gas torch
Therefore with a torch it is necessary
the edge or from a hole that has been
voltage and current required according
from an ordinary arc welding dynamo
to start the clut either from
drilled mechanically. i 5 The
to the invention can be taken
which means a great practical
It is therefore not necessary in a welding 2 o shop arranged for arc
welding to install a special transformer or a special genertator for
H 3 aving now particularly described and ascertained the nature of our
said invention and in what manner the same is to 25 be performied, we
declare that what we
claim is: An arrangement for the electric cutting of metals by means
of an arc, characterised by the employment of an elec 3 d trode of a
non-magnetic metal , preferably copper , which is provided with an
internal bore and serves as a discharge nozzle for oxygen , the said
electrode being water -cooled and the arc being 35 magneetically
influenced: Dated the 20th day of November, 1933. S SOKAL,
1, Great James Street, Bedford Row, London, W C Chartered Patent
Agent. Redhill: Printed for His Majesty's Stationery Office, by Love
and Malcomson, Ltd -1934.
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