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Number GB412150A
EN Title Improvements in and relating to evaporators for refrigerating
refrigerating-machine having a header 10 and dependent refrigerant
passages formed by an inner shell 12 and an outer corrugated shell 13,
as described in Specification 349,860, a flute 15 is provided on the
shell 12 containing the perforated refrigerant supply pipe 16.
The apertures 20 in the pipe are directed upwards so that the
injection of the refrigerant may induce circulation in the evaporator.
Gaseous refrigerant
baffle plate 22.
through a pipe 21 provided with a
Convention Date (United States): Feb 24, 1933 412,150 Application Date
(in United Kingdom): Feb 23, 1934 No 5988/34.
Complete Accepted: June 21, 1934.
We, TE, BRITISH Taomso N-HOUSTON transverse sectional view of the
injector Co Mrm ANY, Lm I Ta D, Xa British Company shown in Fig 1; Fig
3 is a longitudinal 55 having its registered officer at Crown
sectional view of the evaporator shown in House, Aldwych, London, W C
2, Fig 1 along the line 3-3 of Fig 2 land (Assignees of CHRXST Ai AN
STENESTRUT, of F:ig 4 is a -front elevational view of a 2250, Grand
Boulevard, Schenectady, household refrigerator employing an County of
Schenectady, State of New evaporator constructed in accordance with 60
York, United States of America, a citizen the invention. of the
'United States of America) -do Referring now to the drawing, in Fizg.
hereby declare the nature 'of this inven 1 we have shown a flooded
evaporator tion and in what manner the same is to comprising a
cylindrical header 10 and a be performed, to be particularly described
depending body 11 shaped to receive and 65 and ascertained in and by
the following support articles such as freezing trays. statement: The
depending body 11 comprises an inner
This invention relates to flooded shell 12 and an outer corrugated
shell 13 evaporators for refrigerating systems hav secured together to
plurality of ing an arrangement for inducing circula
refrigerant circulating passages 14 These 70 tion of the liquid
refrigerant therein: passages communicate at the opposite ends In
evaporators of the flooded type hav thereof with the header below the
liquid ing a header and a depending body pro level therein, which is
maintained vided with passages or tubes wherein approximately as
indicated by the line liquid refrigerant-is circulated, it is the 10 g
in Tig L This evaporator is of the 75 practice to depend upon the
diflerence in same general construction disclosed in temperature
between various parts of the British Patent Specification 349,860.
evaporator and evaporation of refrigerant The inner shell -or wall 12
of the therein to effect circulation of the liquid depending Body 11
is also provided with refrigerant The circulation produced in a
transverse flute or corrugation 15 on one 8 C this manner is often not
sufficient and is side land above the bottom thereof We also not
uniform, and for this reason it is supply liquid refrigerant to the
evaporadesirable to provide some means for direct tor through a tube
16 closed at one end ing and inereasinw the circulation of by a plug
17 and arranged in the transrefrigerant in the evaporator verse flute
15 out of the path of the liquid 85It is an object of the invention to
pro circulating in the passages 14 As can be vide an evaporator of=
the flooded type seen in Fig 3 the-tube 16 enters the flute having a
header and la depending circula 15 at 18 where la sleeve 19 is fitted
over tory passage for liquid refrigerant wherein the tube and spaces
it from the side of circulation is induced in these passages the flute
The tube sheet, and evaporaby injecting liquid refrigerant tor
welding In accordance with our
invention, in a brazing, or any other suitable method flooded
evaporator for refrigerating which provides fluid tight joints The
machines, including a header -having tube 16 is provided with a
plurality or depending= refrigerant passages opening orifices 20, one
opposite each of the pasat opposite ends into the header and sages 14
These orifices open upwardly extending throughout their length below
to direct the liquid refrigerant supplied the liquid level in the
header, we provide through them in an upward direction means for
injecting liquid refrigerant into -through the -evaporator which
induces a the passages below the header and above counter-clockwise
circulation of liquid the lowest portion of-the passages refrigerant
in the passages and header of For a befter understanding of the inven
the evaporator, as viewed in Fig 1. tion, reference may be had to -the
accom Supplying the liquid refrigerant to the panying drawing, in
which Fig 1 is a evaporator in -this manner induces the perspective
view of a sheet metal evapora liquid refrigerant in the evaporator to
flow $ 05 tor embodying the invention; Fig 2 is a upwardly from the
orifices 20 through t P.rice 11-l ske 4 S 6 d 4-1 Zf 150 passages 14
to the header from whence the liquid flows downwardly through the
passages 14 from the header about the bottom of the evaporator -an'd
upwardly past the orifices The refrigerant vaporised in the passages
is carried with the liquid refrigerant to the header where the vapour
separates from the circulating liquid and accumulates in the header
level of liquid refrigerant therein This vaporised
refrigerant is withdrawn from the header through a connection 21
extending above the level of liquid refrigerant and a baffle plate 92
prevents the liquid refrigerant from being withdrawn with the vapour.
In Fig 4 we have shown the invention applied to a household
refrigerator comprising a compressor and condenser unit 23 mounted on
a cabinet 24 within which is arranged an evaporator constructed in
accordance with the invention In the operation of the refrigerating
systen shown in Fig 4, refrigerant is compressed and condensed in the
compressor and condenser unit 23, and then the condenser liquid
refrigerant flows through a flowcontrol device 25 and partially
vaporises, from which the liquid and vapour flows through the conduit
26 to an injector within the flute 15 in the depending body 11 of the
evaporator within the refrigerator cabinet Liquid and vaporised
refrigerant enters the evaporator through the orifices 20 shown in
Figs 1, 2 and 3, and induces an upward flow of refrigerant on the
left-hand side of the evaporator, as viewed in Fig 4 The refrigerant
will circulate in a clockwise direction through the evaporator and as
it circulates, will absorb heat from the ice trays 27 and air
circulated in the refrigerator cabinet.
This evaporates a portion of the refrigerant and the vapour collects
in the header 10 The vapour will then be drawn back into the
compressor and condenser unit through a conduit 28 This cycle will be
repeated throughout the operation of the refrigerating system The
forced eirculation of the liquid refrigerant induced by the injection
of refrigerant through the tube 16 results in increased efficiency in
the operation of the evaporator.
FA It is apparent that we have provided a simple and effective means
for indcing ciraulation of refrigerant-iia:'evaporatorof the flooded
type which eootkprise a header -and depending refrigeriant circulating
passages opening into the header 60 Having now particularly describ-ed
and ascertained the nature of oir said invention and in what manner
the same is to be performed, we declare that what we
claim is: 65
1 A flooded evaporator for refrigerating machines including a header
having depending refrigerant passages opening at opposite ends into
the header and extending throughout their length below 70 the liquid
level in the header, and means for injecting liquid refrigerant into
the passages below the header and above the lowermost portion of the
2 A flooded evaporator for refrigerat 75 ing machines comprising a
header and depending inner and outer walls having a plurality of
refrigerant passages opening into the header, a transverse flute
formed in one of the walls, and means including 80 a tube arranged in
the flute and having a plurality of openings therein aligned with the
passages for admitting liquid refrigerant to the evaporator and for
inducing circulation of liquid refrigerant 85 through the passages.
3 A flooded evaporator comprising inner and outer shells, one of the
shells having a plurality of corrugations forming passages between the
shells, a header 90 connected to and communicating with the passages
at both ends thereof, a transverse corrugation formed in one of the
shells below the header and communicating with the passages, and means
includ 95 ing a tube arranged within the transverse corrugation and
having orifices directed into the passages for injecting liquid
refrigerant into the passages and for inducing the circulation of
liquid 100 refrigerant in the evaporator.
and operating
hereinbefore described with reference to the
accompanying drawings 105 Dated this 23rd day of February, 1934. JOHN
GRAY, Crown House, Aldwych, London, W C 2, Agent for the Applicants.
Redhill: Printed for lhis Majesty's Stationery Office, by Love and
Malcomson, Ltd -1934.
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