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Kazakhstan is my Motherland.
“What is my motherland? You ask, I answer:
Please pathway land Runs to meet you.
Then the wheat fields .From edge to edge
All this, my motherland. My native land!”
I was born and live in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is my motherland. It is the land
where the person was born and raised, is in his heart forever. I live in Kazakhstan
is situated in central Asia. It borders on Russian in the north, China in the east,
Kyrgyzstan , Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in the south. Astana is the capital of
our country. Astana is the financial, economic, and educational centre of my
country. Astana is the huge centre of Kazakhstan.
The population of our country about 16 million people . Our population consist
of Kazakh and Russians, there are smaller minorities of Ukraine, Germans,
Uzbeks and Tatars. The official language is Kazakh.
Many people say that our country is rich enough. But that does not stop me from
loving Kazakhstan.
World – is the most and precious that we should make every effort to keep our
Kazakhstan to our children loved it, loved it without the cloudy blue sky over head,
theses golden steppe and voluntary wind.
That’s what my Kazakhstan : a peaceful, free, rich, multinational and independent.
I believe that my Republic is the best!
Author : Askerova Gulnur
Grade: 10
Date: 28.11.2016
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