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Тезисы выступления к проекту

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Тезисы выступления к проекту "Choosing a pet is like making a friend"
1-Hello dear friends!
2-Hello. We're glad to see you here and tell about our project.
1- You know people can't live in isolation. We all need living creatures near us very close, loved and devoted.
2-They don't betray you.
1-They don't tell anybody your secrets.
2-They console you when you're disappointed.
1-They will love you not because you are reach or famous but because you are the owner.
2- Who can be these nice living beings?
1-These are our pets.
2-Many families have pets. The most typical are cats, dogs, hamsters, fish and parrots. Sometimes they can be even insects or reptiles.
1-But why do people want to have pets? Why it is necessary for them to take care about somebody? This was the first question we tried to answer in our project.
2-You know that all the domestic animals came from the wild ancestors. People tamed them having one of the certain purposes: for meat, milk, wool, skin, down. They were used as a vehicle, for protection, etc. 1-Now many of the pets do not bring any material benefit to the owners but people still bring them into their home. What purpose do they do it for?
2-Trying to answer this question we ask our classmates about their pets. Here are their answers.
(My cats are very funny. They wake us in the morning. I like them a lot. Lera
I always play with them. Anya
They are so cute, nice, soft and tender! Victoria
My cat is really smart! He understands everything perfectly well. Alina
All pets are kind and gentle. Yulya
Pets are very beautiful but they are also clever. Nastya
How I love these nice and kind creatures! Katya
They are so cute! I love them! When I watch them the rainbow comes in to my heart! Denis
Playing with them brings me fun. But I like only clever animals, for example dogs. Said
People who say "I don't like animals!" lie! In the depth of their heart they love them! As for me I adore pets. Arseniy
I've got a lot of animals. I enjoy looking them. My answer is "I am for Pets!"
2- So, you see that animal lovers simply like the presence of the living creature. They have a lot of fun playing with their pets, watching their behavior.
1-Pets also help their owners to calm down. You can just caress your furry friend, look at its devoted eyes and all the problems will become unimportant.
2-Having a pet the child gets a little closer to nature, learning to take care of the weaker creatures.
1- It is also believed that pet owners live longer and are less likely to feel loneliness.
2- Besides, taking care for the small helpless creature make human life more organized and makes a person more responsible.
1-But here is the problem. Now the choice of pets is very high. Dogs, cats, hamsters, parrots, turtles, fish, snakes, spiders, and even a monkey - any of them can be purchased in the usual pet store. How to choose the right pet from the great variety?
2- In order to decide what pet is the most suitable for you, it is necessary to know the typical features of its behavior and character.
1- First of all, learn about the species you like as much as possible. For outdoor enthusiasts the best variant is a mobile playful animal. (A dog, for example). You can walk with it in the park communicating with other dog owners.
2-For those who prefer to spend their free time at home, it is best to purchase calm creatures who don't need walking outdoors. You may choose either a cat, hamster, fish or a spider.
1- Choosing a pet do not forget to consider the health of their family. If any of your relatives suffers from allergy consult the doctor before bringing the pet home.
2 -Think about the fact that pets often behave like small children. That's why they will demand a lot of your attention and patience. Get ready to bring your little friend up! 1-Be able to forgive your pet all of its tricks, without resorting to harsh punishment. Animals do not tolerate any cruelty.
2- Don't be indifferent! Otherwise your pet will feel lonely and being unwanted.
1- If you are really busy all the time and can't spend much time with your pet buy either a guinea pig, fish, hamster or a rabbit. They are very unpretentious and won't demand a lot of your attention.
2- When you've decided what pet to chose there are also some steps before buying it. So the next question we're going to discuss is what is necessary to prepare before bringing your pet home?
1- First of all calculate the total cost of caring for a pet. If you can not afford to buy all needful, it is better not even try to bring it into your home.
2- Select and organize special places to sleep and play for your pet. It must be sure that this is its area and nobody drives it away.
1- Select and organize the place to have meal for your pet. This area should be kept clean to prevent the risk of exposure of harmful bacteria in the body of your pet. 2- Find out where the vets are in your area. Consult the vet to get some tips on caring for the pet. Having a good vet helps to treat your pet fast and properly at any symptoms of the disease. 1- To sum everything up we may say that pets bring us a lot of joy and happiness. They also make our souls and hearts kinder. 2- But having a pet is a big responsibility and the owner is responsible for its health and happiness!
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