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Michael Jackson
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Jackson King
of pop
Michael Jackson
Brief biography
Start a career in the family group
Start of solo career
Michael Jackson in Russia
Michael Jackson
 Michael Jackson was a legendary
singer. He left behind 18 Studio
albums, 7 movies, and just
unforgettable moonwalk, which is
trying to repeat all the stars of show
business , but all in vain . But like
every legend Michael has its own
history, which is not so sweet as it
might seem at first glance.
Brief biography
 Full name: Michael Joseph Jackson
 Date and place of birth: August 29, 1958. Gary, Indiana,
 Date and place of death: June 25,2009. Los Angeles,
California ,USA
 Years of activity: 1964-2009
 Country: USA
 Parents: Joseph Walter Jackson, Katherine Jackson
 Brothers and sisters: Maureen Reillette «Rebbi», Sigmund
Esco «Jackie», Tonano Adaryll «Tito», Jarmaine, La Toya,
Brandon, Marion, Michael, Steven, Janet
 Children: Prince Michael Jackson, Paris Michael
Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson 2
 Wife: Lisa Maria Presley and Debbie Rowe
 Profession: musician, singer, composer, arranger,
dancer, choreographer, record producer, actor,
businessman, philanthropist
 Singing voice and instruments: tenor. Vocal, percussion
 Genre: pop, rock, soul, rhythm and blues, funk, disco
 Cooperation: 2pac Marlon Jackson,
Jackie Jackson, Paul McCartney
 Labels: Steeltown, Motown,
Universal, Sony, Epic, Legacy, MJJ
 Awards:Grammy Lifetime,
Achievement Award, Grammy
Legend Award, International Artist
Award of Excellence, Genesis.
Start a career in the family group
 Started his career as king of pop when he
was only 4 years. He played in the group
«Jackson 5» with his older brother, but soon
look the podium the leader of the group.
«Jackson 5» signed a successful contract
with «Motown Records» in 1968. After that
they recorded songs that became hits,
among them were such as «Want You Back»
and «I’ll Be There».
Start of solo career
 Michael’s life has completely changer in the
early’70s group, the «Jackson 5» began to
lose its popularity, but solo singing career
took off. In 1978 Michael was invited to play
in the movie musical «The Wiz». From that
moment began his long and productive
collaboration with composer Quincy Jones.
In 1979, together they released the first solo
album from Michael «Off The Wall». The
album was a huge success. The first solo
performance of Michael Jackson was on the
anniversary of Motown 25, with the song Billy
 Got to Be There (1972)
 Ben (1972)
 Music & Me (1973)
 Forever, Michael (1975)
 Off The Wall (1979)
 Thriller(1982)
 Bad(1987)
 Dangerous(1991)
 HIStory: Past, Bresent and Future Book
 Invincible (2001)
 Michael (2010)
 Xscape (2014) and many other albums….
 Bad World Tour: September 12,1987 – January
27, 1989 (123 concert: Japan, Australia, USA,
and Europe)
 Dangerous World Tour: June 27,1992 –
November 11, 1993 (69 concerts in Europe,
Asia, Latin America, visited Moscow)
 HIStory World Tour: September 7,1996 –
October 15, 1997(82 concerts in 35 countries)
 This Is It: Scheduled date of June 13,2009 to
March 6, 2010 (50 concerts in London) etc.
 Michael Jackson was more than an in
credible artist, he was an incredible man.
Very fond of children, he said children are
the embodiment of kindness, honesty and
love. Trace the history of 20 years of
philanthropy and deeds of goodwill around
the world. At this time, Michael has
donated to charity more than $ 300 million.
He also created the foundation « Heal The
World». He has received numerous awards
for philanthropy, especially aid to Africa.
Michael will also be remembered for
millions of dollars in aid Sarajevo during the
war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Wake up to remember Michael for his
kindness and love to the whole world.
 Prince Michael Jackson: February
13,1997(mother Debbie Rowe)
 Paris Michael Katherine Jackson: April
3, 1998(mother Debbie Rowe)
 Prince Michael Jackson 2 : February
Michael Jackson in Russia
 September 15,1993 king of pop first arrived in
Moscow with a concert. During his visit,
Michael visited the ballet school of the
Bolshoi theatre. The singer was very grateful
for the warm reception and gave the kids
200 tickets to his concert. He also visited an
orphanage. Michael was big baby. He
seems genuinely happy all the gifts
presented him from Muscovites. Concert
Michael cost $ 1 million and took place in the
arena of the «Luzhniki».
Michael liked it so much that he wrote
a song about her «Stranger in Moscow»
which was included in the «History» album.
And in 1996 Michael returned to Moscow
with a concert.
 Throughout Michael’s life was
tormented by serious heath problems.
In 1993, his treating dermatologist
Arnold Klein made a public statement
that Michael Jackson suffers from a
rare skin disease – vitiligo. This disease
Michael says, was handed down to
him on the paternal side. Because of
this disease, the skin color of Michael
changed so drastically, turning from
dark chocolate to white. It is because
of this illness and the negligence of his
doctor on June 25,2009 Michael
Jackson dies.
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