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Студент 1 курса гр.114
Храмов Виктор Романович
Plan of Presentation
1. The name of the city
2. The origin of the city
3. The main attractions
4. Nature of the city
5. One tradition
6. My opinion about city
Leeds - city in Yorkshire, on the River Ayr; the third largest city in the UK;
757,700 inhabitants live in the city. The name "Leeds" is used both in relation
to the historic center and to a broader education that includes the small towns
of Otley and Wetherby.
Leeds was mentioned in 1086 in the "Domesday Book" list. In 1207 it
received the status of a market town. Since the beginning of the Industrial
Revolution in England, the city experienced a rise of population. Leeds found
himself the center of transportation in the north of England.
Town Hall
Town Hall
This is a fairly tall building with a tower (68.6 m) opened by Queen Victoria
herself. The building turned out to be very expensive, and many Englishmen
have criticized it. Town Hall suffered during the bombing in 1941. Now in the
Town Hall hosts music concerts and other public events.
Kirkstall Abbey
In the north-west of the city are the ruins of Kirkstall Abbey, whose history
dates back to 1152. Now the ruins are restored and open to the public, after
which it is possible to imagine the life of the monks of the time and learn the
history of the abbey.
Royal Armouries
Huge interest for tourists is the Royal Armouries with a collection of
weapons and armor. There are exhibits from the Museum of the Tower.
Function rooms are divided by categories: assault weapons, hunting weapons,
weapon of the future, etc.
Leeds Bridge
Historic bridge crossing the city is Leeds, which began to build in 1730. In
1888, it was this bridge has become a hero of the short film "Traffic on the
bridge Leeds" - one of the first shootings in history.
Nature in Leeds
(Caribbean procession)
Since 1967, there was a good Leeds annual tradition - Carnival procession in
the Caribbean style, the oldest in Europe. Rich concert season in Leeds has
more than 200 events from September to May each year.
My opinion about Leeds Town
Actually, I suppose that Leeds Town is very quiet, therefore, people who live
there, too quiet. Fortunately, Leeds Town has a lot of attractions. It’s so
amazing! In my opinion, sightseeing is the best that one can imagine, that’s why
I advise you to attend Leeds Town.
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