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В данной презентации рассказывается о странах Великобритации
Клабукова Виктория Петровна,
Государственное профессиональное
образовательное учреждения
Беловский педагогический колледж,
Дошкольное образование 3 курс,
Руководитель проекта: Попова
Евгения Вадимовна
•Preface - 3 slide
•Scotland - 4 slide
•Edinburgh- 5 slide
•Dublin- 6 slide
•Wales- 7 slide
•Liverpool- 8 slide
•Nottingham- 9 slide
Each country has something to surprise tourists: the
features of architecture, culture, nature. Some states captivate
visitors with their hot emotional character, others - with a
reserved cold aristocracy. All of them fascinate and admire.
At first glance, Scotland seems a reserved and cold
country, with deep lakes and snow-capped mountains, among
which the castles and fortresses are proud. With closer
acquaintance, it reveals itself as a flower, demonstrating its
northern beauty and uniqueness of cultural heritage. Many
hotels in Scotland are located in historic buildings with their
own secrets and legends, emphasizing the mystical aura
surrounding this land and its people.
This is an example of the interlacing of times, the history
itself is divided into several parts: the Old Town (early
Middle Ages), the "new" (XVIII century) and the modern.
Edinburgh is by right considered one of the most beautiful,
but also the most expensive European capitals.
The architecture of Edinburgh is diverse - from ancient
churches to monumental Victorian buildings, but especially
the city is struck by the beauty of Scottish royal and
government castles.
Dublin is a fine city, with beautiful grey stone houses. If
you go to Dublin you must visit its parks. Dublin has
always been a city of music. A lot of rock and pop groups
come to Ireland, because the Irish like music very much.
Because Dublin is near the sea you can sometimes feel the
wind on your face in the middle of the city. But if you want
to be warm you can drink coffee in one of the many cafes.
Dublin has lots of bridges.
Wales is the country in the west of Great
Britain. This is the place where and an industrial and
coalmining area in the south. and an industrial and
coalmining area in the south. The landscape is beautiful.
Among the interesting places in different cities of Wales,
you can find a museum of wool in the county of
Carmarthenshire, a museum of slate in Llanberis, a
museum of the Roman legionary in Carleone, a national
museum of Waterfront in Swansea.
Liverpool is a large city in the UK with a population
of more than 450,000 people within the city.
He is rich not only in his history, but also in his
architectural heritage. Noteworthy is the Anglican
Cathedral - with a huge hundred-meter bell tower, located
in the southern part of the city. The city is also famous for
one of the most noteworthy all over the UK embankments.
Nottingham is surrounded by thickets of the rich
Sherwood Forest, which is associated with the name of the
Among the architectural sights is the City Castle, which
was built in the 11th century, as well as the ancient
Hiking along magnificent parks and visiting local historical
monuments will leave the most vivid impressions and
make your stay unforgettable.
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