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Plan of presentation
I want to say that the life
of this country is full of
traditions and customs.
And what, if not holidays,
more deeply reflect the
habits and customs of any
The holidays have
always existed in the
culture of different
peoples, and now exist in
the culture of different
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland
England occupies the
most favorable
position (the central
and southern parts).
It’s bounded by
Scotland in the North,
Wales in the West and
in the East it’s washed
by the North Sea.
In the South-West
it’s washed by the
Bristol Channel.
The total area of the
country is 130 km².
St. Patrick's day is a cultural and religious holiday. It is celebrated in honor of
the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick on March 17, and is also a celebration of
the cultural heritage of Ireland in general.
In this day, throughout
Britain pass the national
festivals with Irish folk
Almost the whole world
is coloured in this day in
Mysterious magical
creature with a red beard,
in green suit and hat is
leprechaun - this is
another symbol of the
London marathon
on 14 of April!
How can students do
without the London
This is the first and
foremost a sporting event,
and sports in the life of
British students is of
paramount importance.
The competition is one of
the most popular and
prestigious races in the
The first race was held
in 1981, at the initiative
of prize-winners of the
Olympic games in run
on 3000 m Chris
Brasher and John
The participants
started from
Blackheath, ran in the
district of the Thames at
Mello, past St James
Today, the start of the
marathon is located in
Greenwich Park.
Participants run along
the banks of the
Thames, the tower of
London, big Ben and
the finish of the race is
located near
Buckingham Palace.
The London marathon
is known for its large
number of runners in
fancy costumes.
The Boat Race on the Thames
On the last
Saturday of March
or the first Saturday
in April, Oxford and
universities hold a
boat race on the
This competition is
the oldest and most
prestigious in the
world of rowing.
The Boat Race starts
near Putney bridge,
and the finish of the
race is at Mortlake
bridge London.
The race takes place
The team of
Cambridge goes to the
start in blue suits and
Oxford in dark blue
The first regatta was held in June 10, 1829 at the initiative of
the students of Cambridge University by Charles Merivale and
Oxford University by Charles Wordsworth. The distance of
the race is of 4 miles 374 kernel (6779 meters).
Nice the festival
of chimney sweeps
in Rochester, is
held in 1 of May.
According to
popular beliefs, a
meeting with a
chimney sweep
brings happiness,
and they are
willingly invited to
Grimy, but never
downhearted person with
a ladder, ropes and whisks
fun looks around with the
tiled roofs of the city thus remains in the
memory image of a
chimney sweep from fairy
Festival of literature and arts is named after
Daphne du Maurier in Fowey
From 13 to 19 May
the festival takes
place in the native
city of the famous
English writer
Cornwall and is
dedicated to her
creativity and life.
The famous flower show in Chelsea opens the summer social season in the UK.
The opening of the exhibition takes place in the best tradition of the stiff England:
ladies and gentlemen leisurely stroll along the colorful mazes and examine
intricate compositions.
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