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Introduction to neurosurgery fourth edition By B. Jennett and S. Galbraith Chicago year book medical publishers 1984 360 pp illustrated $39

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quality of having been written more for nurses and therapists
than directly for patients and families. This is particularly
noticeable in the detailed description of late and severe complications of multiple sclerosis, which are described with an
explicitness likely to frighten many patients who have not yet
reached that stage of the disease. It is also unlikely that most
patients will profit from being told that “most authorities
believe that there is no such thing as an ‘MS-prone personality.’” The idea of this book is a very good one. Patients with
multiple sclerosis as well as other forms of chronic neurological disease do need advice and the understanding of experts.
Unfortunately, in the present volume only a few authors
seem to have kept in mind that they were writing for patients
rather than those who take care of them. One hopes that
future revisions will take this into account.
Fred Plum, M D
New York, N Y
Brief Reviews
Trauma and Regeneration, Special Symposium of the
9th International Congress of Neuropathology, Vienna,
September, 1982
Edited by J . Hume A h m s
New York, Springer-Verlag, 1983
127 pp, illustrated, $24.90
This short, expensive paperback contains the proceedings of
what may have been a very good symposium on trauma and
regeneration held during the 9th International Congress of
Neuropathology in Vienna in 1982. Most of the articles are
little more than abstracts, although the illustrations are beautifully done. Most of the contributions appear in more extensive form in primary sources.
Introduction to Neurosurgery, Fourth edition
By B. Jennett and S. Galbraith
Chicago, Year Book Medical Publishers, I984
360 pp, illustrated, $39.93
Jennett’s fourth edition of his widely distributed textbook is
marked by the same lucid prose and excellent illustrations
that have led to the popularity of three previous editions. In
the present edition, written with the assistance of Sam Galbraith of the Glasgow neurosurgical faculty, references have
been brought up to 1981. The text has grown to 346 pages,
but generous use of illustrations and diagrams makes for
rapid and quickly understood reading. The text can be highly
recommended as a practical yet comprehensive introduction
to clinical neurosurgery.
The Anterior Pituitary Gland
Edited by A . S. Bhatnager
New York, Raven Press, 1983
471 ppt illustrated, $49.00
This is a multiauthored volume of a series of lectures held
Wilson’s Disease (A Volume in the Major Problems in
Internal Medicine Series)
By I. H. Scheinberg and I. Sternlieb
Phila&&hia, W. B. Saunders, 1984
192 pp, illustrated, $35.00
at the Medical College of Virginia. T h e main topics are
anatomy, neurosecretion, biochemistry, physiology, and clinical endocrinology. The orientation is predominantly toward
general endocrinology.
This detailed book deals primarily with the medical and
metabolic aspects of Wilson’s disease. Neurology and
neuropathology are accurately described, but not beyond
the extent found in many standard textbooks.
626 Annals of Neurology Vol 16 No 5 November 1
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