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Tachykinin Antagonists. Edited by R. Hakanson and F. Sundler Amsterdam Elsevier Biomedical Press BV 1985 442 pp illustrated $100

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Brief Reviews
by Fred Plum, MD
The Citadel of the Senses
By Macdonald Critchley
New York, Raven Press, 1985
277 pp, illustrated
Critchley introduces this delightful collection of essays by an
apologetic reference to Maugham, who “regarded old age as
the time to undertake those tasks shirked in youth because
they would have taken too long.” W e should be glad Critchley took the time. Some of the gems have been published
previously, although generally not in the traditional journal
literature. Others appear in print for the first time. All are
written in Critchley’s pleasingly fresh style and most contain
treasures of history to inform and charm the contemporary
neurologist. How many, for example, know that Jackson
married his cousin who, in her terminal illness, suffered from
repetitive focal seizures; or that, thenceforth, he lived as a
near-recluse, dining nightly at a table where the departed’s
place was forever set? This tale and more will reward those
who dip into these pages.
Current Topics in Research on Synapses, Vol 3
Edited by D. G.Jones
New York, Alan R. Liss, 1986
178 pp, illustrated, $46.00
This text is a review of basic mechanisms. Chapters include
Long-Term Potentiation; Effects of Ethanol; Neuronal and
Synaptic Organization of the Motor Nuclei of Mammalian
Thalamus; and Structural Plasticity of CNS Synaptic Contacts.
Disorders of the Pituitary
By G. T . Tindall and D. L. Barrow
St. Louis, C. 1.’ Mosby, 1986
498 pp9 illustrated
Chapters in this work cover all dimensions of the topic, including a good summary of neuroendocrinology by Joseph
B. Martin. The orientation is overwhelmingly surgical, the
presentation handsome, and the bibliography rarely later
than 1982.
Spinal Injury, ed 2
By 0. Yashon
East Norwalk, C T , Appleton-Century-Croft, 1986
546 pp, illustrated, $69.95
The volume is a useful compendium on an important subject.
The Biology of Learning
Edited by P. Marler and H. S. Terrace
New York, Springer-Verlag, 1986
738 pp, photo offset
This is the report of a Dahlem Workshop, held in October
1983,which attempts to weave together recent findings from
ethology, cognitive psychology, and neurophysiology. The
subject material makes interesting reading for those concerned with higher brain function, and emphasizes not only
the gap that still remains between studies of behavior and
analysis of cellular neurophysiology , but also the relatively
rapid rate at which concepts are converging.
Radiodiagnosis of the Skull
By Jean-Louis Dietemunn
New York, Springer-Verlag, 1985
168 pp, illustrated, $1 9.50
The paperback volume is a useful primer for nonspecialty
students. It is divided into 85 pages of radiographs, with the
balance of pages devoted to diagrams of the same, coupled
with didactic explanations.
Intracranial Arteriovenous Malformations
Edited by C. B. Wilson and B . M . Stein
Baltimore, William & Wilkins, 1984
342 pp, illustrated
Accomplished in 19 chapters, this volume reflects the best of
contemporary thinking on these complex and difficult-totreat problems.
Chemotherapy and Psychiatry: Principles and Practice
By R. J . Baldessarini
Boston, Harvard University Press, 1985
354 pp, illustrated, $25.00
The volume covers Modern Psychopharmacology; Antipsychotic Agents; Lithium Salts; Antidepressants; Anxiolytics; and special topics. Although perhaps containing somewhat more detail than necessary for immediate empirical
purposes, the volume provides a valuable summary of available medical treatments for a group of disorders whose therapy extends beyond the specific limits of any one medical
Diagnosis and Treatment of Pineal Region Tumors
Edited by E. A. Neuwelt
Bclltimore, Williams & Wilkins, 1984
393 pp, illustrated, $79.95
This volume provides a very large amount of material on a
rather small area of the nervous system. Nevertheless, what
comes out is a well-edited and well-prepared monograph.
Tachykinin Antagonists
Edited by R. Hakanson and F. Sundler
Amsterdam, Elseuier Biomedical Press BV, 1985
442 pp, illustrated, $100.00
This book consists of proceedings of a conference held in
June 1985 in Sweden and describes the state of the art of
antagonists for neuropeptides. T h e agents are important
tools in the study of mechanisms generating pain, inflammation, gut movement, and other functions, and the subject is
becoming important in work on fundamental neurobiology,
as well as in potential therapeutics. For those interested, the
quality is high and the reports sufficiently detailed to be
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