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МКОУ "Павловская основная школа"
Команда "Жужжики"
Письмо другу
В Нью-Йорк
16 Sovkhoznaya
November 15
Hello , Monica ! You wrote your girlfriend of Russian Arina .
How is your life? I'm fine . I want to tell you about the village in which I live.
This wonderful place is the village of Oaks in the Vladimir region . It is located on a hilly terrain, lush greenery on three springs with pure and tasty water .
For me there is no better place than my native village. On all sides it is surrounded by woods, where you can find lots of mushrooms , berries and nuts.
At any time , the village is very beautiful.
In the spring air is filled with aromas of cherry, lilac wildflowers .
In the summer of yellow dandelions on a field suddenly become gray .
By autumn trees arrange carnival colors.
And in the winter in the village of such beauty that you do not want to go home , so we find ourselves very much Occupation: skiing, playing hockey on ponds (we have two of them: Lordly and Ferris ) , sculpt snowmen and snow forts .
Our village is an interesting story . Collecting the crumbs of her former teacher P.M.Kulakova . Thanks to her, and we know far past our village . The history of the village dates back to the era of Ivan the Terrible. It belonged to someone of the guardsmen of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. In the 17th century the village has got to count Oaks Cheritsovu perhaps as a gift to Peter the Great for the difference in the hostilities , and then transferred to Behteevym , and in the 19th century to the landowner kurute .
About rich stories Dubkov evidence preserved buildings : a huge dairy farm with a very thick brick walls , built in the form of a square , with a huge yard middle (now destroyed) , recently restored chapel ( now in force ) , Boris and Gleb Church (unfortunately, in the fifties rebuilt ) .
Members of our village willingly tell his story , because it was their hard life : hunger , war, Dubkov heyday , when the village was surrounded by many flowering gardens, greenhouses , fields, but the restructuring ruined everything .
Dubkov history - a history of Russia with all the ups and downs. And for me there is no better place on earth than the Oaks village .
And what is the place for you is the mother ? Please write .
Goodbye, my dear friend . Write to me often.
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