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President’s Message
Rapid Development
and New Technologies
By Sharon Peng
s you read this message, we have
just said goodbye to 2016 and
embraced 2017. I have just finished my first term as the
president of the IEEE Consumer Electronics (CE) Society and begin my second term on 1 January 2017. I would
like to use this opportunity to wish all
Society members and your families a
very prosperous, happy, and healthy
2017! I would also like to express my
gratitude for your strong support over
the last two years and your trust in
reelecting me to my second term. I
hope that with the guidance and teamwork of our Board of Governors
(BoG), I will lead the CE Society to
continued success.
In the fall of 2016, I visited Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) Berlin,
a.k.a., the Berlin Radio Show, while I
participated in the IEEE International
Conference on Consumer Electronics–
Berlin. IFA is one of the oldest industrial exhibitions in Germany and one
of world’s leading trade shows for CE
and home appliances. From the annual
IFA tour, I usually take a quick walk
around the show floor and get a quick
update on the latest in CE technology
and its trends in the coming years. During my short visit, I saw many impressive newly released products. One
thing I noticed is that consumers can
connect to almost all appliances in their
homes now. In addition to entertainment electronics, products such as
Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/MCE.2016.2614738
Date of publication: 14 December 2016
6 IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine
tives and activities more
refrigerators, washers and
future proof?
dryers, coffee makers, and
As stated in the Socismart ranges can each
ety constitution, our
think and work based on
objective is to strive for
the owner’s command.
the advancement of the
The integration of Internet
theory and practice of
of Things (IoT) technoloelectrical and electronic
gy into home ap­­pliances
engineering and of the
achieved a very big step in
allied arts and sciences,
the smart home application. From a consumer’s IEEE CE Society President to maintain a high professional standing among
mobile device app, we Sharon Peng.
our members, and to procan easily control, teach,
mote close cooperation and exchange
and interact with the appliances.
of technical information among its
Another product that interested me
members and affiliates via Society
was quantum dot technology for
conferences, publications, standards,
super-ultra-high-definition (SUHD)
and member activities. In the last
televisions (TVs). Since a few years
decade, the CE industry has changed
ago, 4K TV has gradually become
significantly. This is reflected not only
mainstream in the TV market. Howevin the technology and products but,
er, 4K resolution is not enough. This
more importantly, in how consumers
quantum dot-based technology makes
adopt the technology and use the prodthe SUHD TV picture more appealing,
ucts and how products from different
with 64 times more colors of quantum
manufacturers interoperate based on
dots, a much wider dynamic range,
standards. To strive for success, the
and more precise black color. While
Society needs to be aware and recognize
we thought the UHD TV technology
changes, to adapt and lead the technical
was approaching the visual quality satcommunity on advancement and stanuration curve, new technology’s quick
dardization, and to provide platforms
implementation in consumer products
and information to educate our concan always surprise us.
sumers with technology.
Touring the IFA show and seeing
In the last 20 years, the music listenthe rapid development and integration
ing industry has changed significantly.
of new technologies in products, I
In years past, music listening and sharthink more about the future work of
ing was restricted physically in a preset
the CE Society. What should we do
and pretreated listening environment
better to serve our members and the
with preset equipment. Nowadays,
technical community’s needs, to meet
smartphones and portable electronics
the new challenges of the fast growth
can stream directly from the cloud from
of technologies, and to make our initia-
january 2017
FIGURE 1. In June 2016, the CE Society’s BoGs held a face-to-face board meeting.
any one of the many Internet music services that has sprung up. It is not an
exaggeration to say that portable devices have become mainstream equipment
for the majority of music listeners, just
from the sheer number of listeners. The
newer generation was born into and
lives with the Internet world and
depends on connected music services as
their main music listening medium.
Services such as Spotify, Pandora,
Prime Music, iHeartRadio, YouTube,
and Google Cast have been implemented into many portable or desktop devices that provide easy setup and access to
subscribed music services.
Just with these few examples, we
could clearly see that Society activities
and our strategic work plan needs to
change adaptively to meet new challenges and include evolutionary technologies in our fields of interest. In the
last few years, we have made incremental changes. Fast changes occurring in
the industry require more tweaks in
Society operations and innovative
approaches in our conferences, publications, memberships, standards, and
educational programs.
Planning Ahead
In June 2016, the CE Society’s BoG
held a face-to-face board meeting to discuss the Society’s strategic plan and
leadership transparency issue (Figure 1).
In the meeting, we brainstormed strategies on membership promotion in all
Regions and discussed plans to enhance
our membership activities in many local
communities. We also made plans to further improve the work efficiency of leadership roles. We reviewed the conference
performance and its impact on membership. From these sessions, we are confi-
The CE Society and CIE-IoT collaboration ceremony, September 2016, in Tianjin, China.
dent that we will deliver a
more productive strategy to
our Society in 2017.
In the new year, the CE
Society will invest more in
maintaining and increasing
membership. The IEEE
has ten Regions, with six
Regions within the United
States. In the last ten
years, the CE industry has
grown rapidly in Asia, yet
our membership in the
Region is low. Therefore,
we should reexamine what
we have done about the
activity in this Region. We
will reevaluate the conferences in the Region and make conference program and focus adjustments.
We hope to attract more attendees to
our conferences by importing new technology-oriented industry applications.
In last year, we have added three new
chapters in Region 10. We hope to have
more local chapters in the Region and
engage in more collaboration with
regional technology associations and
sister societies in the coming year.
One exciting piece of news arrived
while I was writing this message: The
CE Society and the Chinese Institute
of Electronics Council on the IoT
(CIE-IoT) have just signed a sister society memorandum of understanding at
the 2016 China Internet of Things Conference in Tianjin, China. China has a
vast CE market and a large CE engineering workforce. Over the years,
China has been actively and gradually
taking on more leading roles in innovating and developing new technologies
and achieved impressive results. Among
these, CIE-IoT played an essential role
in promoting and adopting cutting-edge
technologies. By establishing the sister
society relationship with the CIE-IoT,
the CE Society could collaborate in a
much wider range and deeper level of
conferences, workshops, and joint
member activities in the best interests
of both organizations. We will certainly
benefit in our membership promotion
in China.
january 2017
IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine
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