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A Section of l h e Arthritis Foundation
475 Riverside Drive. New Y o r k , New Y o r k 10027
World Rheumatism Year
XIV International Congress
of Rheumatology
With the support of the World Health Organization, the International League Against Rheumatism has
designated 1977 as World Rheumatism Year to coincide
with the ILAR quadrennial Congress.
Among the activities planned for World Rheumatism Year in the United States is an essay contest for
medical students, which will be judged by members of
the ARA. The prize will be a trip to the International
Congress. Details of this contest will be announced
A committee of the Pan-American League has
been appointed to handle activities in the Western Hemisphere for World Rheumatism Year. The committee is
chaired by Dr. Gregorio Mintz of Mexico City. Dr.
Emmanuel Rudd is the coordinator for the United
States and Canada. Any suggestions or questions may
be sent to Dr. Rudd in care of The Arthritis Foundation.
The International League Against Rheumatism
(ILAR) will sponsor the XIV International Congress of
Rheumatology in San Francisco, California, from June
26 to July 1, 1977. This meeting commemorates the
fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the ILAR. The
American Rheumatism Association Section of The Arthritis Foundation will be the host for the congress.
The registration fee for active members is $125.00
until February 1, 1977, and $150.00 after February 1.
The registration fee for social members is $25.00. N o
advance registrations will be accepted after May 2, 1977.
However registrations will be accepted a t the congress.
The deadline for requesting refunds is May 3, 1977.
Hotel rooms have been reserved for congress registrants in the three hotels where sessions will be scheduled and in other hotels in the vicinity. The deadline for
application for hotel accommodations is June 1, 1977.
However the Congress strongly recommends that applications be made well in advance.
The Congress will open with a plenary session on
Sunday, June 26, at 8:OO PM in the Masonic Auditorium,
followed by an opening reception in the Grand Ballroom of the Fairmont Hotel. The official languages of
the Congress are English, French, and Spanish. Simultaneous translation into these languages will be provided
in three of the six session rooms. In the other rooms,
sequential translation by bilingual physicians is planned.
Volunteers for translation in these rooms are still
needed. If you speak French or Spanish and are willing
to translate, please contact Dr. Emmanuel Rudd, The
Arthritis Foundation, 475 Riverside Drive, New Y ork,
New York 10027.
For further information about the Congress contact the Congress Office, XIV International Congress of
Rheumatology, 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, Maryland 20014.
Because of the congress, there will not be a scientific meeting of the ARA in June 1977. However the
annual business meeting for the election of officers, election of new members, and other business, will take place
in San Francisco.
International Symposium
on Behqet’s Disease
An international symposium on Behqet’s disease
will be held on September 29 and 30, 1977, in Istanbul,
as part of the Istanbul Medical Convention of the University of Istanbul. All scientists and physicians interested in Behqet’s disease are invited to participate in this
symposium and/or in the other symposia of the convention.
The symposium on Behset’s disease will include
lectures by invited speakers, workshops, and free communication. The main topics will be etiology, pathogenesis, heredity, genetics, epidemiology, pathologic anatomy, immunology, laboratory findings, clinical aspects,
diagnostic criteria, and treatment. The languages of the
symposium will be Turkish and English, with simultaneous translation.
For further information and registration forms,
write to Professor Dr. Nihat Dilsen, Ic Hastaliklari Klinigi, Capa, Topkapi, Istanbul, Turkey.
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