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The happywheelsgaming is an open-to-all website that offers a wide variety of flash games. We provide free access to the entire website without requiring any registration, data submission, personal information from the website visitors.
We make use of Google Adsense and Cookies, to enhance the experience delivered to you via our games and services.
Google Adsense and similar advertising companies are a third party services that make use of certain non-identifiable information to deliver a better experience to the end users. The only objective these services hold, is serving ads to you based on non-personal information gathered through the use of our website. This is only temporary data which is not in any way shared with anyone.
We also use Cookies. They also serve a similar purpose of creating personalized ads and ensuring the proper functioning of other services. These are temporary files used by the browser to identify a network access and net user.
We use the Facebook plugin, so that you may use your Facebook account to participate in the discussion boards below. No Facebook information is obtained in this process. Few details such as user id may be used for temporary logging, which allows to improve the service experience and helps the website function properly.
Whatever data may be obtained, through either of the third party services offered by our website is, all non-personal information, which In no way whatsoever, can be used to identify you. Finally, this information only serves as the technical data for the efficient functioning of the browser, the website and the related ad-based services.
Contacting Us If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us using the information below.
[email protected]
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