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July 2, 1935.
N_ T_ BRowN
Filed Sept. '23, 1931
I "I; BY ~A/ewman Z‘Bmwz:
Patented July 2, 1935
g -
.- I V Folvnon'rmqflmvlon
Newman T," Brown,v Seattle, i was
.sslenbr-tq. ..
Wasl1.,v and
'Peter. Grommeschhseat?d
1 . MvI ' "
‘Grommesch, widow
. , y 11' Application
September (or.
swam. 564,699:.v= '
1 ‘Claim.
My invention relates to a vegetable and fruit
fumigating device. More particularly, my inven
tion relates to a device whereby vegetables and
fruits, from which the skin has been removed,
5 may be subjected to the action of sulphur diox-‘
buckets 20 are preferably formed of vertically
positioned curved strips or rods 22 connected to
gether by longitudinal members 23 and provided
with ends 24. Such a bucket permits the article
to slide rather than fall in the bucketivas said
ide or preferably the fumes of burning sulphur. bucket rotates, and prevents bruising the surface
Particularly is my device adapted as a means of of the article. Said sliding action is particularly I
carrying out the process of treating potatoes as
set forth ‘in a co-pending application of Charles
10 D. Draper, having Serial No. 562,606.
For purposes of de?niteness of illustration and
Yclearness of description, I will describe my in
vention as particularly applied to Irish potatoes
(Solcmum 'tuberosum), but it will be understood
15 that said invention is not limited to said vege
desirable when dealingwith fruits or vegetables _
which are easily bruised or crushed.
A plurality of sheaves 25 are placed in stag 10
gered relation to engage conveyer belt 2I and to
provide maximum utilization of the space with
in the gas chamber. Driving wheel 3I for; op- ‘
erating said conveyer belt 2I is connected to a,
source of power as electric motor 21, at a reduced
table, but is also applicable to other vegetables speed preferably thru chain. means 32, 33 and '
and fruits and the words Irish potatoes are used 30 and sprocket means 26 and 28 and reduction
gears, (not shown) disposed within housing 29. "
hereinafter with such meaning.
The above mentioned general objects of my in Driving wheel 3I is secured to shaft 34 and there-.
by to sprocket 35, engaging conveyer ‘ZI. Thus 20
20 vention, together with others inherent in the conveyer 2| and drum I4 are synchronized so
same, are attained by the device illustrated in
‘the following drawing, the same being a pre . the pocket 20 will register with the pockets I6. A
ferred exemplary form of embodiment of my in discharge opening 36 provided with a chute 3'!
vention throughout which drawing like reference is placed in casing I I. Said chute 31 may beproe
vided with a flap or outwardly swinging doorv
25 numerals indicate like parts:
Figure l‘ is a view in vertical section of a device 38. Such 'a flap door is used to prevent escape
of gases ‘as the potatoes are delivered'from my
embodying my invention.
Fig. 2 represents a view in perspective of the device. Obviously, the timing-feeding means
used for entrance of potatoes is ‘likewise ap'pli- ‘
device embodying my invention.
Fig. 3 is a view in perspective of the buckets cable for the delivery.
A manhole covered by plate 39, which maybe
forming a part of my invention.
A casing II is substantially gas and air tight, operated by lever means 40, is provided in the I,
and is provided with a curved portion I2 posi
tioned at one side, having an article receiving
35 hole I3 in the base of said portion. A cylindrical
casing II to enable inspection of the interior of
the device.
A‘generator M for producing sulphur _
fumes is provided, said sulphur fumes being 351
timing~feeding drum, indicated generally by I4, formed from burning sulphur instead’ of sulphur ' '
is concentrically disposed with respect to said dioxide which may be purchased on the market
curved portion. Pockets I6 are provided in the compressed in cylinders, for the reason that sul
drum I4. The outer periphery of the‘drum I4 is phur fumes appearto have a greatly superior re 40
in close proximity to the curved portion I2, so that sult. A heating plate 42, connected to a source
a substantial gas sealbetween walls I5 of drum of heating as an electric plate, (not shown), is
provided beneath the generator for burning sill?
I4 and curved portion I2 is afforded.
Feeding mechanism I'I delivering a supply of» phur in the generator.
‘skinned potatoes, is provided adjacent a trough
45 I8 entering hole I9. Hole I9, which acts as the
. intake of my device, is. positioned with respect
In the operation of my device, I introduce arti
cles such as potatoes, ' which may be freshly 45
skinned by‘the process described in my co-pendé
to hole I3 so that a suflicient» space of the curved ing application Serial No. 562,907, into timirig¢
‘ portion I2 exists between hole‘ I3 and hole, l9 to feeding drum I4. The capacity of the individual 7 '
permit the walls I5 to consecutively seal passage ‘ pockets I6 in said timing-feeding drum I4 isap
50 of gas therebetween as drum I4 rotates.
A plurality of bucket members 20 mounted on
proximately the same as the capacity oflthe in 50
dividual buckets 20. As timing-feeding drum I4 I
continuous conveyer belt 2| pass below receiving rotates, pockets I6 are successively disposed above
hole I3. Said bucketmember 26 is preferably discharging hole I3 where potatoes will fall by
made of wood or other'material which resists gravity into buckets 26 on conveyer belt 2 I. Said
55 corrosion of the gases used. The sides of said conveyer belt passes over sheaves 25 the staggered
2,006,343 .
relation thereof permitting buckets 20 to revolve,
Obviously, changes may be made in the forms,
thereby causing potatoes, or other articles, to dimensions, and arrangement of the parts of my,
change their position frequently and to expose invention, without departing from the principle
fresh surfaces of the potatoes to the action of the thereof, the above setting forth only preferred
sulphur fumes. Air intake 43 and exhaust con forms of embodiment.
nection 44 are provided to permit a circulation of
a air for burning sulphur>in the‘g'enerator. ;It will
In a devi'cebf the character ‘describe'd,.,a plu
be understood that the speed at‘ whichthe buck rality
of~ sheaves‘; a- bucket mounting 'conveyer
ets travel depends upon the size of the device. the /_
10 length of time of exposure to the sulphur fumes ‘means mounted on said sheaves; and buckets rig
idly operatively mounted on said conveyer means, 10
desired and to the concentration 01’- the sulphur > eachjof-saicl bucketslc‘omprising sides of substan?
by iatiallysemi-circular shape in transverse section
the process described in my co-pending application, with a restricted opening and said'sides formed
Serial No. 562,90'71 have found
the.' length"
of time -‘ 01a pluralityof rods disposed in spaced relation
15 desirable for a bucket to make
a’complete trip is , andin parallel planes disposed substantially at
20 minutes, provided that the'sulphur fumes are right angles torthe longitudinal axis of the bucket.
fumes inthe air. For potatoes freshly;
derived from one fourth ounce to one half ounc
of sulphur burned per cubi'cy‘ard 'of
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