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July 2, 1935.
' 2,006,595
Filed Nov. 25, 1931
* 2,006,595:
Patented July 2, 1935
cleaner-'1‘ I?
George-F; Kahre, St. Louis County,‘ Mo‘,
Application NovenibenZ
2 Claims; _
This ‘invention relates to ,improvementsl._ ‘in la .; ‘l is thenentrained- ‘downward-1y; throughithe part
I andrthroughéthe opening_.~.I0 provided between’?
hand ‘operated . cigarette. making machine. or ,de-.
vicet-andhasfornonesoi its‘ objects toprovideaan > the/lower-v endsi of ‘the: ‘parts .4 and . 2 ‘in (the. m-an-.= ..
improved arrangement of ' cooperablc, parts: nershownin Figs-2,3 anclllue The depending end-1
5 ?whereby-to-make -.a device adaptable; tov the Nest’; of thelapron ‘l isprovidedwwithia ?nishinglstripi
I I: whichris. of a ‘length soeasrto .belonger :thanp
pocket .oiihewlothes ofrthe userland-to be_-,._car
l'ied thereby if desired.
the = length 4 Yofv'the: opening, I 0).; said ~strip' \ .also. \
Another object of-the» invention is‘ in pro l/idingm serving, asra ?nger, grip vto ‘the operator of the de-t .
theclosure of the device of a-pair of ‘cooperating;
mbparts in which the operating elements for_mak heighthlo-f
The.» partthe
- :I is.
of \ 1aso
asto providera-vertically
. greater. than :the .
ing._-the cigarettes are mounted»-in;1the,;closure
disposedoilset-to the part-“>2 anddor- cooperation ‘I
A further object of the invention-is in provid with .saidi-offsetis a combi-nedcap ‘and . cigarette I~
ing .theclosureor” ,a device of a pair of pivoted, paperiwrapper.container..I2A‘ .The cap orcontain- ._
mjtogether cooperating parts and the pivot, of the ’ er I2 is provided-Witha top wal11I3 having a lone .
parts supporting the operating roller which actu
ates. the cigarette forming apron :contained in the
gitud-in‘ally depending hp
4! ‘and » a sidewall " I 5
I having.endextendingiipstIG and a pairorunder. \
closure 1 parts. I
A..sti11._further object of the invention is. in;
gonmroviding an improved cigarette making device .
extending lipshI'I and adedge-IB forthe. support .
ore cigarette paper'iroll I9.
In mounting the .eombinedicap v‘orcontainer l2 -:
in»position,»i then-lip MJisrengaged- oven thetop »
hav-inga cigarette wrapper container forming a
edge.of‘thesideiwallof the-part I and the lips I6 ,1
part. oitheirameor closure ‘of the :device».
ther andfurther objects will appear in the are-engaged-aover =respective end- walls of "the 3
speci?cation and be speci?cally pointed out;;in-; part I iwhereas‘atherlipswll ‘are engaged in re~~
25;,_;the appended claimsreference being hadto-th'e; spective-nnotches 20 iformed-in-irespectiveend 25' 1
accompanying drawingexemplifying the inven—_» - walls of theepartill and-thenledgerl8 ‘bearing the»
. paperlrollelll 'is-extendediin the part-‘I as shown’
tion, and in 1 which:.
Figure 1 is av perspective view of thisimprovedw in Fig.3.‘.
The ‘side :wallI‘IB‘ of'thev cap-I2‘ is provided with I
handoperated cigarette making device.
301-“ Figure 2 is a side elevation of the device inppen a ‘longitudinally extending slot 2 I! through which‘ » 30.
osition. .ready- for the. reception of ..a .tobaccoh anend12> of'the paper rollrl 9 i-s1projected- anden- »
p 7
quantity. ,for. making the . cigarette.
gaged'onlthe-outsidei o?the side Wall - I 5 is a ‘guid
FigureS is ,a transverse vertical sectiontaken, ing 1 plated 3' <->for~\the {projecting end '22’ lot the
paperl :rolly- saidI-plate ~-being =.-resi1iently held in ~
approximately, onthe line III+III of Fig. 1.
35H‘3v Figure 4 is atransverse vertical section-oftthe,I guiding. position-bythe springs -2 4' engaged in re- I
device in open position and showingthe. position.’ ' 23
and which
are~formed onthe plate
of the parts after making a cigarette...
Figure, 5 is. a perspective view .of a combined
cap and__cigarette_paper holder used in connec
40?i|tion,.with.the device.
openings 26 liormedi-in “the I side I Wall ‘I 5 "of the,
In‘ the»'use/of-thislimproved vdevice formaking i
Figure 6.,is avlew 0 f a portion of , cigarette.’ cigarettes, thevlpa-rtswl rand~2 ‘areswung- into the ‘_
2 ‘on. the shaft 4 and‘ ‘a
wrappingvpaper showing the, type of paper used. . positions 'shownnin
in the; holder.
Referring by. numerals to the accompanying.v
45;.qdrawing. I .andv 2 ‘represent respectiveclosure.
'parts of the device, each having end walls, ,the.
end walls of the part 2 'overlapping the end walls..
pocket ~2'liisiprovidedin the apron-1 between the -'
rollers 8 and 3 by theopera-tor pressing-‘his ?n
gers-downwardly i-thereagainst and "a quantity of 45:
tobaccoiA Iis, transversely ~ disposed ‘on - the apron. v
The .parts'lI iand-=2 ‘rare/then moved. into closed"
of the part I and the end walls of the part 2 each ‘positions as shown in Figs. I and 3 and the secure
having anear 3 through which a_.shaft .4 is ingbail<28nwhichris secured-to-the end walls of
5o?-imounted, said shaft also passing through _the,_ ‘the party-I is swungvvinto embracing-position over
end walls of the part I for hinging the parts I, the uppenendof-rthe part 2. In this secured po
and ;2 to one another and ?xedly secured on‘said , sition- of‘ the-parts ‘I and -2,~a ‘relatively narrow‘ ‘
shaft, is an operating roller 5."
pocket [email protected]'(Fig. 3)x is~forrned~by reason of~the
Transverselyiastened at E to the roller‘ 5 "is, ' rollers-8
1015--9 the
I andcloser
~2,'1~thein quantity
the closing
; of”.
55.; one end of an apron ‘L‘said apron being extended .
from the roller 5 overuthe roller 8 whichvisnsup; " ‘tobacco ~A~~thereforfbeing held in the pocketjfLB "
‘ and ‘when the roller; 5 is‘ turned in,the direction "
trained over the,.roller 9 ‘which is larger in di of the arrowW29~by manipulationof‘jtheturning ;
ported in the end walls of the part 2 and is en
ameter than the roller 8, said roller 9 being sup
knobt?rthe apron wilrbe wrapped around'the‘
60 ported in the end walls of the part I. The apron roller and the travel of the apron will pass around 60
the tobacco quantity A thereby rolling it into a is pulled upwardly by engagement of the fore
cylindrical shape.
?nger and thumb of the hand, and a section 34
When approximately one half of the apron thereof can be readily torn off as the upper edge
length has been wound upon the roller 5, the of the guiding plate 23 will provide a tearing
rolling operation is stopped and a cigarette paper edge for the paper. Each section 34 of the paper
wrapper length' is torn from the end of the roll roll I9 is provided with a gummed strip 36 ad—
I!) projecting above the guide plate 23 and is in jacent each perforated line 33 and as the paper
serted as shown at C in Fig. 3 in the crevice or roll l9'is wound so that the gummed strips will
space 3| between the rolls 8 and 9 and upon fur be on the outer periphery, it is obvious that when
ther turning of the roller 5 the paper wrapper a section 34 of the cigarete paper has been torn
will be secured between the tobacco-roll A and or severed from the paper roll at 3'! in Fig. 3,
the apron ‘I, the paper wrapperof course having the torn sectional wrapper is lowered without
a gummed strip thereon which has’been 'mois turning it'over to the position C, this position of
tened before the paper Wrapper is completely’ engagement of the wrapper into the crevice or
wrapped around the tobacco quantity A.
space 3| allowing for the gunnned strip 35 on
The length ofthe‘apron ‘I is such wherein when the wrapper being disposed properly for gum~
the strip Hon the depending end ‘of the apron ming and securing the wrapper around the rolled
has been brought intoabutment with the lower tobacco. The paper wrapper when positioned
ends of the parts i and 2, su?icient rolling sur approximately as shown at C is pressed against
face will have been passed around the. tobacco the plate 23 for moistening thegummed edge 36.
quantity A for shaping it. and for subsequently
When the device is in open position as shown
wrapping the paper wrapper C thereon and for in Figs. 2 and 4, the beveled edge 38 formed on
sealing the gummed end of the paper wrapper in each end wall of the part i will abut the ‘plate
position around the tobacco quantity‘. After 2, for preventing further separating of the parts
making a cigarette, the bail 28 is swung upward
I and 2.
ly for release of the part 2 and as the part 2'is
‘The entraining of the apron ‘I through the
swung away from the part I, the apron length be
opening In between the lower ends of the parts
tween the rollers 8 and 9 will be made taut there
I and 2 in the manner shown, not only provides
by elevating the made cigarette D so that it can for an ideal arrangement for pocketing the apron
be readily removed by the operator.
‘ when the apron is wound on the operating roller
When it is desired to make a cigarette'of small
5 and drawn upwardly in the closure, but also
er thickness or more compressed, provision is
provides for a better operating device inasmuch
made whereby the operator can engage a ?nger
through the opening 32 in the part I against the as the apron travels approximately four-fifths of
the circumference of the roller 9. This approxi
apron 1 below the roller 9 and press the ?nger
four-?fths of the circumference of roller
engaged part of the apron against the pocket
forming portion of the apron, thereby adding engagement causes the apron to hug the periph
ery of the roller 9 so that the apron will not
to slip on the roller 9, this preventing en
between the roller 5 and the pocket B of the
tension to the apron so that the pull on the apron
largement of the pocket B.
.apron will cause the apron to be pulled more
tightly against the tobacco quantity A.
Also, the entrain~ ‘
ment of the apron ‘I through the opening H)
40 ,.
provides for the apron passing the ?nger en- '
In Fig. 3 it is to be noted that the axis of the
roller 9 is disposed farther outwardly from ‘the gaging opening 32 so that the operator can en
shaft 4 than is the axis of the roller], although gage the apron as it travels, for putting tension
thereon for producing a more compactcigarette.
45 the lower peripheries of said rollers are on an ap- Obviously constructional modi?cations of the 45
proximate horizontal plane. vThis is forthepur
pose of permitting the pocket B of the apron ‘l device are possible without departing from the
to be thrust towards and, under the smaller roller spirit of the present invention and therefore it ‘
8 so that it will hug or'hold under the roller 8 is to be understood that it is not necessary to
for more aptly packing the tobacco in the pocket‘ limit the invention by the terms used in the fore
during the rolling operation; thus tending to , going description, excepting such as the state of 50’
make the tobacco roll smaller.
In preparing the device for making another
cigarette, the strip H on the depending end of
the apron 1 is engaged and‘pulled thereby un
rolling the apron from the roller-5 so that the
apron length will again be in positon ready for
rewinding when anothertobacco quantity A is
mounted in the formed pocket 2-1.
When the device is being carried by, the user
the art may require.
What I claim is:—
1. A cigarette making device comprising a pair
' of swingable parts, a roller carried by each of
said parts, an operating roller mounted on the 55-.
, swingable connection of said parts, and an apron
mounted over said rollers having one end ?xed
to said operating roller and having its other
end depended between the swingably connected
on his person, the bail 28 when engaged against ends of said parts, said parts adapted to be fold 60
the part 2 will hold the device in collapsed posi-. ed 'for disposingv the roller of respective parts
in operating position with the apron.‘
2. A cigarette making device comprising a
The cigarette paper roll IS in the cap or con
pair of'swingable parts, a roller carried by each
forated or weakened lines 33 so thatrsectional of said parts, a shaft on which said swingable
paper wrappers 34 can be torn from the roll dur parts are mounted at one end, an apron mounted
ing the making of each cigarette. In this con over said rollers, an operating roller to which
nection the apron is entrained throughv the slot ,one end of the apron is secured, said operating
2| and into the spacerprovided between the wall roller being mounted on said shaft and the apron
l5 of the cap 12 and the guiding plate 23 and having its free end extended between the swing
as the upper extending endof the paper of the ably mounted ends of said parts.
roll is engaged by the operator placing a fore
?nger in the opening 35 in the capv I2, said paper '
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