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«MHV m, 1935.
|_. E, scHwALBE
Filed May 22,- 1933
[email protected]
'lf f, ÓcHHfußf. -
Patented `Iuly 16, 1935
.I ¿008cm
Lester E. Schwalbe, Wauwatosa, Wis.
Application May 22, 1933, Serial No. 672,273
l Claim.
This invention appertains to building blocks
and tiles formed from cementitious or similar
material and more particularly to so-called “cin
der” blocks.
One of the primary objects of my invention is
to provide a block or tile which can be readily
broken by the builder on the job into various
sizes of complete blocks or tiles, so that a desired
of block or tile will be had to lit a particular
apart relative to one another and to the end walls
'l and 8, for a purpose which will be later set forth.
If desired, the lower end of the block or tile
can be closed by a bottom Wall to reinforce the
block or tile, and the bottom wall I2 is provided
with openings I3. All of the Walls are so shaped
as to facilitate the removal of the block from
the mold. It is tol be noted, however, that the
space between the pairs oi walls is left open from
the top of the block to the bottom.
Another salient object of my invention is to
By forming the block 01‘ tile with the pairs of
provide a block or tile having pairs oi spaced spaced partition walls` 9, I 0 and I I, the block can
transverse partition walls, the block or tile being be readily broken transversely by a trowel or sim
adapted to be broken in between the Walls of the ilar instrument between the Walls or pairs of
pairs oi walls to form a complete block having walls. This allows the breaking oii of a complete 15
walls at each end, the pairs of walls being spaced block having end Walls. Obviously, by having the
different distances apart, so that the block can pairs of Walls spaced different distances apart,
10 space.
be broken to form smaller blocks of varying sizes various sizes or” blocks can be had, and a number
and combination of sizes.
of different combinations of sizes can be formed.
A further important object of my invention is
The block is also adapted to be readily broken
to provide a block or tile, which is so constructed longitudinally so as to form building slabs and
that the same can be readily broken longitudinal
in order to facilitate such breaking, the pairs o-f
ly to provide slabs for diiïerent purposes.
partition walls 9, I0 and I I are provided with
A still further object of my invention is to pro
notches I4 all of which are in longitudinal aline
25 vide a tile or block of the above character, one ment. Thus, a block or tile is weakened at its
that will be efficient in use, one which will be easy longitudinal axis which allows the block to be
to manufacture and one which can be placed upon broken in slabs.
the market at a reasonable cost.
With these and other objects in view, the in
30 vention consists in the novel arrangement, con
struction and formation of parts, as will be here
inafter more specifically described, claimed and
illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in
Flgure l is a top plan view of my tile or block.
While in Figures 1-3, inclusive, I have illus
trated a particular form or“ block or tile, it is to
be understood that other sizes of blocks can be
made and inFigure 4 I have illustrated another
form of my block. This form is generally indi
cated by the reference character B and as shown,
the same -embodies front and rear walls I5, I6
and end walls I'I and I9. The front and rear
walls are connected by a single pair of spaced
'Figure 2 is a central longitudinal section
through the same taken on the line 2-2‘ of Fig
partition Walls I9. In this particular instance,
ure l lookin in the direction of the arrows.
the pair of spaced partition walls are located at
Figure 3 is a transverse section through the a point equi-distant between the end walls I1
40 block or tile taken on the line 3_3 of Figure l and I8.
looking in the direction of the arrows.
It is to be also noted that in this particular
Figure ¿l is a top plan view illustrating a slight instance, the notches I4 are eliminated from said
ly modified form of my improved block.
transverse partition Walls.
Referring to the drawing in detail, wherein
From the foregoing description, it can be seen
similar reference characters designate the corre
that I have provided a block or tile of an excep- 45
sponding parts throughout the several Views, the
letter A generally indicates my improved tile or
block, which is adapted to be formed on a con
tionally simple and durable construction, which
can be readily broken at the sections to form
blocks of desired size to ñt a particular space.'
’ '.fenticnal block molding machine. As shown, the
Changes in details may be made Without de
block or tile A comprises longitudinally extending parting‘from the spirit or the scope of this in- 50
sîde walls 5 and S and end walls ‘l and 8. The vention, but what I claim as new is:
side walls 5 and S are connected at spaced points
A blo-ck or tile comprising a hollow body in
by pairs oi transversely extending partition walls cluding a pair of spaced, parallel, longitudinally
or webs s, It' and iI. ` ese pairs of partition
55 Walls S, It and II are spaced different distances extending side Walls and connecting end walls,
pairs of partitioned Walls extending transversely
across the body and connecting said side Walls to sizes, and each of said block sections being pro
gether, said pairs of partition Walls being spaced vided with bottom walls, all of said partition Walls
different distances apart relative to one another having break slots in their outer edges arranged
and to the end Walls, the Walls of each pair of in'longitudinal alinernent, said break slots ex
partition Walls being located in close proximity to tending a material distance in said partition
one another and forming an opening extending Walls whereby to facilitate the breaking of the
through the body, said block being adapted to be block into longitudinal sections.
broken in between the Walls of the pairs of par
tition Walls to form complete sections of diiîerent
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