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sePt- 10, 1935.
Filed June 10, 1933
John 71' [Yarn/n; .
Patented Sept. 10, 1935
2,013,732 '
‘ 2,013,732
John '1‘. Marvin, Cleveland, Ohio
Application June _10, 1933, Serial No. 675,224
1 Claim.
(Cl. 285-166)
The present invention relates. to couplings or '
connecters for pipe or tubing, and particularly to
connecters in which the tubing is not provided
which straightv portion extends from the curved
' portion 24 to the shoulder l3.
_ vIn assembling the coupling above described the
with screw threads directly on its surface.
' , coupling member l8 and its associated ferrule 20
An object of the invention is: to provide a cou
are slid over the end of the tubing l2, after which 5
‘ pling of the character described, which shall be the tubing is inserted in the body member III with
?uid-tight when in itsoperating position.
its and resting against the shoulder I3 as indicate
ed in Fig. 1. The coupling member i8 is then
screwed into the body member l0, thereby tending
to compress the wedge-shaped inner. end of the. 10
or deforming the tubing to which it is applied or - ferrule between the curved portion 24 of the' body
Another object of the invention is to provide a
coupling member which may be conveniently de
10 tached or separated without in any way injuring
the component parts of the connecter.
member and the adjacent portion of the-tubing. '
When the member It has been screwed to its ex
treme innermost position a ?uid-tight joint is
Other objects and advantages‘ of the invention
will be apparent in the, following description and
'15 accompanying drawing in which:
Fig. 1 is a view‘ partly in section, showing my
improved coupling member, and
. ~
- Fig. 2 is a sectional view of the ferrule forming a
formed by reason of this wedging action. The 15 '
uncoupling process is just the reverse of that de
scribed, and it will be apparent that after being
uncoupled both the tubing and the coupling mem
' _ part of the coupling.
ber l8 together with its associated ferrule may be
In carrying out the invention‘I provided a sleeve {re-used, inasmuch as no damage has ‘been caused 20
or coupler both? Iii-which is provided at its outer to any of the parts by reason of the original cou
end with an external threaded portion l I for co
pling or‘. uncoupling.
operating with the body (not shown) with which
- the tubing i2 is to communicate.
Inwardly the
25 member I0 is provided with an angular seat l3 ad
It is apparent that I have provided a simple and '
effective coupling member or connecter which
forms a gas-tightjoint and which may be re-used 25
jacent which the end I! of the tubing l2 ier
-_ as often'as desired, and that while I have shown '
‘ minates. The enlarged end i5 of the member in and described a speci?c embodiment of the in-‘
is screw threaded internally, as indicated at I 6'for vention, it is apparent that other forms might be _
receiving the. screw threaded end I‘! of a coupling. adopted, all coming within the scope of the ap
30 member ‘II which surrounds the tubing. The,
coupling member I8 is provided with a head M
for receiving a wrench or other suitable means to
permit its adjustment.
I claim:
- _
In combination. a tube connecter comprising a
body having a screw threaded bore therein and a _
A ferrule 20, which may be made of relatively \counterbore extending axially from the inner end
35 soft and flexible, metal, _extends‘longitudinally thereof whereby a shoulder is formed,v a tube to 35
through the coupling member “land is provided ,be received in said counterbore, a coupling mem
at its inner end with a tapering triangular shaped
- portio . 2|, having a shoulder 22 which receives
ber exteriorly screw threaded for threaded en
gagement with the screw threads of the bore, and .
er end of the ‘coupling member l8. The _ a ferrule rotatably mounted within the coupling
40 outer end of the ferrule after being inserted
member and closely embracing the tubing, said‘ 40
through'the member i8 is swaged over as indi- ‘ coupling member substantially throughout the _
cated at 23'to hold it in place. The member i8
length thereof closely embracing the ferrule, said
and the ferrule ~20 are rotatable relative to each .
. other so that the coupling It may be turned with
_ 45 out necessarily V turning the ferrule.v The cou
ferrule having a wedge-shaped head on the inner
pling member 18 should be of a substantial length
‘ so as to provide a rigid support for the adjacent.
portion of the ferrule.
The body member I0 is provided internally
,59 thereof with a curved portion 2| and. a straight
portion :5, which is Just slightly. larger-than the
of the tubing to be connected, and
end thereof, the apex of the wedge being adapted
to iniectbetween the body shoulder. and the tube, 45
said head having a
oulder adapted-to be en
gaged by the inner. nd of the coupling member
whereby the end of the coupling member will
force the wedge-shaped head between the body
- shoulder and the tubing. when the coupling mem- 50
her is drawn tight. _
com: '1'. MARVIN.
_ _
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