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Oct. 22, 1935.
|_.- J. BAYER
Filed Oct, 1,, 1-932
Patented Oct. 22, 1935
Leo J. Bayer, St. Louis, Mo.
Application October 1, _1932, Serial No. 635,722
2 Claims. (Cl. 122-392)
My invention has relation to improvements in
boiler cleaners and is directed more particularly
to the construction of the operating head where
by the blower element is rotated; and it consists
5 in the novel features of construction more fully
set forth in the speci?cation and pointed out
in the claims.
It is a matter of common knowledge among
stationary engineers that when a boiler is ?red
10 for the purpose of raising steam, or when steam
is admitted to the supply pipe of a boiler cleaner,
expansion takes place, for which reason some
?exibility or play must be provided for between
the boiler and supporting mechanism for the
15 boiler cleaner operating head.
It is the object of the present invention to
provide comparatively simple mechanism for sup
porting the operating head of the boiler cleaner
from the furnace wall wherein such freedom of
20 movement between the boiler wall and blower
head is permitted to allow for the expansion men
tioned without imposing strains upon the support
ing mechanism. I accomplish this object by pro
viding a single support on which the weight of
25 the operating head is carried and a suitable anchor
device whereby the operating head is anchored
to the boiler wall, by means of which support and
anchor device the operating head is restrained
only against downward movement and outward
30 movement away from the wall but being free to
move upwardly and laterally within the compass
necessary because of the expansion in operation.
This object, as well as the manner of accomplish
ing the same, will be better apparent from a de
35 tailed description of-the invention in connection
with the accompanying drawing, in which:
Figure 1 is a side elevation of the operating
head of my improved boiler cleaner applied to a
boiler shown in section, and parts of the head
40 being broken away; Fig. 2 is a vertical cross
section taken on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1; Fig. 3 is
a vertical longitudinal section taken on the line
3—3 of Fig. 2; and Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional de
tail taken on the line ll—!i of Fig. 3.
Referring to the drawing, T represents the
boiler tubes and W the boiler wall in which is
provided an opening 0 through which the blower
tube 1 passes. As is well known in the art, the
blower tube I is supported by suitable hangers or
50 brackets 2 secured on the boiler tubes T. A Wall
sleeve 3 is ?tted into the opening 0 and a plate 4
i's'secured by studs 5 at the corners of ?ange 6
extending around the outer end of the wall sleeve
3. The plate 4 has a bracket 7 extending up
55 wardly and a projection 8 extending downwardly
from it and a stud 9 is screw-threaded into the
upper end of bracket 1 for the purpose of anchor
ing the operating head H to the plate 4. The
operating head H is also supported against down
ward vertical movement by the plate 4 through the 5
blower tube l by an adjustable supporting de
vice comprising a supporting element I0 slidably
mounted in oppositely disposed grooves II, II in
the guide rails l2, l2. A threaded boss I 3 is
formed adjacent to the lower edge of projection 8 10
of the plate 4 for receiving a stud I4 and the
supporting element l 0 has a boss l5 formed on its
lower edge which rests on said stud l4.
The sup
porting element I0 is thus adjustably supported
by the stud M which may be secured in the cor- 15
rect position by means of a lock nut [6.
The outer end of stud 9 is provided with threads
t for receiving a nut i7, and over which is freely
passed a thimble [8 having a ?ange [9 on its end
adjacent to the nut ll (Figs. 1 and 3). Casing 20
C of the operating head H has mounted on it a
supporting standard 20 in which the inner end
of operating shaft 2| is mounted, and in which an
eye bolt 22 is screw-threaded, said eye bolt pro
jecting upwardly from the standard 20 and having an oval shaped eye 23 for receiving the stud 9
and thimble I8. The ?ange l9 of the thimble I8
is secured in the proper position on the stud 9
for cooperating with the ?anged nut 24 in holding
the operating head horizontal. Figure 2 shows
that the shape of the eye 23 is such to provide
clear space entirely around the thimble I 8 so that
a certain amount of movement of the operating
head H is provided for due to the expansion of
the boiler cleaner parts when the cleaner is in
operation. The greater amount of movement due
to expansion is in a vertical plane and the oval
shaped eye 23 permits the head H to move up
wardly and downwardly as required due to tem
perature changes either in the boiler or the boiler
cleaner. Since the blower tube l is not con?ned
but merely supported by the supporting element
I0 it is tree to move upwardly away from said
supporting element if conditions require such
movement, and since it is supported on the 45
straight edge Ill’ of the element I!) it is also free
to move laterally should the strains due to tem
perature changes require lateral movement.
The boiler cleaner is, of course, provided with
a steam supply valve 25 disposed in the casing vC 50
and adapted to be opened and closed by a cam
26 freely rotatable on the shaft 2| adjacent to
its outer end and manually operable, as is well
known in the art.
A plate 2'! with a central opening 28 is posi- 55
tioned on the blower tube l in contact with the
?ange 6 of wall sleeve 3 against which the plate is
held by ?at springs 29 to seal the opening through
the wall sleeve against the in?ux of atmospheric
air into the boiler furnace.
Having described my invention, I claim:
1. In combination with a boiler, an anchor
plate carried by the wall of the boiler, a boiler
cleaner including a blower tube and an operat
10 ing head therefor operatively connected with
said tube, vertically adjustable supporting means
for said head and tube comprising a supporting
element ?xed to the anchor plate beneath the
blower tube and on which said blower tube rests,
15 and an anchor bolt projecting outwardly from the
anchor plate and so connected to the head near
the top thereof as to provide relative movement
between the anchor bolt and head in all direc
tions in a plane parallel to the boiler wall.
2. In combination with a boiler, an anchor
plate carried by the wall of said boiler, a boiler
cleaner including a blower tube and an operating
head connected therewith, a pair of guide rails
on said anchor plate, a supporting plate slidably
mounted between said rails, means for adjusting
said plate vertically and holding the same in ad 10
justed position, said blower tube resting on the
upper edge of said plate, and an anchor bolt
projecting outwardly from the anchor plate and
loosely connected with the operating head.
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